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I don't know, Been to stubborn to interact with people, wich is not like me at all, this is the first dairy I have wrote in 7 years. Many weeks have passed ever sinse I traveled with the first wave to Northrend. The horrible things happening there are tenfold of what occured in Eastren Kingdoms and Kalimdor combined.

I arived in what they call the Borean Tundra, a beautifull place really, I realised that my armor wasn't made for the cold winds of the north. I'm a Gnome hardend against cold, but this cold cutted to the bone. I found a Leatherworker, He offerd me to thicken my armor with fur from a shoveltusk but I had to hunt them myself. I've never seen a Shoveltusk before in my life. Astonishing creatures they are, They herd in great packs and their will to sacrefice themselves for eachother is almost humanoid, Probaly more even. I lured an elder-looking one with various fruits I found in the area weird fruits, but they did the job.

Once I killed the Shoveltusk I got in trouble with some hunters, seemed like the shoveltusk I killed was renown in their job. The four of them treatend me, while the fifth started looting the dead animal. I was cold thus pissed, They started shoving me around and when I tried to retrieve what was mine one hitted me. I kicked the largest one; A human, against his shin when he fell over he landed on my already drawn sword. The cold really had me, I had trouble moving and I couldn't feel the tips of my fingers. I had trouble getting rid of the hunters. It suprised me that they wanted the shoveltusk so badly they gave their lives for it... I can't possible quess what they were thinking.

I took what was mine, I was curios for the taste of their meat, only a few bones were left, nothing of the creature would go to waste. I struggeled back to the Allience base. But yet again I got into trouble. A bird, No a druid flew from the sky. He landed infront of me. Slowly he turned into a big and quite musceled Night elf, I hate it when they do it so flashy. He glared at me as he pointed at me stuffed bags, fur and leather. "What is that?" He asked, obviously playing dumb. "A shoveltusk" I plainly responded. His glare became more intense. He walked closer, forcing me to look up at him, as if his size matterd. He kneeled and patted the fur I was holding. He grunted "She almost would've peacefully died of age, something that is rare in these parts. I can easely see you're not a hunter, Why did you took her life?" I did my best not to break the expression I was faking. I know the way druids think, So I replied with a simple law of the jungle prhase: "To survive." both he and I didn't like where this was going. I pointed at the five corpses in the distance. "They were hunting her too. They would've only used for trophy, I promise you that nothing of the creature would go to waste." The druid showed his teeth, Grumbled something elvish and without further delay he turned back into a bird and flew away. I sighed a slack of relief.

I got back at Valiance Keep, the leatherworker quickly patched up made my armor, I told him my story. It's nice to talk to a complete stranger sometimes. Soon after I hired a room to rest for the night in, I found this empty book so decided to make it my dairy and share my story. It was hard to fall asleep. Valliance keep was under moderate siege every hour. Bold text

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