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Ramoth looked around the Mathystra ruins and saw Naga everywhere. She sighed and wished that Neferatem and her pet Diagoro were here to help clear out the Naga, but she was all alone.

After applying some poison to her daggers Ramoth looked around for the nearest single Naga and crept towards it. With a whispered “Ana’duna thera” she plunged her daggers in the back of the Naga, who never knew what happened. While killing the Naga in the area, she kept an eye out for the relics she had been asked to find. The man who had asked her didn’t seem to believe that she could get them. She would show him that she was a rogue that could be trusted… sometimes.

Then suddenly she noticed a cat-like statue surrounded by the Naga. Of course she crept towards them and killed every single one before picking up the statue. It was neatly made and Ramoth thought that Neferatem would like such a souvenir, as she was always spending time with her cat.

After making another round through the ruins to make sure she had found all the relics that were there, Ramoth made her way back to Auberdine. Along the way, she pondered why her task giver had not dared to hope for someone to get those relics for research. After all, those Naga were not all that hard to defeat.

Upon her return, Ramoth went directly to the man that had asked her for the relics and she saw a surprise in his eyes when she presented them to him. He thanked her for the relics and rewarded her royally, even more than he had promised. She then went to the inn and put the cat statue in front of her on the table. Immediately a man appeared and demanded that she destroy that statue. Ramoth asked him why, but he simply mumbled something about it bringing bad luck, like the foolish hunter across the road, and then quickly left. This aroused Ramoth’s curiosity, so she put away the statue and went to visit the hunter.

When she arrived, it was easily apparent that the hunter was badly wounded. The healer present told Ramoth she may stay only a short time with him. When she is sure that the healer is gone Ramoth asked the hunter how he got such bad wounds. His eyes lit up as he realized that Ramoth was truly interested in his story and he became especially excited when she showed him the small statue. The people of Auberdine hadn’t wanted to listen to the hunter’s story as soon as they saw the statue he had brought along. He knew they had destroyed it, which had grieved him greatly because he had meant to send it to his fiancé as a little gift. Now he told Ramoth about how he had found a small cat statue and after he picked it up a saber had appeared out of nowhere. It was the saber that had caused his wounds. He fled the moment the saber attacked and because of that he survived, for the saber ceased to attack him once he had reached the road near the Tower of Althalaxx where he had collapsed. He was found there by a sentinel who had swiftly brought him here for aid. He described the saber in great detail as he had never seen such a beautiful beast, but said you could see straight through it like it was a ghost. At that point he stopped because the healer entered with his medicine. After the healer had checked him, gave Ramoth permission to stay, and had left the room again the hunter continued his story. He told her that when the ghost saber, for he was certain it was a ghost, appeared it had looked as if it was looking for someone. He had remained silent at first as he stood in awe of the beautiful beast, but when it noticed him and realized that he wasn’t the right person, it had attacked. The moment he had sensed that the saber was going to attack he started to run away, and it was this alertness that had saved his life, for had he been but a second later he might not have been so lucky. At this point Ramoth saw that the hunter was getting tired, so she thanked him for the story and said she found it very interesting. Before she left the hunter warned her not to tell the villagers of Auberdine about this for they were afraid of the ghost saber. He said that as far as he had been able to get out of them the creature had been hunting the ruins for about 550 years. Again Ramoth thanked him and took her leave. As she left the room she heard him murmer that the statue was an exact replica of the ghost saber. On the way back to the inn she thought to herself that Neferatem would be very interested in this story.

When she started to write the story down, Ramoth remembered that Neferatem and her brother moved to Teldrassil about 6 or 7 years ago, but Neferatem had never said a word about where she originally came from.

When Ramoth finished the letter she added the statue to it and posted it before leaving for another task she had been given.

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