Viranne Starheart. Previously Scarlet Crusader, stationed in Hearthglen. Now, Blood Mistress of Acherus.

Physical TraitsEdit

Viranne has short blond hair reaching just below her neck, she likes to keep it trimmed in several layers that only show when she's not wearing a helmet though. Her body is quite smooth and agile for someone that had spent a large part of her life (and unlife) wearing heavy plate armour. But the years clad in plate have also given her strong, hardened muscles.

Her body is almost devoid of scars, apart from a large one that runs over her entire shoulder, looking almost as if it was amputated at some point.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Death Knight




Herbalist and Scribe. For money, at the moment she works as a mercenary for the Valiance Expedition, trying to pay for a chance to fight along side the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade against the Traitor King


Viranne's family was never much into fighting, they were more gentle people who tried to keep in good faith with all the local powers. She however was much more impulsive, much to grievance of her parents.

Bernard Starheart - Father - Slain in defence of Darrowshire. Militia/Farmer

Sarie Hiland - Mother - Died of Natural causes. Farmer

Laro Starheart - Younger Brother - Missing In Action, Northrend Expeditionary Forces.


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Family BackgroundEdit

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Criminal RecordEdit

Although mistrusted by almost every Stormwind official in the city, because of her looks and fighting stylle, there have never been any official claims raised against her.

Personal NotesEdit

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Current StatusEdit

Currently living as a mercenary for the Valiance Expedition in Howling Fjord, trying to find the payments needed to join Highlord Mograine and Lord Fordring in their fight against her betraying master, The Lich King.

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