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Alliancecrest small The University of Dalaran
Dalaran Tabard
Role Heavy-RP Mage Guild
Leader Nelson DeBreton
Officers Richeron


PvE Possible
PvP Possible
Requirements RPer, Level 20, Mature.

UOD Overview. Edit

The University of Dalaran is a heavy RP guild that focuses on educational type RP based on the mages of Dalaran. We have been around since October 2008 and have been involved with a number of RP events. We recently suffered an inactive spell but plans are in place to refresh the guild in time for Cataclysm. We have some well known and excellent RPers in our ranks and pride ourselves on our quality of roleplay. Although the guild is RP some of our members do engage in pvp and pve, as a guild we like to do them ICly. We accept members of any level but applicants must be aware they will not progress past the Initiate rank until they are at least level 20. We accept any race however Night Elves must RP as Highbourne. We do not accept Death Knights.

On the 12th of Febuary 2011 Breton left the guild. The UoD currently no longer exists from an RP stand point and only an OOC one.

The Story of the UoD Edit

Rebirth of the University. Edit


The Old City of Dalaran

When the magical city of Dalaran was destroyed by the demon Archimonde and his Scourge, many institutions became inactive, one of these was the University of Dalaran. Although the majority of the remaining scholars and teachers from the University were comissioned to help rebuild the city a number did continue their work in education. One of these was Archmage Lorespark, who was given the honory title of Headmaster. Once he was appointed, Lorespark ordered the creation of the master and apprentice program, a system still used today. The program was the salvation of the University, there were many students without teachers and the program ensured that although there was no physical teaching establishment the students could still be trained.

When Lorespark retired, the position of Headmaster was given to Professor Nelson DeBreton, a mage of the Kirin Tor. DeBreton revived the University instantly, opening it's doors to the Alliance. He immediately set up classes at the town of Ambermill. DeBreton continued the traditional approach by forming a University faculty who would teach their students in classrooms and lectures.

War in the North Edit

When the rebuilt city of Dalaran was moved to the icy wastes of Northrend the University moved too. Dalaran had become a neutral state and now allowed the Horde to enter it's walls. DeBreton however still reserved the right to decide who may enter the Universiy and made the controversial move to ban all applications from Horde scholars, as a result he based the University in the Silver Enclave where it is still found today. Many skilled magi were however tied up in classroom lectures who could have been helping in the field, DeBreton then scrapped ninety percent of lectures and ordered the master and apprentice program. Students would now accompany masters by helping them fight the Blue Dragonflight and Scourge whilst learning the vital skills needed. DeBreton continued the program after the war and sent many of University personnel back to Azeroth.

University Ranking System Edit

The current ranking system is as follows.

Headmaster: The Headmaster is the Grand Master and appointed Archmagi of the University of Dalaran by the Council of Six. He holds control of the University affairs and can command the UoD's political and (if required) military stance of all it's members. Although the Headmaster answers to the Council of Six directly he can still make the final decision on any matter regarding the University.

Deputy Headmaster: The Deputy Headmaster is the Headmasters closest advisor as well as his second in command who manages the University affairs should he be unavailable. The DHM would ultimately take temporary control of the University should the Headmaster unexpectedly disappear or pass away until the Council of Six appoints a new one.

Sage: The Sages of the Inner Circle is the council of the University of Dalaran. These most wizened and powerful wizards are heads of the Universities various sects and departments being masters of their own field. They convene with the Headmaster and discuss the Universities affairs and advise on the best outcome.

Master: Those that have excelled in their specialised fields will be known as Masters. The Masters are the teachers of the University who give lectures and tutor their own apprentice.

Scholar Should a mage wish to remain and work for the University they will become known as Scholars. They will perform research for the University and may be assigned an apprentice to assist with their work.

Graduate Once an apprentice passes the Trial of Spirit they become graduates. Graduates have learnt all forms of magic and are in ready to be considered mages. However they first must pass the final exam, the Trial of the Mage where they will finally be recognised as mages of Dalaran.

Apprentice: The apprentices are the student body of the University who each have their own master who they will learn from and obey. Apprentices must also attend lectures and take exams until they pass the Trial of Spirit.

Initiate: Upon joining the University all applicants are seen as initiates. The initiates are not official members of the University until they pass their Initiation Trials and become apprentices.

The UoD Class Structure. Edit

There are many classes in World of Warcraft, many of which would not fit well in the University of Dalaran ICly. We therefore see each class differently within the the University. The classes are split into two groups which are the Spellcasters and the Battlemages.

Spellcaster Edit

The spellcasters of the University, those who channel the arcane (and other legal sources) to cast spells upon the enemy from afar.

  • Mage: Evoker
  • Warlock: Conjurer
  • Priest: Diviner
  • Shaman: Elementalist
  • Druid: Shapeshifter

Battlemage Edit

By focusing the arcane the battlemages can empower their bodies and weapons to battle their enemies in melee.

  • Paladin: Battlemage
  • Warrior: Spellsword
  • Rogue: Illusionist
  • Hunter: Zoologist

Please note that this is how your class will be viewed in the guild ICly, you can still RP your own class but for some (such as the warlock for example) if you are caught casting illegal magic (Fel, Necromancy) you will be expelled from the University.

Guild Rules and Requirements Edit

We have a number of rules within the guild as listed below.

  • Required minimum level of 20 to join: This is for two parts. The first is for the uniform requirement (see below) and the second is for members to at least make some effort with their character and not just create a quick alt.
  • Be mature and considerate: Guild dramas will not be tolerated, those involved will be given a warning and failure to cease will result in a guild kick.
  • Be active: We want our members to be active and online and not have the guild as an alt dump. Prior to joining all members will be asked for their mains and other alts.
  • Speak English: When using the guild channel or in /say all members must speak clear English. Good grammar and punctuality is not a must but you should at least be able to string a sentence together. Smilies and leet speak will not be tolerated in /say.
  • Following Masters Orders: An IC rule as well as an OOC one. All members while IC must obey their masters and respond to them as either "sir" "madame" or "master".

All members will receive a warning should they fail to follow any of the rules above (including the uniform rule below). Failure to acknowledge any warning will result in a guild kick.

The Uniform Edit


Example of Initiate


Example of Apprentice


Example of Master

The University follows a strict uniform code that all members must follow. The uniform must be worn to all RP events involving the UoD or those in which you represent the UoD. Each rank wears a different uniform to represent their status within the university.

Initiate: Wear anything they like however they must wear the Guild Tabard

Apprentice: The strictest of the ranks the apprentice uniform consists of the following- Dalaran Wizard's Robes, Heavy Linen Gloves and Soft-soled Line Shoes. If you're a Spellcaster you are given a Channeler's Staff, if you are a Battle-Mage then you are given an Arcane Forged Shortsword. If you meet the level requirements you are permitted to wear a purple cloak. You MAY NOT wear any headgear, shoulder slot item and NOT the Kirin Tor Tabard.

Master: Technically a Master is free to wear whatever they like however they must at least wear something with a Dalaran theme when RPing with the UoD. Example is wearing the Kirin Tor Tabard with purple robes. Masters are free to wear headgear and shoulder slot items.

University Events Edit

We hold a number of RP events and gatherings in the University such as...
Open Evening

A University Lecture

Weekly Assembly: Weekly guild meeting in which the Headmaster updates the University on current events, sets tasks, promotions etc

Lectures: Masters are free to form their own lectures which all students are advised to attend.

Exams: Apprentices will take practical and written exams on various subjects.

Excursions Set by the Headmaster or Deputy Headmaster excursions are given to Masters and their Apprentices to encourage them to venture into the field. These can be research tasks, diplomatic meetings or military missions.

As well as the above we also run inter guild events and IC instance runs.

How to Join Edit

To join you must send an IC letter ingame applying to either Breton or Richeron and if accepted you will be invited to an interview.

Wiki Members Edit


RicheronIconLord Richeron Withamhall


Dwarf femaleMistress Ingrid Troglodottir

Human femaleLady C Winterbourne


Human maleArgolian Silverthread

Human femaleLithori Paisley

Human maleDaniel 'Blake' Dippson

Human femaleVerstilate Winston


Human maleGhillgethen Tancred Bellinus

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