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Vazja Darkspear

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Vazja is a proud charismatic female troll but she is obviously no weakling. she likes to dress feminine yet keep a respectful look, her red hair is always well taken care of and she has some stylish ear piercings

This is what has always followed her, but her current body is not her original one, shes truly a old soul, using Voodoo, she took over the body of a Darkspear female who was in her prime, months later during the happenings of ´Rekindled´ she was killed by Coxinga but her soul trapped in her shrunken head by Sasaya who returned to Bamboochaa, He did not want to harm another Darkspear troll but desperately wanted her back, after some time he learned of a Darkspear child that had been kidnapped long ago by the bloodscalp and had now by pointed their high priestess, that child had been the twin sister of the troll woman Vazja had possessed, Bamboo´Chaa went after her and used her body to restore Vazja´s soul back into Azeroth.

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Troll, Priestess.

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Former: High Priestess of the Earthfury Clan

Current: Arch Priestess of Atal´Loa, wife and mother.


Mate: Bamboochaa

Offspring: Tan'yi

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Before World of Warcraft: Born in the Jungles of the Stranglethorn Vale as a member of the Skullsplitter Tribe, Vazja was taken at a young age to become a battlehealer of the tribe. Long before her training was completed she were forced to go with a team that was to assault a caravan. The Trolls got slaughtered and some were taken as slaves, Vazja was one of them. Booty Bay was still young, thriving on the free merchants who dared to travel through the Jungle, there Vazja was traded to a grand slavehandler, back then Female trolls were a rare sight to the young races so he hoped to get a nice payment for her.

For Months, the slave caravan traveled north, most buyers were after gladiators, workers or pleasure slaves and showed no interest in the female troll, this angered the slaver who had hoped to get a nice bag of gold for her, he began to use her as a sideshow during his auctions, lightly beating and whipping her for the crowds entertainment, Vazja had been pried of food and sleep for so long she felt little or no pain, all she could think of was escape.

The Caravan had reached the borders of the Alterac Mountains, it made its way near Dalaran - where some of the more reckless mages would meet up with the slave handler and look for potential ´lab rats´ in his flock.

Most of the mages found little interest in Vazja, but one of the older ones noticed she had used some kind of magic powers to tend to the wounds she had been given by the slavehandler during the journey, and therefor he decided to investigate it further and bought her.

Over 4 years he performed many intense arcane and mental experiments on Vazja, she was quick to become his main project, even though he could never break the language barrier he noticed the troll could understand written word, so he supplied her with books. On he moved with his experiments to the village Darrowshire to be able to study more privately. Little did he know that orcs would raid the village shortly after his arrival.

The orcs thought of Vazja as a prisoner and freed her, she was confused, not only after being locked away for so but also by the orcs, all she had heard and read about them was that they were savage monsters from another world. She did not feel threatened by the orcs who planned to leave her so she could fend for herself, freeing her was good enough, but then she began to attend to their wounded so they took her along and before they knew she was able to speak their language.

Those Orcs claimed they had been separated from the others of their kin and their leader, the Warchief Thrall months ago after he had freed them from their prison camps and they were desperately trying to catch up with him, their little attack on Darrowshire was only a desperate attempt to get supplies, they were not proud of it, this only confused Vazja more, had the books lied about the Orcs?

She cared little for those green skins, she sure liked them better than the human who had held her captive in the dark for so long but the memories of her tribe, other trolls and her kin´s traditions were clear as day and she hoped to be reunited with them soon, it would a better life than the one she would have with those renegade Orcs.

Her group managed to join up with Warcheif Thrall and his orcs who had claimed great ships that were to transport them across the great sea, Vazja did not want to leave with them until she heard them talk about ´the plague´ in the north, frightened she might succumb to it if she traveled alone.

So Vazja set sail with the Orcs to Kalimdor.


During World of Warcraft:
Vazja had always channeled the powers of the spirits to grant her the power to mend wounds and blast the minds of those who threatened her, but never would she think a spirit would contact her. One night the spirit of the fallen troll her Zanja spoke to Vazja and told her that she had to bring his ideas and values into the world in the form of an organisation. The next day Vazja contacted her old Darkspear friends and told them of this and they knew that if Vazja said she had spoken to a spirit then she had done so.

Together they started the gathering of the Embrace, Zanja's Embrace. By a holy rite members of the horde came to listen to Vazja's wise speeches and many of them fell into the lines of the Embrace. One day, Vazja met Kijegunan. Kijegunan fell in love with Vazja and it did not take long untill Vazja realised that she also had fallen in love with this female troll.

Behind the back of the Embrace the two lovers met every night and expressed their love to eachother. But Kijegunan for some reason grew more strange for every day that passed and she spoke of a new friend of hers, Munio, an undead that treated her very nicely. Vazja got suspicious and had her stealthy agents stalk Kijegunan untill they found out Munio was poisoning Kijegunan's mind, taking it over bit by bit. Vazja did not know, she was already too late and when she rushed in Kijegunan thought Vazja had gone mad as she was trying to kill Munio. Munio got away and days later he met with Kijegunan and managed to twist her mind into thinking Vazja wanted to harm her.

Kijegunan attempted to assassinate Vazja the same night but Vazja barely got away, that time. The next day Kijegunan tracked her down and just as she was about to let the axe fall to Vazja's head a miracle of love took place. She realised that what she was doing was so wrong and instead she embraced Vazja in a hug and swore that she would never come close to Vazja untill she had killed Munio, she was cleansed.

Vazja turned mad out of being worried and ventured into the plaguelands thinking Kijegunan would have sought Munio there, from that point Vazja walked the plaguelands slaying every single undead she came across thinking it was munio, she thought she spoke to Kijegunan every night just to find out that it was just an illusion and so it went on for an entire year, then Moztow, her closest Darkspear friend, came to her rescue. He was looking to kill a shadow-like troll-formed ghost that attacked Forsaken travellers at random. But when his beastial companion should have attacked it instead landed on Vazja's shoulder and Moztow realised that this was no beast, it was an old friend..

Together they Joined The Earthfury Clan, There Vazja was quick to seize power and gained many more loyal followers.

Even Chieftain Hrisskar was impressed by her brilliance and gave her the rank of "High Priestess" allowing her to manipulate the clan members even more without being noticed. She enjoyed her role, it allowed her sharp mind to plot and control as she wanted, but her health was failing, he body seemed to age rapidly, she was now an old crone.

During the Burning Crusade:

Vazja had began to feel and look ´old´ so early. The years of Arcane abuse in Dalaran had taken great toll on her and the chaotic energy was still eating her up while enriching her mind, after spending great amount of time reading and translating ancient tablets she had found half buried in troll ruins (she did it for a peace of mind mostly) she figured she had stumbled upon a ritual about ´soul-transfer´. She spent most of her nights awake, translating the ritual correctly so she could move onto a new body and regain the time she was loosing and maybe fulfill her dream of having a child, an heir to carry on her legacy...

Once the spell was ready she realized she would need someone to perform it and there would be no help in The Earthfury Clan - this was serious Voodoo.

Then Bamboochaa came along, a troll who was obviously skilled with voodoo yet he was ´young´ and would be easy to control, she offered him to join her, she would make sure the orcs would not force him to change his ways while staying with the clan, He accepted and quickly became her most loyal follower but unlike the others she would enjoy his company.

Weeks passed and they prepared the ritual, by the time it was ready, Mountaineers came storming the Stonetalon Mountains.

During the battle Vazja faked a fatal injury, Bamboo´Chaa took her aside and performed the Ancient ritual of soul-transfer, placing Vazja´s soul into a Darkspear female who resembled Vazja´s young self.

Vazja´s body was buried and the Clan mourned her while she was enjoying her new vessel.

But with youth came desire, Vazja stayed with Bamboo´Chaa in Malaka'jin and as days passed she realized she was falling in love with him, a male.

Vazja was confused, being sure this was just her new body acting up, (it was after all, mating season) she tried to ignore it all for some time but ended up sharing one night of passion with him.


Family Background Edit

All she knows is that she originally were a Skullsplitter that banded up with a foresttroll warband. Eventually she came to join the Darkspear Tribe which she also plans to proudly be a part of untill the day she dies.

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Living in Stranglethorn Vale focusing on being a mother to little Tan'yi and helping Bamboo´Chaa leading Atal´Loa along with planning the misfortune of their enemies and restoring respect for Trolls in Azeroth through her political brilliance.

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