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We see the refectory two Scarlet Crusaders are talking to each other whispering.

Scarlet 1: Did you hear about Senior Knight Endjinn?

Scarlet 2: Did you hear about that new recruit?

Scarlet 1: Aye, I did…

Scarlet 2: What’s going to happen to him or her?

Scarlet 1: The High Emissary is pretty angry he will be sorting it out soon enough.

Scarlet 2: I don’t even know if I can trust him anymore…

Scarlet 1: I know I feel so…odd, around him now.

Scarlet 2: Shhh! here he comes…Hail! Senior knight!

Endjinn walks in and he salutes them both.

Endjinn: Hail! Have you seen the High Emissary or my Ordinand Imoen?

The two Scarlets look at each other very quickly giving a suspicious look, they quickly look back at Endjinn and shake their heads.

Endjinn: Very well, tell her I wish to see her if you do see her, understood?

Scarlet 1 & 2: Yes sir!

Pans to Imoen’s quarters, there is a knocking at her door she calls the person in the door opens slowly and we see Thepol.

Imoen: [long drawn out yawn] Morning brother.

Thepol: Morning sister!

Imoen: Your up early… [looks past the door] everyone is…what’s happened?

Thepol: It’s Endjinn sister-

Imoen: Is he hurt!?

Thepol: No No No…he’s going to be though because-

Imoen: What do you mean he’s going to be? Let’s aid him at once!

Imoen stands out of her bed she is wearing her pyjamas that have the Lordaeron logo all over them, Thepol goes silent and stares at Imoen.

Imoen: Brother?

Thepol: [suddenly focusing] Oh! Yes ahem…I’ll…

Camera pans to a first person view of Thepol looking at Imoen, Imoen hand points to the door.

Imoen: Out.

Thepol: I’ll meet you downstairs.

Thepol goes out of Imoen’s room, Imoen sighs shaking her head.

Pan to Imoen in her uniform she meets Thepol, we don’t hear what they say but Imoen looks shocked and covers her mouth shaking her head, she walks off.

We see Suzanne walks after her.

Suzanne walks threw the cathedral district and sees Habeus walk by and then Endjinn shortly after, she quickly hides behind a tree. We don’t hear what is saying just both Habeus and Endjinn shouting.

Suzanne looks shocked and for the first time we see her look really worried and upset she runs off quickly and finds Imoen.

Suzanne: Sister!

Imoen: [noticing Suzanne’s reaction] Sister? You look upset come here…[gives Suzanne a hug] …what’s wrong?

Suzanne: Their going to do something horrible!

Imoen: To who? Who’s going to do something terrible?

Suzanne: Gerris! It’s Endjinn…oh light…I…

Imoen: What sister? What has he done?

We see Endjinn approach Imoen and Suzanne he looks glum.

Endjinn: Sister, i'm sorry for what i've seems I will no longer be your tutor.

Imoen: I don't understand what have you-

A woman shouts from a distance at Louise.

Aristibeth: You bitch! Don't you dare try and "help" me! argh...Endjinn my love...please, go.

Endjinn embraces her and kisses her on the cheek to crusaders grab him by the arms and pull him into the Cathedral.

Imoen: What are they going to do with him? What in light is going on!?

Suzanne starts crying

Suzanne: I don’t know if I want to be a Crusader anymore…if im just going to be tortured for messing up.

Imoen: Torture!?

Imoen looks at Suzanne who is in tears she comforts her and rubs her back reassuringly.

Louise looks at Imoen and Suzanne.

Louise: I only tried to help her up! and look how she took it! hmph! stupid Apostate.

Imoen: What's going on?

Louise: She started leaking during prayers I thought she wet herself at first, but the High Emissary said her water broke and that she was a traitor. Then she started acting all weired and was nasty, she was forced downstairs...I tried to help her up but she was nasty so I decided to drag her up instead!

Imoen: Louise...

Louise: What!? she's a traitor and a apostate now!

Imoen: ...just...forget it, where is he now?

Louise: Oh just being tortured downstairs...some of the breathren are already down there.

Imoen: Right.

As Imoen is about to walk off Suzanne grabs hold of Imoen’s arm, Imoen notices this and looks at Suzanne.

Suzanne: Don’t, it will only make you upset.

Imoen: It’s time to see what the Crusade does to their own brethren, no, family!

Imoen gets out of Suzanne’s grip, Suzanne runs off.

Camera follows Imoen as we see her walk threw the cathedral, down to the refectory and into the crypts.

We can hear Endjinn’s blood curling screams. Imoen picks up a torch and follows the sound, the camera then pans to Imoen’s feet as the torch is dropped and rolls down a flight of stairs.

We see Endjinn and Gerris, Gerris has Endjinn’s head against a torch.

Gerris: You know what I find funny, Senior knight?

Endjinn: [struggling] Argh…

Gerris: Is that, that stupid slut you call your lover will leave you and you’ll be all alone! We weren’t good enough were we!?! Eh!?! Come on! We weren’t good enough!?!

He pulls Endjinn’s head closer to the flame, a bit of Endjinn’s hair catches light and he wimpers.

Imoen’s face is shocked and we see her eyes fill with tears

Scarlet 1: Yeah go on burn him!

Scarlet 2: Who’s getting pushed around now Senior knight! Hahahahaha!

Scarlet 3: Can I stab him brother?

Scarlet 4: Yeah let us have a go brother.

Imoen shakes her head and runs up into the cathedral we see Suzanne, Elizabetha and Seynard standing just outside the refectory.

They all look at her concerned.

Elizabetha: I’m sorry Imoen…

Seynard: Suzanne told us everything…

Imoen: Those basterds! They can all go to hell for all I care!

Elizabetha: Sister!

Imoen: NO! THIS IS NOT FOLLOWING THE LIGHT! I hope hell has a special place for them…

Seynard: Imoen, you shouldn’t say such things!

Imoen: Why not!? Why you think deeds like that should be rewarded!?

Suzanne: That’s not what they mean sister.

Let’s out a angry sigh, then one of the Scarlet Emissaries walks past his face not showing any emotion as he walks past.

Suzanne: Emissary Dufferin! Oh light he might think im a traitor!

Imoen: He must of heard me to…

Seynard: Don’t worry, he didn’t seem to care.

Endjinn is dragged out of the refectory two crusaders kick him in the back of the leg.

Scarlet 1: That’s for punishing me that time!

Scarlet 2: That’s for sleeping with that whore!

Endjinn is kicked again Imoen comes over and knees one is the groin and punches the other in the face hard.

Imoen: He’s still one of us! And he’s still you Senior-

Endjinn: I thank you Imoen…but I’m not a Scarlet anymore…I resign.

Imoen: What?

Endjinn: I would only get kicked out anyway…I have failed my breathren.

Imoen: No…you’ve been there for us for many months!

Endjinn: Imoen. Sister Shirah will take my place…she will lead you from now on.

Imoen: Yes sir…

Endjinn smiles at Imoen.

Endjinn: I heard what you said…I don’t want to hear such hate coming from you mouth again understood?

Imoen: How can they do this to you? All you’ve done for us and this is how the repay you…

Endjinn: [clutching his stomach] Ugh…heh, well I’ve been punishing my breathen making them do silly tasks whilst breaking the rules myself…it’s only fair.

Imoen: But look what they’ve done to you!

Endjinn: A bit over the top maybe…it will get back to him sister don’t worry. Now you best go over to Elizabetha…

We see Elizabetha talking to Suzanne and Seynard she is holding her head and shaking her head. Imoen nods at Endjinn.

He puts his hand on Imoen’s shoulder.

Endjinn: Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine in time…as for Louise…don’t worry about her, she’s young and stupid and doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time…

Imoen lets out a long sigh

Imoen: is her being here a good idea?

Endjinn: Who are we to decide the fate of others?

Imoen: True…

Endjinn: The light will guide us Imoen. Now I must go…Thank you for taking care of these two I must go before anymore arrive. Farewell.

Imoen: [tear full] Goodbye brother…im not going to see you again am I?

Endjinn smiles

Endjinn: Our paths will cross many times Imoen don’t worry.

Endjinn walks off

Imoen walks over to Elizabetha.

Imoen: I need to talk to you sister…

Elizabetha: Alright.

They both walk off back into the library like last episode.

Imoen: I’m sorry for my actions…

Elizabetha: It was a shock, I thought I might of lost you for good then…

Imoen: I just can’t belive it…I thought they were supposed to follow the light…

Elizabetha: They do…they just forget their virtues.

Imoen: How is Suzanne?

Elizabetha: In shock but listen Imoen…I can understand your feelings at the moment but don't let your hatred to care over...

Imoen: I don't know if I want to be a Scarlet Crusader anymore...

Elizabetha: That's your choice it would be a shame to not see you a scarlet anymore...Imoen, if you leave think about what your doing and what your leaving behind. If all the people like you and Suzanne left all that would remain in the Crusade would be evil, I think it's very important you stay...but it's your call.

Imoen: I don't know anymore...

Elizabetha: Don't worry Imoen give it time.

Imoen: Do you think the light is testing me?

Elizabetha: Testing? No no no the light doesn’t test Imoen, this should be your own personal goal.

Imoen: I understand…

Pans out to see Aanson shooting fireballs and iceshards, he’s back into a corner.

Aanson: Get back you drunk weirdo!

We see a scarlet approach he looks a bit deranged.

Scarlet: My master will enjoying ripping your flesh.

Aanson: Over my dead body! Oh no wait that doesn’t work…

The Scarlet Jumps onto Aanson and the camera goes black.

Camera pans to a round table there are two robed figures we can only see their shape.

Man: The Scarlet Crusade...what fools they are.

Woman: [laugh] yes! they strive to rid the world of the scourge yet they unwillingly play right into our plans.

Man: The book has told us it is time...the first Senior knight has fallen.

Woman: Good, it is only a matter of time then.

Man: Yes...soon the Crusade will collapse upon itself and then...

We see the woman shape grin

Woman: Stormwind won't know what hit them.

To be Continued...

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