• Hello, I am an admin of the old Sha'tar wiki. Since our realms have merged, I'm thinking of creating a common wiki for all three realms. If you're interested in this project, then we have two options: either create a brand new wiki and migrate content there or contact the staff, change the name of one of the wikis and migrate content there.

    The SWC wiki seems to be the largest and most used, so it's the most likely candidate to house content from the other two. What is your opinion on the project?

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    • Hi,

      I think that is a very good idea. It makes no sense to keep all the information in seperate wikis if we are now a single realm.

      I've been inactive on Wow for a while now, but I'm more than happy to help set things up, though it will take some work. I'm guessing we'll have to figure out how best to standardize template/navigation/etc across wikis (and perhaps even improve them while we're at it), find the best way to deal with overlapping names and then do the migration. Between the two options you suggest, either seems fine, though the second sounds like it'd be less work. Both have the unfortunate problem of old links and bookmarks no longer working, though. I wonder if the staff is willing to redirect all of the old wiki addresses to the same wiki. That would be ideal, if they're willing.

      Have you had any response from the Moonglade wiki folk?


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    • Whoops, forgot to log in! Hello, that's me!

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    • We probably don't want to migrate absolutely everything. There is a lot of stupid and outdated stuff on the old Sha'tar wiki. I think the good and/or relevant articles can be migrated by hand.

      Moonglade's own wiki never really took off, so a lot of them have a "meh" attitude towards it. Others really want one.

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    • Are you still there? Is there any progress on changing the wiki name?

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