Tyranas Moonclaw


Title: Thero'shan, Druidess
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 150lbs.
Age: Around 900 Years.
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Druid
Location: Ashenvale
Spoken Languages Common, Darnassian, Ursine
Status: Alive.

Tyranas Moonclaw

Physical TraitsEdit

Tyranas is a Kaldorei whose skin is oily and pale. Her body is slim but well-nutritioned, suiting herself for quick movements. Her hair is a shade of turquoise, although from a closer inspection one would notice that the ends of her hair are greying and darkening to black. Her hair also seems uneven, as if it is not groomed. However, even with it's messy style and short ponytail, it still holds a clean enough appearance to match her graceful features.

Tyranas' hands are equipped with claw-like, long nails. The rest of her hands aside from her fingers are clad in fingerless gloves. Her entire form is covered in a druidic raiment of blues, greens, silvers and golds. Leather being the main choice of attire, fur-lined pieces stray over the woman's body, occasionally draped with string and odd trinkets including bones and beads. The colours which vary from dark greens to blues and purples are spread along the druidess' attire give the woman a more "nature-like" appearance. When not dressed in druidic raiment, battle attire or fur is worn to protect her from colder climates.

Her body itself is slender in appearance, with the muscles being found clearly in the thighs and upper arms. Whenever a glimpse is caught of the woman's jaws, it is obvious that the two upper canines are barely longer than the rest of her teeth, sharpened to points like fangs. Eyes glimmer and flicker in the hue of silver, her gaze serious and intense. Often her expression will be seen changing to curiosity when met with the unfamiliar, accompanied by one of her thin brows being risen.

Finally, bearing no visible weapon, the woman's attitude seems constantly alert and on edge, as if ready to pounce into action. Being a mature adult in terms of age, the female Kaldorei carries a proud look, despite her youthful appearance.

Around the druidess' wrist is a mysterious silver chain, clearly not of Kaldorei make. This also appears visible in her varied forms as a line of silver/white fur.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Druid


- Thero'shan / Student

- Druidess of the Cenarion Circle


None. Tyranas' blood relations are no longer alive, although in more recent times, the Archmage Zeiko Regrave has extended the honour of including her to be a part of his family. Tyranas has taken on this role and she does her best to uphold her place which has been granted.

Note: She is not related to Herethil Moonclaw.


(Subject to Change)

Tyranas was born under a thousand years ago, just after the War of the Shifting Sands had ended. Her life as a child and her growing up all took place in Felwood, where she was trained in the basic skills of a Sentinel.

When Felwood was corrupted, Tyranas sought refuge in Astranaar within the Ashenvale Forest. From here she carried out work as a Sentinel. Although not fully trained, Tyranas was once again confronted by the invading Warsong Clan whom had begun to destroy her new home. She, along with scouting Sentinels, would often track the unfamiliar Orcs in an attempt to understand their purpose within Kalimdor. Her hatred of the green-skinned savages became realised the most when she heard of Cenarius' fall at their hands.

When the time came when the Kaldorei joined forces with the Humans and Orcs, Tyranas proceeded alongside the other Kaldorei forces to Mount Hyjal to defend the World Tree from Archimonde and his forces. It is around this time she came to meet her future Shan'do, Salabadon Starfire. With Archimonde's defeat and the loss of her immortality, Tyranas set sail to the Eastern Kingdoms in order to learn more of her new allies within the Alliance. Since her departure, Tyranas has held no interest in Teldrassil, believing it to be a crime against nature. Whenever she returns to Kalimdor, most of her time is spent in Winterspring or the Moonglade, alongside her new Brothers and Sisters of the Cenarion Circle.

During a brief period, Tyranas came to befriend two humans who were, at the time, currently serving under the Theramore Task Force: Navras Benediction and Bestila Regrave. She found their lives to be fascinating and much of her time was spent observing them. It is during this time she was reunited with her Shan'do and began a prosperous friendship.


Tyranas, under the corruption of Aodhan.

During the months spent in contact with Navras and Bestila, Tyranas came to learn of the cultist known as Aodhan Burnell. Wishing to defend her new friends, the druidess decided to openly confront the necromancer by herself. As a result, Aodhan was easily able to take control of the feral forms she had not yet mastered and corrupt her into a type of mind control. During this time, Tyranas became hostile towards her new friends and the other soldiers of the Task Force. Sent by Aodhan, her mission was simply to kill. Her nightmare ended when at last, her Shan'do was able to restore her will and remove the corruption controlling her.

Although Aodhan's reign continued, Tyranas returned to her life as it had previously been. Considerably weak from her recovery, the Druidess still continued to watch and protect Navras and Bestila whenever possible. Her skills were put to the test when, in Ashenvale, an unknown minion of the necromancer besieged Astranaar. Desiring to defend her Shan'do and friend, Tyranas risked her life again to attack the unknown intruder. With ease, the cultist crushed a section of her spine, leaving her for dead. Tyranas was delivered to the Moonglade to recover and after managing to pull through the ordeal some time after Aodhan's death, she started on her studies under Salabadon's guidance.

In more recent times, Tyranas had been seen assisting the Argent Battalion and the Regrave family in their troubles with an enemy to be known as Taramos. She now spends her time in Kalimdor, resuming her studies as before.


(Work In Progress)

Navras Benediction: Despite a wary beginning, Tyranas and Navras are currently strong friends, despite not seeing one another on a regular basis. They each keep an eye out for one another. Navras was the one who witness Aodhan's corruption of Tyranas and believed that she could be saved from the crime he had commited.

Bestila Benediction (Regrave): As a friend to Navras, Tyranas was quickly introduced to Bestila, whose attitude and behaviour often confused the druidess. Tyranas would often try to protect Bestila when the time called for it, however during Aodhan's corruption, Bestila became one of the main targets for the Druidess. When Bestila was pregnant and after the birth of her son Vincent, Tyranas became fascinated with the child, treating it as close as her own sibling.


Tyranas with her Shan'do, Salabadon Starfire.

Zeiko Regrave: "Father" to Bestila. Zeiko is one of the few mages whom Tyranas came to trust. Being related to Bestila and, with Tyranas' curiosity of humans, it was inevitable that the pair would eventually meet. Although they do not speak frequently, words that are exchanged are polite and considerate. Tyranas has often desired to extend her offer of protection to Zeiko, although being aware that his powers are formidable enough alone.

Salabadon Starfire: As teacher and father-figure to Tyranas, Salabadon remains one of the closest figures in her life. From saving her life to helping her master her feral forms, Salabadon has frequently extended his guidance and wisdom to Tyranas, allowing her the honour of considering him friend. At one point in time, Tyranas had almost believed that she held stronger feelings towards her Shan'do, but this was quickly ended upon his choice to partner with Celegil. This has not affected their relationship, however, and she chooses to treat him as a father, even pet-naming him "An'da".

Umbert Ironshield:  A Dwarf whom Tyranas came to meet through her connections with Navras. Despite not speaking nor talking with Umbert for many months, they finally came to a closer relationship when she offered to lend the Argent Battalion her assistance. Umbert has saved Tyranas from danger many times and their many hours spent together are as allies in conflict or as simple friends exchanging quiet words.

Thepol Summerlocke: Another human who Tyranas did not share a strong bond with until more recent times. Thepol and Tyranas often humoured one another and held respect for each other despite their different views. Unaware of Thepol's illness until days before his death, Tyranas sought him out and caught him as spoke his final prayer at the Cathedral of Light. Saddened by the loss, she returned to her normal life until a later visit to Stormwind revealed that the death had been a trick by the Scourge. With Thepol still alive, Tyranas' mood became more positive and her health improved.

Scaran: Most remarkably, Tyranas has come to accept the company of the Demon Hunter Scaran. Believing him to be misunderstood, she has often been called a traitor for choosing to ally with the fel-infused creature, but she will constantly disregard this. Her feelings towards Scaran have changed frequently and more often than not she prefers his company to that of others.

Additional NotesEdit

  • Of all the Druidical paths, Tyranas prefers her feral forms the most.
  • Tyranas is notorious for being interested in things she can't have.
  • Tyranas maintains a fascination with young children, as she often sees so few of her own kind.

Current StatusEdit

Alive. Assisting at the Mender's Stead in the Western Plaguelands.

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