Although it is officially known as the Forsaken Business Association, this Horde crime family is never called that. Instead it is referred to as the Villainy- a band of thieves, murderers, thugs and mercinaries plucked from Azeroth's darkest corners. Led by its greedy matriarch, dark priestess and self-styled Godmother Esme Underwood, the Villainy make their home in the heart of Forsaken territory, plotting the downfall of anyone, Alliance or Horde, who stand in the way of their quest for power- be they rival criminals or virtuous do-gooders.

((OOC- UV is an English speaking, adults only RP friendly guild aimed at players who are over 18 with a good attitude and a great sense of humour. We're aimed mainly at casual players and roleplayers- people interested in raiding should contact Tolga of Unspeakable Destiny- our sister guild. Huge amounts of Warcraft experience is not necessary and we welcome new players. Leet speakers need not apply. We are not actively recruiting but if you are interested in joining a family-style guild with lots going on and a genuine community spirit, please whisper any of these officers for more information- Esme, Coffey, Morbosa, or Shadon))

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