Hordecrest small Vilenia 'Vile' Bitterbranch
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Hunter
Age 127 (+1 as undead)
Status Dead (Final Death)

Description and AppearanceEdit

Her bleak, oily and smelly hair has got dirt and twigs and whatnot stuck in it, and sharp, brown-ish and very uneven teeth can be seen when she smiles. She also lost her jaw recently, when fighting a bear.

Only small stumps remain of her elven ears. Also has a large crack in the back of her skull, where it has been more or less bashed in once, causing her death. Makeshift metal clamps now hold the larger skull pieces together in a fairly visible and disturbing manner. Her body is mostly mummified and her skin is dry and cracked in places.

The gray mail armor Vilenia sometimes wears when she's doing mercenary work looks like pieces of used scrap metal that have been stitched together with whatever materials one could find for 2 copper a piece. She wears different colours depending on different moods, i.e White for happy, Black for sad, etcetera. She has a habit of not wearing the Crimson Sun Brigade tabard in public, because 'it makes her look fat'.

The brain damage makes it hard for her to remember certain things, and she sometimes blacks out for extended periods of time. It also makes her having a hard time making serious decisions.

Family BackgroundEdit

Vilenia was born in Silvermoon, at her parents' apartment in Murder Row, a place often considered to be one of the worst places to live in. Her mother despised her for unknown reasons, perhaps because that her birth was an accident and that she somehow weighed her down. Vilenia's her father simply didn't care for her, often being so jacked up on drugs that he more or less 'zoned out' from the outside world. Both her parents were Bloodthistle and Felweed addicts, and she was introduced to the drugs herself at a fairly early age. At a young age, Vilenia was often sent out to steal and beg for money in the streets, so that her parents could afford their next fix. She was often caught and punished by the guards.

When she came of age, Vilenia applied to Ranger Academy. She always wanted to be a Ranger, and used to practice a lot at home with a makeshift bow she had made. She made good progress, most likely because she moved to the academy, and didn't have to be close to her parents anymore. She met people she would call friends, but was once again introduced to Bloodthistle. She found that she needed it to concentrate, and as long as her stash was full she would succeed with the many tests and trials set upon her by her instructors.

As she worked her way up the classes, she begun to feel much better, proud of her accomplishments. She wanted to prove to her parents that she could do good for herself, so she told them. After all, she wanted them to be present when she graduated like her friends' families would be. Only her mother would come visit, and she immediately gave a bad impression upon Vilenia's instructors as her addiction to heavy drugs was obvious. Her mother found Vilenia's Bloodthistle stash, and confronted her. She threatened to tell the instructors, nullifying all those years of training, if she couldn't have the stash for herself. Vilenia had no choice but to oblige to her mother's demands. With her Bloodthistle weed gone, she begun failing test after test due to the abstinence, and at one point she almost injured one of her instructors as she fired an arrow way off target.

She was threatened with expulsion from the Academy, if she didn't shape up. Her so-called "friends" were suddenly nowhere to be seen, and she couldn't get a hold of anymore weed. And when all seemed hopeless, Vilenia's mother did the unthinkable. May it have been that she was high, or that she simply hated her daughter, but she told the instructors about Vilenia's Bloodthistle addiction. The girl was expelled from the Academy and sent back to the dirty little apartment in Murder Row, only to find that her parents sent her to live with her uncle, who had a small house outside the city. Even he was an addict, to Felweed.

Vilenia led a very traumatic life with her overly abusive uncle which formed her twisted and unnatural personality as she grew older. As an early adult she'd often run away from home given any chance.

When Arthas came upon Quel'Thalas, Vilenia managed to escape her uncle in the commotion that followed, and hid in the surrounding forests for some time. When the crisis involving the Burning Crusade was somewhat over, she found herself alone and confused, and became forced to live on the streets and steal food for a living, as she had been taught by her parents who now completely ignored her. She later came back to her uncle, having little choice if she wanted to survive. She'd still return to the city, where she'd steal money off nobles and other people for her Bloodthistle addiction. It was just before the events starting Wrath of the Lich King where she met Carmen, her first crush. Only, Carmen was Forsaken. It went steady for a while, but then went straight downhill. Vilenia's life ended one night, when she had argued with Carmen and gotten really drunk. An Arcane Guardian sought it fit to kill her for breaking the peace, with a swift and ruthless blow to the back of her head.


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Death AgainEdit

Sadly, this time it was permanent. On a murky, rainy afternoon, Vilenia's ravaged body was found lying near the road west of Brill by a patrolling Deathguard. Judging by the discharged musket lodged in her hand and the fatal-looking wound in the back of her head it was concluded that she took her own life. The corpse looked like it had been chewed on repeatedly by various wildlife and zombies, and certain bodyparts appeared to had been hacked off. The body was moved to the Brill crypt where it remains sitting on a shelf.

Current StatusEdit

Deader than a dead zombie.

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