About Underground MovementEdit

( Revamp in progress! Guild going through some major changes, trying to set wiki-page to correspond... )

Type:   Open-Minded Roleplaying Guild
Leader(s):   IC: Unknown. ( OOC: Err... Ask any member of the guild? They can point the new direction or do a /ginvite )
Recruitment status:   Passively open. Accepting new members but not very active on seeking them...
Classes:   Warlock, Rogue and Death Knights preferred, but Mages and Shadow Priests aren't far behind.
Other classes at least OOCly welcome with believeable IC reason - we'd like to keep a "dark" and secretive aspect. Evilness is a bonus?

IC History and Current StatusEdit

OOC History and Current StatusEdit

...But what matters most is our current status: Small but active.

  • Not a military type guild, not a strict or very organised guild...
    That's why we're listed as Communities of Individuals rather than a guild. I guess it doesn't help that a good portion of our members are lone wolves or otherwise hard to approach in RP... Makes organising guild events tricky too. But OOC we're a good crowd!
  • No clear aim in RP, no real motive... (Err... I mean.... "we're secretive!" And need more members and a stronger leader for any of that...)
  • This can change when we get more people, some of whom perhaps like to lead and have a sense of IC direction and aims for the guild...
  • In the meantime we will gladly participate and halp in the RP of other players and guilds. ^^
Are you a Warlock who is constantly harassed by the guards about showing your Voidwalker in public? Are you an assassin (or similar Rogue type?) who needs backup with your assignments? Are you a gloomy Death Knight who wants a place that will accept you for who you are? Is your slave character too high level? Or are you roleplaying something else that doesn't seem to fit in with the other guilds? Give us a try, we don't bite...unless you want us to!

Contact us for an Interview.
Current status: in crisis. Some of us seek to talk things over and resolve, some of us seek to escape and avoid facing things.
On hiatus until we see what will or wil not happen.
→ Didn't happen... ^^ So → Revamp! Going through some major changes... ^^ (and need more members, hehe)

The Underground Movement MandateEdit

Or "umm" as we friendly call it.

How to Join and Other QuestionsEdit

Basically any roleplayer is welcome in Underground Movement, we try to be open minded with the characters as well... But in addition to Blizzard's rules that we naturally expect you to follow... ( /say for RP only, no leet speak, no "clever names"... ) ...there are a few other things we kind of expect from you:


  • No text-speak.
I say this again. A few typos here and there is fine, especially if English is not your first language, but if you haven't mastered basic English grammar, punctuation and the proper usage of capital letters, UM may not be for you. Also, the word "lol" oughta result in auto-ban.
  • You must roleplay.
I doubt this needs any explanation. We assume you're a roleplayer, and... as such, you will roleplay. Even if we don't have guild meetings, you will roleplay with someone! There is plenty of RP around, even more if you join in and contribute to it!
  • You must prefer "Open RP".
Bubble RP, railroaded RP, Closed RP, /ignoring roleplayers etc... Doesn't fit in our view of what RP should be about.
We think it's about interaction that makes it a lively roleplaying realm world... Instead of just a realm where you RP in a guild.
No reason to act lively in the world and let someone think there is RP about... and then deny them the pleasure of joining. That is unfair and causes unneeded grief. If you don't want them RPing with you, want to RP undisturbed... (like the ERPrs do) ...that's fine. Just do it out of sight then. Party chat works and lets you quest while doing it.
  • Try to follow WoW-lore.
We are not Lore-nazis, but it would be greatly appreciated if you tried to keep your roleplay realistic. Although we are a guild for scoundrels, we will not accept players who claim to be Arthas' lost sons or the likes. Asking is a good way to go, and studying some lore. From WoWWiki for an example. The lore does speak of half-breeds (Draenei-Orcs for an example) and liches, there is necromancy and mind controlling... So why not memory alterings? Sure. Werewolves - worgen - yes. Edward-like vampires? No, but for an example Darkfallen are in the lore... ^^
  • Be respectful and mature in the Guild Chat.
We aim for making an active, mature community where everyone can feel at home, so refrain from starting drama in the Guild Chat.
  • Be respectful to the leaders IC.
Yes, we know you're an untrusthworthy crawler, but that doesn't mean you can be disrespectful towards your leaders. *Wink*
Letting go of this as we no longer aim for a strict or military type of guild?
  • Be respectful to others OOC.
This includes others guilds and roleplayers too. Your character can hate them or want to assasinate them and destroy their guild, or someone's character can annoy the living essence out of you, but as players go: We're all people. We're all on the realm to have to have fun, some of us by RPing. Mutual respect goes a long way. Note that this doesn't mean that you always have to RP with them: If the characters have no reason to associate ICly, there's no need to force the RP either.
Remember that not RPing with them is no reason to forbid them watching your RP or making it a Bubble-RP, see the Open RP claim above.
  • You have to be at least 16.
- I'm sorry to say, but considering the theme and maturity level we want to keep in our RP, we want you to be at least 16.
Editing the mature things above, adding them together someohe and integrating this there... (rather than a strict age limit?)

It's not "do this or die!" but still: Failing to live, behave and play up to these expectations will first result in our officers talking about the issue and later you being addressed upon it... But if there is no common ground to be found, the rule is that you leave. This way at least the guild wins. It's really up to you, but if there really wasn't a common ground to be found... you going separate way from the guild should mean that you win too.
Win-Win: Not everyone has to behave and play how we'd like but not everyone has to belong into our guild either.

Membership BenefitsEdit

None at the moment... Maybe this will change soon. ^^ Something wicked this way comes!
We RP but our RP knows no guild boundaries. We have some crafting skills (Blacksmithing, Engineering and Tailoring for an example) but they too are available for others... We do instances and even boosts or what some call "guild runs", with the twist that again we do them with people not in our guild also. In some beneficiary sense joining the guild does nothing at the moment... Other than makes you belong to the mysterious group that others know very little about!

Member Roster and ContactEdit

OOC Staff:
      Guild banker:   Returned
      Bodyguard:   Ranzi Goreaxe

IC Guild Leaders:
      Lords of the House:   Lord Caros Starless     ( Taking a break... )
      Ladies of the House:   (Lady) Nathira

IC Members:   Magister Yvanor       ( Missing in Drama Action... )
Vortam Aeldredus     ( Taking a break... )

+ All the other supporters / "unguilded members" out there. ^^ Respect.

With any possible questions or an interest in being invited please whisper or send an in-game letter to anyone of our OOC/IC staff or guild members, write in our thread in the Steamwheedle Cartel forums, or even drop a line in our Talk Page! We're open with our RP... And otherwise.

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