Alliancecrest small Thorinhelm Brownbeard
Title(s) n/a
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Warrior
Age 195
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Khaz Modan Expedition Group
Occupation Grand High Loremaster
Status Alive
Relative(s) n/a

Physical Traits Edit

Grey hair, Strong build, few scars on face and arms, long beard.

Occupation Edit

Ex-Sergeant of the Stormwind Guard

Ex-Captain of the State of Stormwind Guard

Ex-Captain of the Stormwind City Watch

Ex-Captain of the State of Stormwind Guard

Ex-Sailor on the Darkmoon


Father: Farlin Brownbeard - Alive (Barly) aged 310

Mother: Unknown - If Alive would be aged 210ish

Siblings: Broadmede Brownbeard - Brother If Alive would be Aged 150

Background Edit

Thorinhelm lived in a small village called Kharanos with his father Farlin and his older brother Broadmede. His lived there for many years working with the family at their fishmongers. He would regularly go off and fish with his brother as far as the loch. But one day his brother ran away. The only thing they could find of him was a note he left saying only one word "Death". Both Thorinhelm and his father were both confused as to Broadmedes actions and knew not what the message meant.

A year later Thorinhelm left home in search of his lost brother Broadmede. On his travels he saw many places of amazement and beauty such as the vast forest of Elwynn and the rolling plans of Westfall. His travels led him to the huge Stronghold of Stormwind. There he started the search for his dear brother and bring him home, or at least find what hes up to and what that note meant. He found a place of education where he was taut how to speak proper and further his academic skills. He travels for Broadmede led him to the mighty vessel Darkmoon. While traveling with the crew he because good friends with the, now captain, Tracey. But after months of travel he had to continue his search. He rolled up back to Stormwind and had to join the State Guard to earn some money.

After serving the State for sometime he was promoted to Capitan. With his new command however he was transfured to Kalimdor. There he trained new conscripts combat and rifle skills ready for war. However after returning to Stormwind after a few years he found the state was no more. Searching for weeks it wasn't until he was mugged that an officer from the Stormwind City watch told him about the state. He decided to ask for a job and once again go back into guard work. Hopefully this time the local guard will stay longer.

Family Background Edit

Fathar is a famous fisherman now retired in Kharanos village. Mother is unknown. His father found took them in from an orphanage and has always been their father.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

Quite a well spoken Dwarf. This was due to his father sending him to school and the Stormwind Acadamy.

Current Status Edit

Searching for his lost brother and doing his duty to the Stormwind City Watch.

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