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The events of the last week have left me reeling; so much has happened to me that I stole myself away for quiet prayer and contemplation.

I hidden myself from sight as I observed the denizens of Goldshire go about their perverse business of wandering the streets half clothed and the drunken brawls that have plagued the streets when I decided to make my way back in to the forest to rest and reflect; as I walked down the road I heard the hoof beats of a group of riders approaching at great speed.

I stopped and glanced behind me to see who it was riding so quickly through the forest and thought to myself that it must be one of those Stormwind gangs running from the local militia; however to my surprise the riders bore the markings of the outriders of the Scarlet Crusade and they were approaching me.

I stood there my hand tucked into my vestment clutching the monastic law book that is kept there as they move closer to me I call out to them ‘What is the meaning of this!’ as the leader rider came close he dismounted and approached saying ‘Lady Honoria is that you?’ he looked at me with curiosity as his eyes rested on my eye patch.

I nodded my head as his hand pushed forth a sealed piece of parchment bearing the signet of my father. I took the parchment from the rider and gave him a puzzled look as he continued to study my face.

‘Lady Honoria I charge you to return to Tyr’s Hand at request of you father’ he said as I began to open the sealed note; I looked up at the riders face and sensed something was not as it should be as I asked him if all was well.

The riders gaze dropped to the ground as he replied ‘M’Lady I cannot say…’ I looked at him and said ‘Very well I shall leave at once.’ The rider nodded at me as he mounted his horse and left in the same manner as they appeared.

I entered the gates of Stormwind as the air hung heavy with it usual stench of corruption and misdeeds making my way to the Cathedral.

I entered the Cathedral with a very slow and deliberate pace as Brother Sano issued his normal chipper greeting. I knelt at the altar and offered a prayer for my Brethren as I headed down to the Chambers of the Crusade within the city.

I found Brother Crowley standing in his normal position at the entrance to the Cathedral’s crypts; it was clear to him that something was not well with me as passed him looking down at the note that simply read ‘Temperance come home’.

I looked up and said ‘Forgive me Brother I need to collect a few of my belongings’ as I made my way into the crypts.

I emerged sometime later to find the same concerned expression on Brother Crowley’s face as I passed him; I turned to him and said ‘Do not be concerned Brother it is nothing’ he gave me a faintly encouraging smile as I left the chamber.

I knelt again at the altar and then made my way out to the square where I left Valkyrie near the orphanage.

I made my way through the streets of the city stopping at counting house to pick up a few other things that I needed to take with me on my journey. I made my way towards the gates of the city where I dispatched a messenger carrying a small package and a note ‘Do not rest until you have delivered my message or I shall take great pleasure in beating the life out of you!’ I told him as he made his way nervously back into the city streets.

I turned and looked at Stormwind once more as I clicked my tongue and nudged Valkyrie to move.

Valkyrie weighed down walked slowly down the road leading to that town of sin and vice known as Goldshire.

I approached the town, but the streets that were busy seemed quite calm for once, though as I passed through I was met with sneers and jeers from those gathered at the door of the Lions Pride Inn.

I recognized a familiar voice as I passed the livery outside the Inn I glanced over my shoulder and saw Davinrad mock me as I left towards the Redridge Mountains.

As I moved down the road I recalled a conversation that I had with Davinrad and chuckled to myself at the thought of him trying to challenge my family honour bestowed to us by the kings of Lordaeron.

My mind wandered as Valkyrie and I travelled the road; various thoughts seemed to flash in my mind, but I always seemed to wander back to the same time before the riders had found me on the road wondering if it were all just something that I had let my mind create…

I was roused from thought by Valkyries’ whinny as we approached the mountains. I leant forward and whispered ‘It’s alright friend I’m fine’ as we began to cross the bridge leading to Lakeshire.

I dismounted at the Inn taking my dark hooded cloak with me and asked the stable hand to water Valkyrie while I stepped inside for a moment handing him a few silver. I stepped inside and approached the Inn keeper who turned around with a startled look ion his face ‘don’t frighten a soul that way by the light, what can I do for you?’ I told him I need some water and other provisions for my journey he nodded and went about collecting my request.

I pulled my cloak on drawing the hood over my head when a voice from behind asked ‘Mornin and where are you headed disguised, I hope you’re not one of them murderers from the pass..’ I placed my hand on the handle of sword and replied ‘ Tyr’s Hand if that is your business stranger’ I began to turn around as the stranger replied ‘ Tyr’s Hand is it.. you want to watch yourself that is home to that Scarlet Army and I heard they don’t take kindly to visitors especially ones Dressed like...’ as I faced the stranger my hand parted my cloak to expose my blade and the emblem of the Crusade on my armour his face turned ashen as he muttered to himself ‘you were saying ?’ I asked him ‘nothin miss sorry for intruding where I don’t belong..’ he backed away towards the door as the Inn keeper re-emerged from the kitchen with a satchel filled with my order.

‘Here you go miss is there anything else I can get you..’ I said no and laid his payment on the counter as I pulled the satchel onto my shoulder and made my way back to Valkyrie. I emerged from the Inn the stable boy feeding Valkyrie an apple and stroking her mane. I thanked him as I cinched the satchel to the back of the saddle.

I mounted up and leaned forward and whispered to Valkyrie ‘Home friend and lets not delay’ as I clicked my tongue Valkyrie seemed to acknowledge the urgency of my words as her hooves beat down on the wooden walk way towards road.

Valkyrie moved with great speed through the Dwarven Kingdom a place that filled my nostrils with burning pitch and melting metal I was glad that I had made it through the Steepes and Badlands without much incident.

We camped overnight in refuge point a place that Valkyrie and I were all to familiar with; though now it is filled with many people fighting or wounded from the fight in the name of the League of Arathor.

As I rested my body it would seem that my mind was drifting back to Stormwind and the days before I embarked on this journey; I drifted of to sleep with those memories that now seemed to consume me in a fevered manner. I thought to myself before slumber consumed me ‘what does all this mean, how can I let this take root and what would my father make of all this?’

In my dreams I relieved every moment of those days…

I lay there in the grass when I arose to the sound of Valkyrie’s high pitched whinny; ‘what is it friend’ I called to her. I peered at the road and saw the cause for her alarm; it was the forsaken and they were marching towards Hillsbrad.

I prayed they hadn’t seen or heard Valkyrie as they made their way past or else I would have a fight to make my escape; I was fortunate that they seemed focused on their task and paid no attention to her whinnies.

I quietly collected my thoughts and removed the Bloodrazor imbued with the power of the Crusader from a sheath that was part of Valkyrie’s packs; I griped the sword tightly as I mounted up.

They had made their way towards the entrance to Stormgarde when I saw them on the road again; I stopped Valkyrie as I prepared for what I was to do next. I leaned down and whispered in to Valkyrie’s ear and she came alive her hooves beating down the stone path towards our target.

‘In the Name of the Scarlet Crusade you shall met your end!’ I yelled as I bore down on the group of soldiers surrounding an unarmed messenger. They reacted like they were expecting me as I lay my blade into the chest of the first soldier that approached Valkyrie.

A frenzied attack ensued as I came off the back of Valkyrie; from behind me I heard the hoof beats of more horse approaching. I thought to myself ‘by the light I am outnumbered’, but I resolved I would fight until my last breath stopping these fiends from getting to their destination.

The voice called out ‘Quick men she’s in trouble’ as I noticed five well armed members of the League of Arathor join me in repelling these forsaken militants. After several minutes of hard fighting we were surrounded by the bodies of those who I had only moment earlier engaged. ‘Thank you I thought I was going to perish’ was my next utterance as the commanders eyes seemed to narrow upon me.

‘It is our duty to keep this road safe for those still fleeing… Mind how you go Lady Scarlet.’ He said to me as I mounted up and made my way towards Hillsbrad.

(Several days have passed)

I sat at his bedside looking down at the man who had taught me how to embrace the Light and shared his great wisdom with me his daughter.

I looked down as his body laid broken and barely conscious; I had so much I wanted to tell him and knew that I did not have much time left with him as his breathing had become shallow earlier that morning.

‘Clear this room....’ I ordered the guards posted by the crusade as I moved to close the door. ‘Lady Honoria a message from the outriders at Stormwind’ I took the parchment and closed the door returning to my fathers’ side.

I opened the parchment and read the words scribbled in disbelief; ‘what is it Temperance has Stormwind fallen?’ my father asked. ‘No no it still stands’ I replied knowing I could not tell him that Lacie had been arrested making her way here.

I looked down again and saw the look of concern he always gave me when he knew I was troubled as I recalled the tragic tale I was told as to why he lay there wondering why they sent him alone; so many questions raced through my head yet no one would answer them and now Lacie’s situation only brought more questions and suspicion.

Night drew closer as I closed the curtains in the room and lit a candle near his beside and returned to my position at his side.

As I sat he gave me that same knowing look that always urged me to tell him what was bothering me; ‘Temperance...’ he coughed out as he lay there. I leaned closer to him and looked at him knowing that I had to tell him what had happened since we last spoke months ago.

I watched his face as I made my confession to him, but his face it changed and did not show the anger I thought it would as he lay there. His eyes filled with tears as he motioned for me to come closer; this is something I had not seen in him before.

He grabbed my arm and lifted my sleeve to look at the wounds I had inflicted upon myself out of guilt with tears streaming from his face; ‘Temperance I was wrong to deny you your emotions… forgive me please…’ he said. the words piercing my heart causing me to fill with emotion.

I leaned towards his ear and whispered to him ‘I love you’ something I never dared utter to him for fear of his sharp tongue cutting me down for such a frivolous display of emotion, but something had changed that made these words no longer forbidden.

He looked up with a faint smile and tears streaming down his face as he released my arm.

I walked over to the table to fetch him some water as he began to cough uncontrollably spitting flecks of fresh blood from his mouth; ‘Guards! fetch the physician!’ I called out as I ran to the bedside.

The door burst open and a nervous looking physician flanked by crusaders entered the room and approached. I stepped away momentarily and let the physician examine my father as he lay there coughing and spitting blood.

The physician nervously arose and said there was nothing more that can be done as he faced me with his escort. My father motioned for me to come close again as I knelt by his bedside; ‘I love you too…’ he whispered as he gently kissed my cheek.

I looked at him as his head fell back on to the pillow; my eyes began to fill with tears as the physician again approached my father looking down at him.

After a brief moment he motioned for the guards to remove me from the bedside as he examined him again; ‘Let the commander know the Lord Detol is no longer with us’ he said after examining my fathers lifeless body.

The commander entered the room and looked down at my father now lifeless body and a smirk of self satisfaction came across his face as he lifted my fathers lifeless hand and dropped it back by his side.

I sat and studied his face as he continued to order the guards to take my fathers body to the cathedral and to post guards to sit vigil.

The commander turned and looked at me noticing that I had been watching him; ‘Sister we shall lay him to rest in the morning’ is all he said as he left with a smirk firmly etched in his face.

I thought to myself that something wasn’t right as my brethren appeared to behave strangely at the news of my fathers death; it was almost like they were pleased that he had gone. I made my way back to my room and prepared myself for the morning.

I tried to sleep that night, but I was restless. I lay there in the darkness wondering what really was happening; did they plan to have him removed I thought to myself, but why would they do that. My mind was racing with so many questions it would not rest until I found them answers.

I prepared myself for the funeral slipping into my ancestral robes and pinning the Detol broach to them. As I emerged from my room I was met by a familiar face.

He eyed me up and down ‘Your out of uniform sister. I suggest you change before I have you thrown into the cells’ he said with that smirk still etched in his face ‘oh and I will have that as well’ as he reached for my broach tearing it from the robes.

I protested, but instead of compassion he merely slapped my face and ordered me to change once again.

I changed and made my way down to the awaiting procession.

As we walked towards the cathedral I noticed a pyre outside the doors upon it lay the body of my father wrapped in plain white cloth; nothing like I expected for one who served the crusade faithfully.

The service and prayers offered we shorter than those offered for the lowest beggar in Stormwind I thought to myself as I tried to hold back tears for the mockery they were making of my fathers last rites.

‘Quit crying Sister we all have lost people…’ the commander whispered in my ear with a cruel tone as the pyre was lit.

I made my way back to the house after the congregation dispersed; as I approached I noticed more guards were posted and the Proctors of Tyrs were present waiting for me upon the steps.

As I approached they stood and blocked my entrance into the house; one of them produced a parchment from which he read.

‘By order of the Grand Crusader this house and the lands are to be seized, with any and all belongings of the late Lord Artuad Detol and his family; this place caries the taint of the scourge and as such will be destroyed.

I further order Sister Honoria Detol to return to Stormwind and forbid her from returning here lest she face death for disobedience of my order.’

I stood motionless as he read these words.

I looked behind me and saw Valkyrie, she was stripped of the emblems my family and had my bags cinched to her for my immediate departure.

I turned around again and faced the Proctors who now had guards standing behind them ‘Is that clear Sister, leave and do not return here!’ he bellowed.

My face reddened as I looked into his eyes ‘Very clear Brother Proctor’ I replied as I gritted my teeth in rage.

I approached Valkyrie and mounted as I watched these people whom I once considered family turn me away from my home as I began to seethe with anger.

Valkyrie charged out of the gates of Tyr’s Hand towards Light’s Hope so I could change.

We arrived at the chapel in what seemed a matter of seconds where I dismounted and reached into my bags.

I tied my cloak around me, something I am surprised they did not take from me; I thought to myself as I closed the bag and looked down at the tabard I began to sneer saying to myself ‘I will show them, I will wear this to remind me of their betrayal’.

I mounted again and whispered in Valkyrie’s and she let out a whinny and charged down the road for our return to Stormwind where I could begin to plot my vengeance against them.

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