Dissapointed by the current state of Silvermoon City and suspicious of the new anti-Fel trends that came with the Blood Knight's allegiance to the Naaru, a number of concerned citizens and politians have joined together to take action. Believing that a new King would bring order, and Fel, back to the city, they have produced a distant relative of the Sunstrider dynasty, and have begun to gather a paramilitary force to back up their monarchic ambitions.

Current StatusEdit

For the moment, they remain underground, acting discreetly and trying to keep their aims secret till they have managed to gather a sufficiently large force to resist the fierce opposition that is likely to come (Otherwise, they will likely just laught it off).


Roleplaying such a political aim, particularly when holding a potential heir to a Throne, is a rather risky choice. In the hands of less experienced rolepalyers it would likely be a complete disaster. However, we are aware of the dangers underlying this subject and we believe know what we're doing. Trust us.


Guild MasterEdit

(to be renamed)

The guild's manager.


A rank apart for the pretender to the throne, Gulibel Dawnmantle.


Officer rank. Along with the guild master, they are the leaders of the movement.

  • Magister Drooge Ana'thariel
  • Jyrel Felblossom
  • Susperia Morningstrider

Political ClassEdit

Magisters, aristocrats and other individuals from the political arena who support the cause.

Military ClassEdit

The military individuals who support the cause and whom form one half of the guild's paramilitary force.

Mercenary ClassEdit

Hired mercenaries, some more sympathetic to the cause than others. They form the rest of the guild's paramilitary force.


New members whose loyalty has not yet been prooven.

Joining the EffortEdit


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