Neutralcrest small R. C. R. B.
Title(s) Grand Loremaster of the SWC Wiki.
Gender All three
Race Oddity
Class Toothpick
Age 76
Alignment Lawful Chaotic
Affiliation The Cheese They Keep In The Fridge
Occupation Peeker of Pencil Sharpeners
Status Chronically Insane

I am the administrator of the SWC Wikia. If you have any questions, advice or any comments, you can leave a message in this page's discussion page or on the related sticky in the Realm Forums or you may even contact me ingame on Richeron (or maybe Faronus).


Home: Portugal

Nationality: Half-Portuguese, Half-English


AllianceCrest Alliance Edit

RicheronIconRicheron Withamhall - Human (University of Dalaran)

Dwarf femaleHelgana Thunderfist - Dwarf

Gnome maleRoudfus Fizzlespark - Gnome (The Arcane Order)

Human femaleEvelyna D'Emagnor - Human

NightElf maleErandral Oakroot - Night Elf (The Cenarion Guardians)

Dwarf maleDurner McGowland - Dwarf

Dwarf maleHaben McGowland - Dwarf

Human maleTalioner Legis - Human (Scarlet Missionary)

HordeCrest HordeEdit

FaronusIconFaronus Quae'duce - Blood Elf (The Magisterial Guard)

DKBloodElf maleVeldonus Quae'duce - Blood Elf

UndeadElf femaleAldanea Quae'duce - Forsaken

BloodElf malePrionus Quae'duce - Blood Elf

Tauren maleGaderok Greathorn - Tauren

Undead maleTemotheon Withamhall - Forsaken


Group picture of Richeron's characters. Lineart by Klesa and Colours by Richeron.

Non-played Characters and IdeasEdit


The relation grid of Richeron's characters.

Arythen Tannerport - Human (Korothian Disciples)

Sidarion Eron'atehn - Blood Elf (Order of the Sun)

Henrey Appleton - Human (House Alania)

W. H. Whistington - Human (Theramore Citizen)

Maenon (Absorbed by Merwyn) - Human

Iohan Sidarion - Human (Prophets of Balance)

Margret Peablubber - Human (Prophets of Balance)

Charles Thëron - Human

Vahden - Draenei

The Collector - Human

Sahedun Greensilver - Night Elf

Bimpo Fizzwizzle - Gnome

Faren Moonherb - Night Elf

Alter-Ego AltsEdit

Sir Michael Tarbane

Daniel Blake Dippson

James W. Thalon-Prichard

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