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Two Sisters at Heart.

Two sisters at heart,

That fate treated hard,

United in the Light,

By blood, honour and might,

Did the Light's will with delight.

But younger sister lost her eyes,

In a world filled with vice,

And older sister was betrayed,

And then gave into rage,

Her heart trapped within its cage.

Soon the older forsook the Light,

And younger was filled with fright,

That older might forever lose her way,

And no longer comfort her in the day,

Mourning what others about older would say.

So younger sister set her mind,

That the older, who was ever-kind,

Should never by her be forsaken,

For upon her heart great love was laden,

Thus was the compassion of this maiden.

Still younger treads the world,

Sometimes in sorrow grieved might curl,

And though deprieved of precious sight,

And older sister in the shadow has found new might,

Yet younger tries to make her sister see the Light.

For what is a world without kin,

For those who seem naught but bone and skin,

Hence the younger strives the older back to win.

And in this hour pray ye hard,

For those of compassion and great heart,

Who never their loved ones will discard.

For though the shadow leaves great fright,

Brighter still shines the Light.

- Elizabetha.

23/12-2006 AD.

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