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It was very early morning, about 2am, Amy lay in her bed, next to Xania who had norra in her arms,under the Blanket Amy nuzzled her head against Xania's back before turning over, lying on her back,her snoring echoing around her small one roomed house, she gently gritted her face as she began to feel disturbed, gently writhing in her bed.

She found herself upon a Grassy plain, no hills, no trees just a gigantic Grassy plain, she looked behind herself, to her surprise she found herself in front of an army all bearing the tabard of severket she listened carefully, looking in front of her seeing what seemed to be purple orcs, she raised her eyebrow

CHARGE! for the people!

Suddenly the mass of soldiers Began to charge, pushing Amy forward along with them as the two Armies clashed no one seemed to die or be killed but just beat the hell into one another, Amy fought against one of the purple Orcs, her blades hitting it continuously but her steel made blades just being turned aside, Amy rolled in her bed, gently gripping at the bedsheets, wincing.

the Orc laughed at her as he swung his blade, amy jumped back, clearly dodging the blade but her stomach was cut wide open, she slowly fell to the floor, wincing as she curled onto her side on her bed, gripping harder on the bedsheets, groaning in pain, in and out of the dream.

Knights! to my aid..i am wounded!

she clenched her bleeding stomach, writhing in pain in her dream and in her bed, suddenly the Knights began to walk past her, giving her a passing glance, she reached out with one blood covered hand toward them hoping one would help her, eventually Xania knelt next to her, hissing into her ear "do not worry, I'll look after norra for you" slowly raising as she walked off with the knights, suddenly it began to grow dark as amy trembled with fear, Xania sleeping beside not seeming to notice that Amy was having her nightmare,

AH..finally we have her

Amys slowly opened her eyes, clearly in the nightmare, she hung from the ceiling of the catacomb of her dream, surrounded by six people, all of which were hood and in pitch black robes, they began to circle her, she wriggled like a fish, her efforts proving to futile, her body sweating its cold sweat as she twisted and turned in her sleep, mumbling the words ""


one dived at her a knife in his hand and impaling her in the stomach, she screaming in agony in her dream, rolling in her sleep frantically, Xania slowly, though her eyes only half open she pondered on the disturbance, gently holding norra, the man smirked and revealed himself to be Gorrion


another one attacked striking her with a shadow like blast, the cold shadow causing extreme pain on her newly developed wound, she gritted her teeth and clung onto the bed sheets, her closed eyes producing tears, the second figure stepped back and revealed herself to be Honoria.


Again another dived towards her, striking her swiftly across the face with the palm of her hand, amys faced turned from the strike, clenching for something as she slept before gripping hard onto the bed sheets again, Xania turned to look at amy, becoming slightly worried, the Third figure back with the other 2 pulling her hood down and showing herself to be Elizabetha.


Amy squealing as some hit her across the back, burning her back, she arched her back off the bed, tears managing to force there way past her closed eyes, Xania began to shake amy gently "amy?", the attacker retreated to the others, showing herself to be suzanne


Another attacked, lunging his sword into Amy heart,shes screamed in agony, wimping in pain, panting hevily in and out of her sleep, Xania shook amy hard trying to free her from her own mental torture "Amy! wake up!" the fifth joined the others, a grin appearing as he revealed himself to be Nicksonal.

the last walking up to the dangling and beaten amy, a sword drawn as her put the tip to her throat he revealed himself as her father, he smirk sadistically


he pushed the sword into her throat, as he did she awoke, panting and sweating heavily, sitting up she looked to Xania who lies next to her, looking at her barely awake "are you okay my love?"

Amy stared abit before nodding "i am fine i just need to sit outside" she stood from her bed, taking her robes from the floor to cover her maturity, walking around the bed and giving Xania a soft kiss on the lips then another to norra, heading up the stairs she took a hip flask from the table, opening the door and sitting on the balcony, she took a swig from the flask before looking at the sky, giving a light sigh as she stared at the stars

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