About meEdit

My english is not that nice and sometimes it happens that i have some confusion. I like to play different style of RolePlaying and i'm always up to discuss about Warcraft lore or any RP discussion.

  • See you in WoW!

My charactersEdit

  • Faramos, my favourite character for one reason. His RP was made for my own fun. And why do we, after all, play this game? For fun (or this should be why we should play World of Warcraft for).
  • Icor: Darkfallen. I like them as i feel their behavour is connected to myth and philosophism. (This idea brought me many fake accuses from other Role Players. Such as of the one of not following the lore. I explained them their errors, and they did not listened to me, despite they were unable to find any proof of their accuses. Don't you believe me? Read the "Lorelol Darkfallen" background. These people whom were hiding with alts or, simply, insulted me without real proofs are what i call close minded RPers, and, are, obiviously, the first thing people should be ashamed of. A young and naive mind can always learn, but an broken mind is harder to heal than Valthiria Dreamwalker.) I made this character with the hope to make understand that not all races that are considered 'bad/lorelol' are, in fact, 'bad'. This example has been repeated with Oscurit too.
  • Dethrak: Forsken Apothecary of the Royal Apothecary Society, worked often with Mailann Shadowwalker.
  • Ravanir: On my second account, Ravanir used to be named "the ravager". He is Oscurit's hired thug in both life and death.
  • Vheera: A mercenary elf knight, she lost much of her faith in the Blood elves after the catastrophe at the Sunwell. Feels herself homeless, tries disperately to find a place to be called home.
  • Xathiar: A warlock of respect and power that dedicates much of his life in studying the demonologist knowledge of the Highborne and the Satyrs.

Deceased Characters:

  • Icor Sunwhisperer
  • Sheeka (one of my starting characters, don't base my reputation on her)
  • An'ji, a troll hunter

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