Alliancecrest small Vonyc
Vonyc Ink
Title(s) Retired Assassin
Gender Male
Race Human (Cursed)
Class Rogue/Mage (IC)

Rogue (OOC)

Age Thirty Four
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation To himself
Occupation None
Status Dead
Relative(s) Zenina York Clayton

Jason Dughan


Vasilis Orestes Nicodemus York Clayton (VONYC)

Physical TraitsEdit

Vonyc is of average height and of a lithe build. His skin is of a tanned colour.

He has forest green coloured eyes. They are marginally narrowed in shape.

Vonyc has a pair of tattoos either side of his face. They stretch from his temples and turn inwards to some extent on his cheek-bones. They are in black ink and appear to be vestiges of claw marks though somewhat Elvin in design. The overall appearance of his face could be described as chiselled.

His once jet black hair is starting to grey, and is shoulder length, parted in the middle. At the back of his head a single thick braid, with scarlet thread woven into it is secured with a silver clasp. The rest remains loose. It has an overall faint greasy look making it not quite straight but a little wavy.

His face is has a thin coating of stubble, with a more generous tuff at the end of his chin. He appears to be attempting to cultivate a goatee. In his younger years he was often mistaken for a disheveled female due to his overall feminine features. Vonyc's face bears a series of criss-crossing scars. One may realise they are claw marks, probably from a Worgen. His throat houses a rather nasty looking scar, ragged and uneven at the edges with a thin film like flap of skin keep the wound sealed. He's probably lucky to be alive.

On the inside of his left forearm he bears the initials "E" and "S". They appear to be the work of an amateur tattooist, yet the letters are elegant. Perhaps they were done by a friend. On the inside of his right forearm he also bears the initials "Z" and "S" in the same amateur style.

On his back, located where his left kidney is sits a large curved scar. Though it appears to have been sealed by a decent physician it is raised and rather ugly looking. A small arrow wound scar sits near the centre of his back, just to the left of his spine. His back is also a maze of thin scars, possibly due to being flogged a lot.

His left shoulder bears a smooth, shiny scar just below the collar bone. The wound which caused the scar is not obvious though one may determine that the scar was created by magical fire. Perhaps a mage sealed the wound.

His right shoulder bears another similar sized scar and appears to have been caused by an arrow wound. It is recently acquired.

His chest bears a single scar in the middle of his breastbone. It forms a crude hand shape, the surface soft and shiny. The veins around this unusual burn appear raised and white, though these are in fact more burn scars. These "burns" don't appear to have been made by any kind of natural or magical fire. It is strange.

An ugly scar sits on the right side of his abdomen, just below the last rib. It is crudely healed and doesn't seem to have been tended to by a skilled medic.

Vonyc has three rings. On his left hand, middle finger sits a large but relatively flat opal shaped gem ring. The gem is a deep red/black colour. The band of the ring is rather plain silver. (Currently missing)

His right thumb carries a grotesque skull shaped ring. Next to it on his index finger, sits a simple silver ring, though the metal has been twisted over and over to create some mundane design.

Vonyc also wears a pendant around his neck. The chain is quite thin but isn't flimsy. The design of the pendant appears to be a Scarlet Symbol of Light, but it is damaged. The simple chain has also been added to. An earring has been threaded onto it. There is nothing interesting about the hoop, but a long blue feather hangs from it. The feather's edges have been damaged slightly.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Rogue/Mage (IC)

Human Rogue (OOC)



Vonyc has recently retired but still dabbles in engineering.


There are not many records of Vonyc's real family. It is known that he has a twin sister named Zenina, but they were seperated at the age of five and have had no further contact. Although, anyone allowed close enough to him are considered to be his family.


Was once a permanent assassin in the Scarlet Crusade whereby he managed to acquire several nicknames. His real identity has never been discovered, and the nicknames were never ones he gave himself.

Such nicknames included: "The Scarlet Slayer, The Crimson Clipper, The Bittersweet Butcher, The Ruby Ripper", and more notably as "the Nightstalker."

Eventually, he was imprisoned by the Scarlets, details of which not public knowledge. He remained in the dungeons for five years and was subjected to extreme forms of torture.

Recently he was able to escape and has remained at large ever since. Whispers tell publicly of his escape, however, lacking details to his identity and description, he remains a mere legend and a tale told to frighten children.

Family BackgroundEdit

Vonyc watched his family die around him when he was five years old. There are not many records to identify him, or his previous family. His name was shortened to just Vonyc because of his exceptionally long name. Over time his real name was forgotten.

However, he has always named The Dark Arcanist Zurial Swann as his father. This has only recently wavered despite the hostility between them. He has since shunned him in favour of Sweeney Rasmussen who's stepped up the plate of "father."

As for siblings, again apart from the vague records of a twin sister, no one can say for his actual blood heritage, but he considered Zelotes Swann as his brother until his apparent "death". Today, Jason Dughan has been elevated to the position of brother.

Criminal RecordEdit

If anyone were to look up Vonyc's criminal record they would find three charges of assault, which he served time for. There was also the rumour that he was wanted in connection with a murder, which he had no part in.

However, as his alias "The Nightstalker" his list of crimes are numerous, the worst of these being murder. He is featured on Wanted Posters but has always evaded capture and has never been sloppy as to leave clues. The Nightstalker retired from active duty when justice was served on the last of his targets.

Personal NotesEdit

Current StatusEdit


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