An occasional WoW player, and, even less often, an RPer. GRTC wants YOU for the SWC Army.

Will try to update my own pages occasionally,, to get into more advanced roleplay, (if anyone wants me to do any more just ask in-game) and perhaps even join a guild, somewhere...

Loving the friendliness of Steamwheedle Cartel server and the Wiki, keep up the good work everyone.

[Latest Edit] Wow... So many Mary-Sues in my character slots, so little time to fix them. Hopefully my RP has matured a little..

Bad Habits - Yeah, the things that embarrass my Roleplay to no end.

            *Making character's OOC names an alias IC.
            *Drastically changing a character's story for no reason... *Cough*Especially Edala*Cough*

Roleplaying Characters:Edit


  • Lady Natasha "Ameratsu" Sinclair - [Human Warlock] (Yes, the name kills the RP with her. She was my first character on the server, I was young and naive, and really don't have the money to spend on a rename for her just for IC sake. >.<)
  • Miss Bridgette Ayama Heartly - [Human Paladin] - Twin Sister to Ameratsu and a Paladin of Silver Hand.
  • Irisi - [Draenei Shaman]


  • Adiria Sunreclaimer - [Blood Elf Blood Knight]
  • Freyasha Leafclaw - [Tauren Druidess]

--Non Played Characters--

  • Lord Tycho Sinclair - Former Paladin during the Second War, and later a baron in what is now the Eastern Plaguelands, and father to Ameratsu and Ayama. Died in the Third War, killed by the Scourge.
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