Alliancecrest small Tiberia
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Class Priest
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation The Alliance
Status Alive

Name Edit

Tiberia Alessia (Really Tiberia of Alessia. She drops the 'of' to conform to Azerothian customs.)

Physical Traits Edit

Tiberia is a young Draenei. Her head is crowned by a pair of curved horns, that she keeps neatly polished. Her face is considered attractive by most people, and is usually smiling.

Race and ClassEdit

Dranei, Priestess (Anchorite)

Occupation Edit

Tiberia is a Jewelcrafter and Miner, with knowledge of First Aid and Cooking.

Guild Edit

Knight of The Night Gryphon

Background Edit

Criminal Record Edit

None as such, but the Exodar Peacekeepers would like to talk to her about a certain incident involving an Anchorite, a crystal pillar and a cask of Thunderbrew.

Personal Notes Edit

Tiberia has a habit of speaking common in a rushed, eager pace, sometimes repeating words in her eagerness.

Current Status Edit

Alignment Edit

Lawful Good

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