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Ulgarf Splinterhawk, exploring the Storm Peaks

Name[edit | edit source]

Ulgarf Splinterhawk

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

APPEARANCE - An unusually large Dwarf, Splinterhawk's one of the largest Dwarves people might ever see, reaching almost a human's height. Big, dense muscles cover his body, his face an assortment of scars and other marks. His eyes are of a deep blue, always covered by a pair of sophisticated, state of the art goggles which constantly click, tick and whirr. A huge, brown beard hangs down to his belt, separated in several braids, dreadlocks, all held togheter by heavy silver plaits, engraved with Dwarven runes.

The front half of his head is bald, his remaining hair tied losely in a ponytail, but mostly left to hang on his shoulders, with a helmet on.

EQUIPMENT - Ulgarf's armor is a heavly modified version of the old 3rd Brigade gear, which has obviously suffered a huge ammount of modifications and enhancements over the years. Over his shoulder lies a big cape, colored in a dark brown, which, in certain spots is torn, burnt, dirty, a sign of his very long service in the Brigade and other adventures.. On the right side of his chest several badges and insignias are visible:

Captain Splinterhawk - Skyguard Ace and Captain

Ulgarf, speeding excessively in Stormwind

Splinterhawk, Iron Corps Veteran

Ulgarf Splinterhawk, Grand Artisan Engineer, Gnomish specialization.

Thick, multi-layered leather pads cover his body in strategic places, such as his legs, chest, back, arms, etc. Under these pads, Ulgarf wears a full chainmail suit. Two huge, heavy leather pauldrons rest on his shoulders, each of them having two big horns strapped onto them, along with numerous other spikes, fangs, and smaller horns. The rim of these pads is covered in a thick fur, similar to the huge Bear hide which covers a portion of the pauldrons and half of his back. On his left shoulders, a bundle of skulls can be seen, held togheter with a few ropes. They seem to have belonged to several races: Draenei, Dwarves, Elves, Humans and whatnot. They look very old, and have a certain deathly look upon them. One might presume they are the skulls of Death Knights Ulgarf has defeated. One would presume right, in that case.

His spiked and horned metal helmet always sits on his head, over the pair of goggles he always wears. A huge backpack rests on his back, effectivly held togheter with numerous belts, chains and harnesses. Inside, Ulgarf carries everything, ranging from guns, pistols, ammunition to maps, fuel, gems, ores and parts.

A huge war axe lies strapped on his back, dried blood on it's wide blade. The head and hilt are covered with Dwarven runes. Several other rifles also rest on his back, ranging from three to six rifles, depending on how cheerful Ulgarf woke up.

Ulgarf carries an impressive number of flintlock-revolvers, all of them heavy looking, with Dwarven runes around their barrels, hilts and cylinders. They are strapped to his legs, waist, under his arms, and in his backpack. One might suspect Ulgarf is carrying half of his Brigade's firepower with him.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Dwarf, Hunter

Guild[edit | edit source]


Occupation[edit | edit source]

Colonel of the 3rd Mountaineer Brigade, Skyguard Ace and Captain, Grand Artisan Engineer, leader of the Brigade's Aerial Division

Family[edit | edit source]

Grint Splinterhawk, father - DEAD

Hilda Splinterhawk, mother - DEAD

Trudein Splinterhawk, brother - DEAD

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Beating of Elves and Draenei across the entire continent, taking a dump in the Stormwind moonwell.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Alive and well.

Vehicles and Pets[edit | edit source]


-The Firejob, Ulgarf's heavly customized motorbike. It was fitted with a HEMI engine ( Hemispherical Engine Megafuel Injection ), greatly increasing it's performance.

-The Pole Star, Ulgarf's, again, heavly customized gyrocopter. It is one of the oldest gyrocopters in the Brigade, previously owned by the deceased Ulgarf "Longshot" Flamebeard, one of the Brigade's old leaders.


-Meatball, Ulgarf's trustworthy companion - a fat puppy found in the cold Dun Morogh snow, Meatball has grown into a healthy, happy worg, and accompanies Ulgarf even on his most dangerous journeys.

-Poofy, Ulgarf's huge war mammoth.

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