Neutralcrest small Wòóds Ittoryu
Title(s) Mercenary
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Rogue
Age 47
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Northwind Free Company
Occupation Mercenary
Status Still kickin'
Relative(s) unknown

Physical Traits Edit

3'1, Slightly taller then the average gnome. Fluffy lime coloured hair and facial hair, It's usually messy. His eyes are also lime, but his left eye is a much darker green. He wears a self-made armor, made out of an old type of Mountaineer tunic wich was used during the Third war. It's way more lighter and flexible then the original Mountaineer outfit. But that makes it very weak too, preffering speed and movement over strengt and armor.

Occupation Edit

  • Mercenary

Background Edit


Woods used to be a Mountaineer, He was able-bodied and had to serve in the third war, because he was not born in Gnomeregan he was also not enlisted in the self-defense opperation against the troggs. Officialy he got off the hook because of this.

5the Battalion, Third Squad, Not one of the best groups to be in, They got lousy missions and boring patrols. Though the Leader of the Third squad (Leuitenant Rhadok Braveforger) took pride in his work and turned all his men into experienced soldiers. Woods took immidiatly a liking towards his supreme officer. After the first few months after enlistment the 5the battalions Third squad was like a large family. Training, Drinking, Smoking together, Telling stories about things the had done or were planning on doing. The Lousy jobs and patrols didn't look that bad anymore. Though this relaxed and happy atmosphere got painfully interupted during the last months of the Third war...

WoWScrnShot 071108 112941

Woods in his Mountaineer days.

The Bloodmarked Mercenary

Painfull Recovery


Woods is likely the most experienced mercenary from Free Company He has been doing it ever sinse the ending of the Third war. Doing a Grand variety of jobs, He lived in Booty Bay during this time. It was his birthplace and ofcourse there was always something to do

Woods exceeded in the way of the Sword, His skill with a blade was unmatched as his technique was unique, His true skill is rarely seen though and he wouldn't show it if it wasn't be completely necessary. Woods tends begin combat barehanded.

Current Status Edit

Seems to enjoy Northwind Free Company.

Personal Notes Edit

He tends to not notice Sarcasm.

He tends to play dumb.

He is easely distracted.

He understands and uses all kinds of humor.

He keeps smiling, even in combat. Only does not smile when given a good reason not to (Combat/War is NOT one of them)

He is usually happy, An angry expressions is quite rare

He dislikes being called short, sinse he's actually slightly taller then the average gnome

Quotes Edit

--More famous quotes--

  • "I do not fight for rightousness, For the right thing to do is different in everybody's eyes, Shrouding yourself in the cloak of Evil is sometimes so much easier to do then to claim that what you are fighting for is is rightousness itself."
  • "There are plenty of times in I could've died dear friend... Hell, I think that one time I actually did. But as far as I know people don't tend to die whenever they feel like there is still something they should do."

--Common quotes--

  • "I'm not small, I'm rather tall for a gnome even!"
  • "I have standards!"
  • "You guys have such tall legs... Why!?" (Said when Wòóds is anoyed by slow traveling)


  • Will probaly kick your ass if you challenge him for a duel. Wòóds is an experienced veteran when it comes to one vs one.



Soren from Fire Emblem

Soren from Fire Emblem, He was the Master tactician of a Mercenary group led by Ike in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, He never lost his cool and was always quite collected. unlike Woods though, but nonetheless alot of Woods his behaviour (especcialy during a briefing) is based on that of Soren.

Mifune from Soul Eater, One of the most badass swordfighters ever! He has a special move called "Mugen Ittoryu" It means "Infinite One Sword Style" Ittoryu is Woods his last name and thus based on this ability. Mifune uses around 20 swords when batteling and most of Woods his fighting style is very largely based on his.

SOUL EATER - 02 - Large 13

Mifune from Soul Eater

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