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it was dark, the street lamps shone brightly as Amy, Curtios and Xania headed toward the cathedral.

"please wait here you two, i need to see Eliza before we hunt those bastards" Amy said, clearly showing today had not been her day, the other two nodded as Amy headed into the cathedral.

she walked in slowly as she smiled slightly at the sight of Eliza, turning suddenly as a man ran past yelling at the top of his voice "get that cat away from me!" he ran around the cathedral, Amy watched him, her eyes widened as she reconised him as the man that helped the rapist who attacked her earlier, shouting angrily "wait!...i know you!".

without hesitation she charged at him, jumping and throwing her feet towards him, knocking him to the ground as she turned herself to land on her front, so she didn't land on norra, picking herself up her bottled emotions exploded into a almost mindless enragement.

the man too picked himself yelling "what are you doing you freak!" trying to run off, Amy's path being blocked by tribanal to pursue him, instead Elizabetha, Nouala, Merwyrn and Suzanne chasing him as he had also assaulted a young draenei named Laureen.

Amy managed to get herself past, trying to continue the pursuit, yelling in the cathedral "where is he?", elizabetha replying with a yell "down in the library", Amy immediately headed toward the libraby, jumping over the lying Nouala as the thug charged at Suzanne wielding his plank and nail to strike her, luckily she turned and moved her arm in the way, the nail impaling into her arm.

Amys Temper grew as she tried to tackle the thug into a book case which she missed him, the thug jumped over Nouala with Amy and elizabetha in hot pursuit.

"Xania!" Amy yelled as she chased the thug along side Elizabetha with Xania, curtios and Merwyn following them, amy clenched her fists hard, beginning to feel a little out of breathe though continuing as she was driving by her temper.

the man reached to gryphon sector, stopping suddenly at the edge overlooking the canal, Amy still running before slipping off the edge towards the water, hitting it with a splash, swimming frantically to the surface and checking norra to make she didnt get any water into her lungs,swimming to dry land as she watched the criminal fall into the water, shaking the water off at dry land, Xania, curtios and Merwyn coming to try and stop his exits.

Amy turned to curtios, unstrapping Norra's carrier from her back as she offered it to Curt "look after her for me", curts eyes widen, a shock expression from behind his mask "are you sure?", Amy gave a quick nod before running towards the water and diving in, swimming around as she tried to find her target, holding her breathe the best she could before coming to the surface, heading to land before hearing Xania Yelling "There he is!", amy looked to her left as she saw him swim near her, getting out the water and continuing the chase, though her clothes were soaked, chasing him out of the gate with xania and curt following closely.

she continued to pursue, her determination to bring this man down grew as she ran past Claras house, gritting her teeth and breathing quickly as she began to sprint,tackling the man to the ground, quickly putting him on his back and getting on top of him, delivering a sharp punch to the jaw, ignoring his cry of pain as she did it again accept harder, Xania and curtios catching up as the thug kicked amy off him, making her roll and get back on her feet, though panting she and xania continued the pursuit as curtios got lost,

after much running around Elwynn Forest, though amy and Xania were extremely tired the man collapsed to the ground, panting hevily as amy saw her chance again to pounce onto him, slamming his head into the ground, the man did not take to lightly to the hit as her swung his plank and nail towards amy which she used her arm to block the hit though the nail piecing deep into her arm, she vented angrily as she slammed his head harder, again it had little effect as he swung his club again, forcing amy to turn herself to take the hit to the back of the shoulder, crying out in pain she pushed herself away, gripping on her arm as she shouted "get that thing off him", she struggled to keep her footing as her shoulder bled quite rapidly, Xania trying to disarm the thug, cutting a piece of his tongue out.

at that moment a young girl came closer to the scene, amy wobbling as she clenched her arm, though her shoulder still bleeding, blood dripping off the end of her tabard, the girl looked at the man on the floor asking "whats going on here then", amy and Xania looked over "we are just bringing this man to justice" Xania said politely, the girl nodded "i see" she looked around for a few seconds before drawing her sword, quickly slashing at amy's chest, amy being caught off her guard and her vision blurred took the hit, falling onto her back and weakly trying to press her hands on the new wound, her arm bleeding slightly along with her shoulder.

the thug saw this as his opportunity as Xania attacked the girl that had struck Amy across the chest and he Crawled himself closer to Amy, pulling out a dagger and putting it to her throat as she bled, her vision next to nothing, he shouted to Xania "leave her be or ill cut her throat" her pressed the dagger against Amys throat as Xania sighed "fine just leave her be.." the man grinned as he pulled the dagger away, getting to his feet and running away with the girl, Xania instantly turned to amy, lifting her and taking her tabard and vest off as she took some bandages from Amy's first aid pouch, patching her up the best she could, a tear rolling down her cheek as amy lie the weakness and exhaustion catching up with her, "Amy please, don't die" pleaded Xania as amy smiled weakly, quickly changing to a wince and releasing a groan of pain as she found it differcult to breathe due to her wound "i have no intension of dying yet" Amy weakly moved her hand into her pocket, pulling out a red, glowing stone and talking into it "" Panting heavily from the effort

Eventually Elizabetha Arrived with Richerion to the Scene Amy lying on the ground, almost perfectly still, blood covered most of the young womans body

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