Name[edit | edit source]

Archibald Underwood.

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Underwood being of the Undead is a living corpse. Typical human skin deformed into its current pale and rotting form. His glaring eyes pulled back into their sunken sockets. His hair barely survives, hanging to the back of his head like a parasite.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Forsaken Undead

Guild[edit | edit source]

Occupation[edit | edit source]

  • Bounty Hunter

Family[edit | edit source]

Archibald, in entering his mindless Scourge state, forgot all manner of his previous life before serving with the Scarlet Crusade. He recently met an Esmerelda Underwood one day and this has triggered something in his mind. Esme and Underwood are cousins. -Esme

Background[edit | edit source]

Archibald Underwood in the times of the Scourge left his family in Pyrewood Village to join the glorious Scarlet Crusade. He arose through the ranks to become a mighty champion. In one hell-sworn battle, Underwood was sent with a squad of five to investigate and destroy the Scourge prescence near Pyrewood. They held out well and all who stood before them perished. A mysterious figue waded through the hordes of Undead and challenged Underwood. Readily accepting, he delt a mortal blow to the figure but unnexpectidly lost. Demoralized, the five were slain and Underwood was left to suffer the wrath of the Undead Scourge. Tortured to near death, the figure revealed himself as (Will put someone here eventually). Swearing revenge, Archibald Underwood drew his final breath.

Roaming the armies of the scourge as a frontline soldier, Archibald was none other than that which he swore to destroy. The Lich King had enslaved many with the plague and Underwood was just another mindless one. The time came that he was freed along with the Banshee Sylvannas and the Forsaken.

Archibald lived in denial and sought out his family to settle him. He was horrified to see them bring arms against him and force him to flee. He constructed a home just outside Pyrewood at the gates of Shadowfang Keep so he could be close to his Family. A purpose in life was what he needed next. Contacting Catroe, he learned about the ways of the Bounty Hunter and became the second highest ranking Bounty Hunter in the Horde. His victims knew that death was near when the clinking sound of his Red Chain Boots could be heard in utter silence.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Archibald, being a Bounty Hunter, needed an outfit that would cause fear into the stoutest Dwarf and most faithful of Paladins. His Red Chainmail Armour is worn with two sharp Axes adding to the Scarlet Warrior effect.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Spreading evil in the form of a Massacre or two

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