• Full Name - Theramore Task Force
  • Abbreviation - T.T.F
  • Recruitment Status: OPEN
  • RP Beginner Friendly: YES (Experience is preferred)
  • Restrictions: Must be able to withstand a realistic military environment
  • Guild Type: Military
  • Guild Size: 60-70

TTF Logo

Emblem of the Theramore Task Force.

Regimental Slogan Edit

"HONOUR - VALOUR - FIDELITY" - The Theramore Task Force Regimental Slogan

<There are more common warcries associated with the Theramore Task Force, most notably: Oorah! & For Theramore!>

Oath of AllegianceEdit

"I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of Lady Jaina Proudmoore and Theramore Island against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of Lady Proudmoore and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

Who are we, What do we do?Edit

The full name of our organisation is the "Theramore Task Force" and we are a regiment of Theramore Marines who pride ourselves on professionalism and organisation. Our primary position is that of being a special forces regiment to Theramore and our secondary being to represent Lady Proudmoore in a foreign capacity and to ensure that Theramores name is safe politically and forcefully. We undergo a vast range of RolePlay, with our position of having a militaristic and political involvement in Alliance Affairs being a number one feature.

As RolePlay evolves, the Task Force adapts, and plenty more variations of RolePlay erupt for us to tackle, such as involving ourselves not only on the battlefield, but internally amongst the Alliance as well.

Below is a list of -some- RolePlay activities we undergo:

  • Military Based Events

- Military Patrols: The Task Force occasionally conducts military patrols of the Dustwallow Marsh, and the Barrens, keeping tight security over Theramore territory.

- Military Excursions/Expeditions: When need be, the Task Force will indulge in planning large scale military or other variations of expeditions into places they've never been before. These events are usually planned and conducted over a series of days or weeks.

- Military Training & Drills: Weekly trainings or drills are often hosted when no other events are taking place. We do not only practice and train members on their emoting and RolePlay skills, but we also indulge ourselves in modern military training procedures. These being hiking trips, endurance tests, and members will often be thrown into many different controlled exercises to which they must use their initiative to overcome their obstacles.

Expedition Graphics 1

The Task Force patrol through the Howling Fjord as they make their way to Westguard Keep in their Expedition to Northrend.

- Law Enforcement: Despite not primarily being a Law-Enforcement group, the Task Force will occasionally, conduct Law Enforcement acts to quell riots, subdue criminals or to of course, protect civilians as a whole.

  • Political & Off-Duty Based Events

- Political Representation: On behalf of Theramore, the Task Force attends Alliance Council meetings and delegations to discuss local and foreign relations involving the Alliance as a whole.

- Off-Duty RolePlay: When Marines switch to going Off-Duty, they must change into their own clothing, without any hint of Theramore uniform. Off-Duty Marines often socialise amongst one another, or with members of other guilds and friends, and are entitled to do whatever based RolePlay they wish as long as it doesnt conflict with any of the Task Force ruling.

Theramore IsleEdit

Theramore Isle is not only the Alliance's heavily fortified stronghold in Kalimdor and capital of the Dustwallow Marsh with a population of 9,500 people, but also the official home of the new Alliance in Kalimdor. It was built primarily as a military fortress, but has grown somewhat to serve as a trading port.

WoWScrnShot 012309 192601

A contingent of Task Force Marines prepare to patrol the Northwatch Hold Sector of the Barrens.

Naturally, the Task Force originates from Theramore, serving Lady Jaina Proudmoore. We are primarily situated within the Keep, dubbed as "The Garrison". We hold it as our core Headquarters, our Careers Office and Infirmary and make use of its many other resources. We use various other buildings at our disposal situated around Theramore, such as Lady Jaina's observatory tower, where the middle floor acts as our military archive & library, whilst the Docks are used to moor our War Frigate, The Bleeding Sparrow.

Plaguelands Expedition 2

The Theramore Task Force lead an Alliance Expedition into the Plaguelands to determine the new outbreak of Scourge attacks.

One may also find the Task Force operating out of Fort Triumph and Northwatch Hold in the Southern Barrens, keeping an iron-fisted security over Theramore's military sectors.

The Task Force may also be found at Honour's Stand, in the northern most part of the Southern Barrens, training their Recruits and offering lectures on the histories of war.

Northwatch Hold Defence

The Theramore Task Force regroup at the gates of Northwatch Hold as they prepare to push against the Earthfury Clan Siege.

Recruitment Detail & EnlistmentEdit

The Task Force Recruitment and Careers Department is headed by Captain Arthur Galaven. If you are in need of a careers form it is suggested you speak with her directly.

The Task Force Recruits only Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes or Worgen that are of level 20 or above. You are required to either send an application form to our forums or to directly contact Galaven in game. Our Careers Office is situated in Theramore and applicants will be requested to attend an interview.


Task Force Marines conduct Public Execution of a Scourge Necromancer.

However, before joining, it is obliged that you read the Code of Conduct and background information about the Force. This is so you have a general idea of what we're about and what type of Lore we obide by.

Applicants may also obtain a copy of The Marine's Field Manual from a Theramore Careers Office to help guide them in the success of being an honourable Marine.


Boot Camp

If you are accepted, you shall receive the rank of "Recruit" and will be placed into the Task Force Boot Camp. Your service and duty as a Recruit will require you to train under the jurisdiction of Task Force personnel and to obide by the Boot Camp Principles. You are also required to show off your RP skills, grammar, maturity and contribution. All of these will help you progress further during your trial period, and give the officers a positive aura.

Your time as a Recruit will not be easy however. Due to us resembling real life Marines In-Character, you'll be expected to survive harsh living, similar to that of a typical military training base. Being a strict military regiment you must be prepared to recieve harsh orders, corporal punishment and a regulated lifestyle. This is not however, a way to bully our newer members, nor is it to embarrass them. It is a way for us to see if you're worthy of full enlistment into the Force, and that you fit in nicely with the military concept. As a member of the Task Force you will have to obey the Code of Conduct, which may result in you making certain sacrifices. This is to maintain a level of maturity and strict organisation within the regiment, making ourselves look as presentable as possible, and to make our members feel proud. Along with many other guilds, we take our members seriously, and value those who fit in with the rest of the members and fully settle within our "team", meaning all of our members get along well without squabble or argument, and are very close-knit.

Every week, Captain Arthur Galaven will host "Enrolment Drills", which are in short terms, Pass Out Tests. All Recruits must undergo several tests of endurance, RolePlay initiative and skills. Once completing these Drills and passing out of Boot Camp, you will be promoted into a division matching your class and will be announced as a full, enslited Theramore Marine.

Please take this information into account before applying to join the Force. In response to the harsh resemblance of real life military, we offer a great range of internal and public RolePlay with a great number of funfilled people who hold a mature personality. We also offer a lot of respect and friendship, believing our regiment to be a community. If you are in need of further information, please visit the Theramore Task Force Careers Office (Forums).

Information Regarding Death Knights
Weekly Binnacle 2

Crash Site edition of "The Weekly Binnacle", published by Task Force Accountant, Nephris Coalmine.

The Task Force, on Lady Jaina Proudmoore's permittance, has now opened doors to Death Knights. Those who apply and are accepted will often and likely engage in harsh criticism from the other Marines. They must prepare themsevles mentally to take on this factor and will be expected to see it through. Death Knights will be given standard uniform, and will be treated in accordance to any other Marine, therefor they will not be anything special nor degraded. Below are a list of rules and regulations which the Death Knights must obide by to stay within the regiment:

1) The Task Force only accepts those Death Knights with a specific and reliable backstory that fits in with Theramorian Lore.

2) All Death Knights who're accepted -MUST- discard any Ebon Blade or Scourge weaponary they have In-Character.

3) They're restricted on what magic or powers they can use. Meaning Unholy Death Knights are strictly forbidden. We will however accept various Blood and Frost based spells.

4) They'll be asked to share any information they know regarding the Lich King, working with guild officers to overcome Scourge activity.

Code of ConductEdit

Below are the rules & regulations of the Task Force set down by Lieutenant Colonel. Kaijan Vaylor

TTF Propoganda

Task Force Propaganda and Recruitment Poster


  • Chapter 1 - Uniform
  • Chapter 2 - Reputation + Maturity
  • Chapter 3 - Ranking System
  • Chapter 4 - Commissioned Officers and their Duties
  • Chapter 5 - Non-Commandant Members and their Duties
  • Chapter 6 - Medals & Commendations

Chapter 1: Uniform

Uniform is key within the Task Force. It is used to represent our proud homeland that is Theramore and to fully distinguish us as a mature, and well organised guild. We uphold our uniform regulations very strictly, and we expect that all of our members wear it without faulter, and feel proud to be a part of such an organisation. Below is a list of strict, basic rules to be obided by.

1 - Uniform must be worn at ALL times during On-Duty RP.

2 - Uniform is to be presented as and when we say, anybody changing the uniform to suit themselves will be punished.

3 - Civilian clothes must be worn during Off-Duty RP. (Tabard must be removed)

4 - Anybody abusing the uniform rule will be demoted, and eventually kicked if continously showing misconduct.

Chapter 2: Reputation & Maturity

To be a member of the Force you must have a certain level of maturity and make sure you can handle IC + OOC problems accordingly. Being immature, E.G: Acting like a deliberate fool, l33t speak & abbreviations, swearing unecessarily, power/godemoting will be a warning and eventual kick from the guild, as we will not jeopodise ourselves and subdue ourselves to childish behavior. The rules on reputation are set down below:

1 - All members of the T.T.F must make sure no other members act against RPing rules and must make sure that they use the Guild Chat to inform the officers.

2 - If anybody shows bad conduct of RolePlay, again showing poweremotes, l33t speak etc, they will be Warned and eventually removed. (Guild Chat is OOC and is acceptable)

3- We also don't want our characters to drink or get drunk and run around jumping up and down all the time, especially while on duty, this will result in a guild kicking.

4 - Adressing members of higher ranks by "Sir", "Ma'am" or their rank, e.g "Captain" is controlled by the acting commander who is online. Some members may be more flexible and not asked to be called by these titles and others may be strict on it, if a member goes against this rule when applied they will be warned.

Theramore Pirate Patrol

Task Force Propaganda & Recruitment Poster.

Chapter 3: The Theramore Task Force Ranking System

T.T.F Rank Chain

Chapter 4: Comissioned Officers and their Duties

The Force picks and declares its officers based upon the following attributes.

- Leadership - Organisation - Loyalty - Respectable RP

Those who have ambitions of becoming an officer must commit themselves. Each officer will have the duty of planning events and running a specific Department or Sub-Division within the regiment. The job requires time and loyalty, and all officers must be ready to accept these conditions before their formal promotion

The highest rank of Force is the "Lieutenant Colonel". He/She will organise internal and public relations regarding the Force and will command IC & OOC, taking up the duty of overseeing the guild as a whole. The current Lieutenant Colonel is: Kaijan Vaylor.

The second highest rank to gain is that of "Captain". These are the Major's advisors and strive to enforce discipline throughout the Force, and leading one of two Sub-Divisions. They also take up the role of overseeing the guild in the Lieutenant Colonel's absence and representing the regiment publicly.

"Lieutenants" make up the bulk of the officers in the Force and in all, act as the guilds backbone. Lieutenants, along with other officers, are permitted to wear hierarchy shoulder paddings and are able to wield a cape to represent their status. This however, does not mean that the job comes easily or lightly. Each one runs one of the following Departments: Intelligence, Strategical Operations and Careers and strive to uphold the Task Force rules, keeping the core of the guild intact and keeping everyone in line. If you wish to obtain this rank, there is certainly some work to adhere and live up to

Chapter 5: The Non-Commandant Members and their Duties

The Non-Commandant ranks of the Force start and end from "Private - Corporal". These Marines & Spellguards make up the bulk of the whole Task Force, acting as the basic soldier and fighting combatant. Sergeants have extra authority, often taking in several Recruits at a time to oversee and enforce the regiments rules.

The "Quartermasters" are those soldiers that strive to keep the Force going in all necessities. Importing rations and extra bedding is always their first objective. The Quartermasters are also Armourers, and will see to it that all members of the regiment have a fully operational uniform on them at all times.

The "Recruit" is the lowest rank to have in the Force and will undergo Training Camp styled RolePlay. Recieving harsh orders and corporal punishment is but a test of their endurance and ability to RolePlay a soldier.

Bleeding Sparrow Evidence Report

Intelligence Report of the sabotage of the Task Force frigate, the Bleeding Sparrow. (Illustrated by Belvane)

Chapter 6: Medals & Commendations

Below are a list of medals and commendations used by the Task Force to commemorate and reward the Marines. These honourable and incentive rewards are issued only when a Marine commits an act worth praising.

  • Distinguished Service Cross [DSC] (Officers Only)

Awarded For: Gallantry during active operations against the enemy and portraying a high level of heroism to risk ones life for the entire regiment.

  • Medal of Honour [MoH]

Awarded For: Courage and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in action against any enemy of Theramore.

  • Legion of Merit [LoM]

Awarded For: Exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.

  • Theramore Star [TS]

Awarded For: Heroic or meritorious achievement of service, loyalty and committment

  • Theramore Heart [TH]

Awarded For: For acts of lifesaving, or attempted lifesaving, it is required that the action be performed at the risk of one's own life.

The Nine Noble VirtuesEdit

Courage: Courage is the Brother to Fear. There is no courage that doesn't rise from Terror. It is knowing when to speak and when to remain silent and having the will to act, despite difficulty or over-whelming fear. It means facing darkness.

Discipline: It is the key to deepening one's commitment and relationship to the Task Force. It is the first and most important building block in the foundation of an honorable life. It goes hand in hand with the virtue of perseverance and, as a whetstone hones a finely crafted blade, so does discipline hone the spirit.


The Nine Virtues all represent teamwork.

Fidelity: Fidelity is the long-term commitment, not only to Lady Proudmoore but to the Theramore Task Force that works the path with you and to the ethics we all share and choose to live by. It is a strength that gives one the ability to forbear and means not turning back when the path becomes difficult.

Honour: This is the most difficult virtue to describe. It defines the condition of ones spirit and, in many ways, is the accumulation of all the other virtues lived out and lived well. It is a matter not compromising in one's service to the Force, no matter how difficult or trying that may, at times, become. It is consciously and willingly tearing away the comfort zone that we place between our self's and service and standing vulnerable yet strong in purpose. It means doing what is right, even when it is difficult or might bring uncomfortable consequences. Honor is living one's duty.

Hospitality: Is giving back and not only being courteous, but acknowledging the Task Force as kin. It means approaching others in the spirit of "right good will". "Right good will" means you accept that those who approach you within the Task Force are doing so honorably and without any hidden agenda or malicious intent.It gives the benefit of the doubt that all are adhering to the same ethics and values.

Industriousness: Constantly striving to develop one's gifts and talents and sharing those gifts with fellow Marines, as well as using them to make an impact on the Citizen world at large, is part and parcel of this virtue It entails accepting the responsibility to do our life's work as the Light defines it. It is also the responsibility to be productive with your knowledge. More to the point, it's taking pride in doing the smallest task well.

Perseverance: Has to do with developing one's will and fortitude. It means grasping each difficulty, each failure, each fear, and each pain as a gift, blessing, challenge, and opportunity to grow stronger, wiser and closer to your self. It means not giving up and keeping to your goals, and keeping fellow Marines in mind and central to your life. It goes hand in hand with discipline and, on the most mundane of levels, means working to develop healthy habits of spirituality.

Self-Reliance: Ridding oneself of any unconscious motivations, tearing down blockages of ego, and moving past the codependency and self-pity that we, as a society, have been taught. It means taking responsibility not only for one's actions but for one's actions and their consequences but also for claiming one's active place as part of the Task Force.

Truth: More than simply speaking or doing no falsehood, it means having courage to walk honorably, despite difficulties or discomforts. It means facing the challenges that will inevitably emerge as we cast off unneeded facades in the course of our growing awareness of what it means to live in Truth.

Theramore Library: Section 13, Column 4Edit

Military Archives

History Archives

  • A Majors Demise - The tale of Major. Ronald Goldwood's death, and the early service of the Task Force.

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