Alliancecrest small Ungrod Rotbeard
Ungrod 1
Title(s) Knight
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Death Knight
Age 71
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Ebon Blade
Occupation Knight of the Ebon Blade
Status Undead
Relative(s) Tonardur Rockpick (brother) Eelva Rockpick (sister)


Ungrod Rotbeard

(Formally Othor Rockpick)


Undead Dwarf


Death Knight

Physical TraitsEdit

Muscular dwarf with filthy grey hair and beard. His skin is deathly pale and his glowing eyes are often covered by a set of goggles. A nasty looking scar runs down from the top of his head to his right cheek.


Death Knight of the Ebon Blade


When Ungrod was first brought into undeath he remembered nothing of his life, having only brief glimpses of him fighting in the snow wearing the attire of a Mountaineer. He also didn't know his name, he was therefore named Ungrod Rotbeard by the Scourge. His will was of course not his own and he served the Lich King with absolute loyalty. When the Lich King however betrayed the Knights of the Ebon Blade and lost his control over them, Ungrod found himself lost. He wanted to learn about his past, discover who he was was. Ungrod left the Plaguelands and travelled south, it was during his travels that he learnt of the Third Brigade of Mountaineers at Dun Garok. Ungrod joined the ranks of the brigade in hope that although he may not have been part of this regiment that he may learn more of others. He did discover the expeditions in Northrend that wore a similar uniform, he promptly resigned from the Third and travelled to Northrend.

While on the boat trip to Northrend, Ungrod befriended a human priest who he eventually told of his amnesia. The priest looked as though he took pity on the dead dwarf and offered some assistance. He told him that if he could find and kill an elven witch who had stolen a humans body then he shall be redeemed of his sins to the Light and rewarded with his memory. Ungrod naively believed him.

Rotbeard soon caught the witch in an elven trap and was prepared to slaughter her, however the witch, Kalandris, calmly persuaded the dwarf to come to his senses and convinced him that the priest had lied. They ultimately discovered that he was, or worked for, a necromancer who had long been a foe of the human Kalandris and her friends the Sanctum Eternal. Feeling shamed into this trickery, Ungrod pledged his sword to Kalandris to act as her protector. He then joined her in the Sanctum Eternal to help hunt down the necromancer Sesil Manastill.

Ungrod played a small part in helping the Sanctum Eternal finally stop Manastill, he eventually offered to take the role of guardian over Manastill's corpse should his soul ever attempt to merge back with it.


Ungrod has discovered the identity of two members of his family as well as his own name. Othor Rockpick.

He also learnt that he has a brother called Tonardur and a sister called Eelva.

Current StatusEdit

Hunting for more information about his family.

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