About meEdit

I joined the Steamwheeldle Wikia on May 21st of 2010. I love RP, always have, so an RP realm seemed an obvious choice. I use the MyRolePlay, GryphonHeart Items and Tongues addons for a greater RP experience.

Play StyleEdit

I have no problems playing OOC, but when I RP, I can RP quite heavily. I dislike "Bubble RP" and will most often gladly RP with other characters. The only problem is when my characters don't want added company, like when they're discussing "cloak and dagger" stuff or important business pertaining to life or death matters.

Other than that, I'll RP with almost anyone, as long as they are serious about the RP or at least fun to RP with and I'm not preoccupied with other things.

My charactersEdit



DKBloodElf maleKoranith Dawnfire - Level 90 DK. He's not the most social, but if you can get him to talk, he can tell you quite a few things. (my main)

DKBloodElf maleSylvarion Duskwalker - Level 90 DK. Although a death knight, his personality is quite the opposite when compared to Kor.

BloodElf maleLiánquith Everbranch - Level 90 Warlock. Very talkative, often cheerful, loves a good drink.

BloodElf maleAeryndal Riverheart - Level 90 Priest. A calm, quiet and patient healer of both body and mind.

Undead femaleMarlyndra Hawkriver - Level 90 Mage. Kind, if a bit bossy at times.

BloodElf maleRenreth Sharpleaf - Level 90 Hunter, a high elf working for the faction neutral Crimson Sun Brigade. (played on an avatar named Askeren. I should do a name change...)

BloodElf maleSyldéon Dar'Therim - Level 90 Rogue. Good for RP. Has multiple personas, though. Make sure you know which one you're talking to. (MRP Character description for details.)

Orc maleLo'klor Stormblood - Level ~70 Warrior.



Worgen maleGerold Stirling - Level 90 Worgen Druid.

Draenei femaleSisyria - Level 90 Draenei Paladin.

Gnome maleMokoh - Level 20+ Gnome Rogue. Very talkative, cheerful, somewhat obnoxious at times, but great for RP.

(Not on Alliance very often. I love my Hordies too much.)


Spell shadow deathcoil

NightElf femaleKethara Windsong - Level 22 Night Elf Hunter. An outcast among traditional Night Elves. (deleted for space, not dead icly)

Human malePercevill Brightcrest - Level 10 Human Priest. Deceased. (deleted)

Troll maleZazjh - Level 74 Troll voodoo priest. Killed in Action. (race changed)

Undead femaleHeatharn - Level 85 Mage Shadow Priest. Deceased. (race changed)

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