Hordecrest small Jin.
Jin'aya singleimage
Title(s) Mistress of Mindless Wittering
Gender Female
Race Troll
Class Scribe
Age It not be polite t' ask a lady her age.
Affiliation Steamwheedle Cartel
Occupation Roleplayer and Typo Crafter
Status Alive

About me Edit

I've played World of warcraft for 4 years, since my other half introduced me to it, since then he's lost his gaming PC as its now mine Mwahahaha! <ahem>

In september I will be going to university (about 8 years late, marriage and children got in the way) to do a 1 year course in Graphic design, and then hopefully go on to study a degree in "design for digital media" (posh name for web design).

Despite playing WoW for a disgusting amount of time I have only recently rolled here, After years of raiding i wanted to focus on a different aspect of the game, So cut my ties with my previous chars and started all over again, and for the first time as a Horde.

Other Games Edit

Aside from wow i dont really play anything else. My first gaming experience was at the age of about 5, playing 'The Secret of Monkey Island' on an Amiga *grins*, since then i played the rest of the monkey island games and Grim Fandango. I used to play Half-life on the familys LAN network, which mostly involved shooting my mother through the head with various weapons until she threw a strop and stormed off.

MMO wise i have had a go at EvEOnline, and AnarchyOnline, and neither have lived up to my beloved WoW.

My Characters Edit

Horde Edit

Jin'aya - Huntress of the Darkspear

Nihala - Druid of the claw

Alliance Edit


My RP Stories Edit

Pictomo-whats? - A light hearted tale of Nihala's encounter with a Goblin Pictomographer

Jin'aya and Anansi - The tale of how Jin'aya met her spider

Decisions - Jin'aya's dialemma at the fall of the Earthfury Clan

The Valley - How Jin got her hawkstrider.

Artwork Edit

Disclaimer: nearly everything here is created with screenshots and WoW model viewer, all i do is manipulate it and arrange it all. click on the images to enlarge them to a higher resolution. (not all images are available in a higher resolution)


Nihala and her forms

Jinaya and Anansi

Created for "Jinaya and Anansi"

Jin&#039;aya - ZA backdrop

Random piece, created while the servers were down.


Sentinels (created for "Jinaya and Anansi")

Jinaya portrait copy

Portrait of Jin'aya created for her character page


Created for Jin'aya's Character page (soon to be replaced)


Nihala Clearsky Portrait (Created for her Character Page)

Nihala&#039;s Battle Armor

Nihala in her battle armor (Created for her Character page)


Created for "Pictomo-whats?"

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