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Champion Vanaron Morrowcall before the Naaru in the Blood Knight's headquarters in Silvermoon.


Champion Vanaron Morrowcall

Physical TraitsEdit

Haughty, arrogant and self-assured as only a Blood Elf can be, Vanaron carries himself with an air of authority and nobility, despite his middle-class upbringing. Though usually well-mannered, this Blood Elf's speech is usually stern and cold. When dealing with other races, his speech is accompanied by an unseen sneer, as if he is reluctant to sully his tongue with the more 'primitive' languages of the other races. His age is somewhere between 250 and 300. He has long since abandoned keeping track of the exact number of years, and has instead started to mark his life by important milestones.

One should not judge this young Elf too quickly, for despite his young and handsome visage, it is evident from his eyes, prematurely aged, that he has seen much in the fires of war. His stride as he walks is disciplined, martial in its manner with his head always held high and proud.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei Blood Knight (Blood Elf Paladin)




Champion within the ranks of the Blood Knight order


Mother (Still alive and well in Silvermoon)

Father (Still alive and well in Silvermoon)


Vanaron Morrowcall, Champion within the Blood Knight Order. Former High Elf Royal Guard. Former Captain and veteran of the Second War. Vanaron has just about seen it all when it comes to combat. Hailing from a middle-class family from Silvermoon, Morrowcall aspired to join the elite Ranger corps, as it turned out however, he wasn't good enough for the role and had to content himself with just being a regular swordsman within the High Elven army.

Vanaron gradually ascended the ranks of the Thelassian army as he carried out his duties to the letter, becoming involved in strikes against the scattered remnants of the Amani Tribes, putting down those few who thought they could try striking at the Elves of Quel'thalas. Over time, Vanaron developed a ruthless loathing for the greenskins, creatures who would gladly try to despoil such beauty for the sake of a few 'sacred' grounds. He came to kill them on sight, without pity or mercy.

By the time the Second War struck, Vanaron had ascended the ranks and was now a Captain within the army of Quel'thalas. As tales of the Orcs' exploits spread, Vanaron prepared himself mentally for the coming conflict....only to be left behind as the Rangers were sent, rather than the actual army. That was how it was until the Horde struck Quel'thalas itself. Then Vanaron was sent off to fight the Horde, defend Azeroth....defend Quel'thalas.

Throughout the brutal conflict, when battle was joined, Vanaron led those under his command from the front, his blade a shimmering display of steel as it cut down the rampaging greenskins. The War came to the point where the Horde was pushed all the way back to Blackrock Spire, and there, true horrors were unleashed upon the Alliance following the death of Lord Lothar.

Despite the demons, Death Knights, Trolls and Orcs that were thrown into the fray, the Alliance was victorious, and Vanaron returned to Quel'thalas, wearied and blood splattered. There, he was inducted into the Royal Guard. Despite his oaths to his duty, he never expected what happened next when Silvermoon was besieged by the Scourge.

During the battle for Silvermoon, Vanaron fought through the streets, his brethren and the Undead dropping in droves. It eventually came to a head for him when he came face to face with an Abomination of the Scourge, and after a few vain attempts to cut through its thick hide, it buried him under a fallen house, accidently crushing itself in the process.

Lucky to not be severely injured, Vanaron lay trapped as the rest of the battle played out around him. It was only several days later, at the verge of death, that he was found and rescued by another Elf, Illyrana Lar'nith, who took him with her and nursed him back to health, filling him in on the bad events that had transpired. Over time, the two grew closer, and eventually fell in love.

When the Blood Knight Order was formed, Vanaron was among the first to answer the call and join the Order, determined to rebuild the shattered kingdom to then pave the way to restoring the Sin'dorei to their former glory...a path that will be littered with the bodies of those who would stand before him and the rest of his people......

Family BackgroundEdit

Simple middle-class traders. >_>

Criminal RecordEdit

None. He's been a good boy.

Personal NotesEdit

Has recently been trying to get himself more involved in the goings on within the City of Silvermoon and other matters abroad.

Current StatusEdit

((Will be sorted when I can think about just what that is :-P))

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