Name: Walter John McCoy

Nicknames: Scruffles, Walt, "That Lil' Crying Kid".

Physical TraitsEdit

Walter is very self-conscious about his appearence, wishing to try and look his best at all times. His face is somewhat stern, and elongated. He has pronounced cheekbones and a button nose, which below lies a thick, combed moustache. His hair is jet-black, and usually kept short, clean and oiled. His eyebrows are thick and bushy, perched neatly above his precise, grey eyes. His lips are thin, keen and akin to smiling warmly. His chin is thick and clefted, and usually has a neatly-trimmed goatee upon it. He is also rather fond of having thick, mounton-chop sideburns from time to time. He is a tall human at around six-foot two. He is not particularly buff, more finese and slim than anything. He tends to maintain an adept posture, very rarely will he be caught slouching. He prefers to wear (what he considers) fashionable and fancy

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Walter hunting in the Gilnean Countryside.

clothing, favouring combinations of black suits, white shirts, Haliscan jackets, black gloves and colourful waistcoats. His clothing is always near-spotless if he can help it, and topped off with either a monocle or his favourite black top hat. He has a thick, crimson scar running vertically across his chest, from the bottom of his neck to his torso. He has a smaller, thinner scar running along his left hip. He may seem slightly stern at first-glance, what with his tanned skin and uptight dress sense, but his gleaming smile somewhat rectifies this.

Race and ClassEdit

Worgen Warrior, Ex-Druid. Favours swords and rifles.


Sole Circle


Walter is currently Captain of the steamship 'Greymane's Bounty.'


Great-Grandfather (Father's Side) - Lord Walter James 'Jim' McCoy (Deceased)

Grandfather (Father's Side) - Lord-Captain Johnathon-James McCoy (Deceased)

Father - Lord Arthurius James McCoy (Missing)

Mother - Pam Windbrook (Deceased)

Uncle - George Windbrook (Alive)

All listings of other family members have been expunged from public records.



Walter was the product of a one-night stand between Arthurius McCoy and Pam Windbrook during a chance meeting at a pub in Gilneas City. Walter was born and bred in Duskhaven with his mother, where she began to bring him up to appreciate nature, attempting to set him on the path of druidism. For the most of his childhood life, Walter stood at the side of his mother, not recieving much of an academic education, instead learning of wildlife and to commune with nature. Many days they did not even spend in Duskhaven, instead opting to sleep 'under the blanket of dangling embers,' as his mother described it. Rarely did he see his father, except for his occasional visits to do business with merchants in Duskhaven.

This, however, changed with Walter's forteenth birthday. Although Pam and Arthur never married, and Arthur rarely seemed to acknowledge Walter's existance as his own son at times, he decided '...the boy is ready.' And so with that, Arthur took Walter under his wing and settled him into Gilneas City, admitting him into a boarding school. For years Walter was preened by his proud father into becoming a refined gentleman. He excelled at his education, and after several ardous months his father thought he had been able to stamp out the 'lowly nonsense' that Walter had learned under his mother. Walter was forced to remain in prestine cleanliness at all times, and was to dress in appropriate clothing for public outings. Arthur regularly brung Walter to witness business deals, the production of thier products, and ofcourse had him working in his own firearms dealership in the Market Square - McCoy Munitions.

Walter never did completely blot out his druid heritage, though. He thoroughly enjoyed being out the countryside with his father and other 'avid gentlemen,' hunting foxes and deer. Walter often tried to go hunting, just to escape the sometimes unbearable etiquete expected by his father. This allowed him to become a keen shot with a rifle, and after many evenings of fencing lessons and sword-play with other boys his own age at the boarding school, he became a fine hand with a rapier, too.

Young Walter continued this steady lifestyle for several years, still visiting his caring mother every second weekend to continue his progress as a druid, albiet to a lesser extent.

Coming of Age Edit

Walter eventually joined his father to became the joint-owner of McCoy Munitions - now McCoy and Son Munitions. His meetings with his mother became rare, and seldom was he able to indulge in the freedom offered by nature. Instead, he was properly inducted to all things noble and gentlemanish. His father began to take him to meetings of the Council of Lords - Arthur being a Lord himself - and to banquets hosted by the Gilnean gentry. It was at one of these banquets that Walter met Anne-Louise Jacobs. By this time, Walter was twenty, and Anne was nineteen. Due to Anne's mother being a Baroness, it was not long until Walter and Anne came into contact, and soon they became very fond of eachother. For years they courted, all the while political tentions heating up to the north of the Greymane Wall.

Soon Anne and Walter decided they would wed, and a date was set. Pam and Arthur were both very happy for different reasons - Pam was excited at the prospect of new children entering thier family, whilst Arthur relished the thought of Walter receiving the power Anne's mother held one day. But such things did not come to pass. Yet-more time passed, until finally political tensions heated up in Gilneas, and the Northgate Rebellion unfolded. Arthur, Anne and her mother all supported King Greymane and the Royals staunchly, but Walter and his mother syphasised with the rebels and Lord Darius Crowley. Walter tried his best to keep his opinions to himself, - the whole issue not being of much importance to him - but word soon slipped, and Anne found out. She burned with a seething rage, and refused to speak to Walter. They soon split up, and all ties with her family were severed. Arthur was gravely disappointed in his son for not supporting the 'Greatness of Genn' with such fervor, and was equally gutted he would not see more wealth and power in the hands of the McCoys.

The OutbreakEdit

Several more years passed, Walter remaining in his father's shop. He drifted further and further away from his druidistic heritage, not managing to see his mother as often as he'd wished. Several months before the widespread outburst of the Curse, Pam disappeared. Walter was told she was last seen walking through Stormglen Village late in the evening, heading towards the Blackwald. She was never to be seen again. He mourned the loss of his mother in solitude mostly, until one chance evening with his father over several glasses of brandy. His father expressed his severe sorrow at the loss of Pam, having always loved her. He cursed his occupation, which he said should have not come before his son and future wife. Arthur confided in Walter, finally opening up after years of stern austerity. He was not an uncaring man, realised Walter. He was just lonely, and baring the weight of several people's problems upon his shoulders. Father and son clinked brandy glasses, his father muttering 'You have been a loyal and loving son.'

The very next day, the City was wrought with chaos. Walter awoke to much disturbance outside - the King's Royal Guards, along with Lords, citizens and members of the Royal Family themselves, were fending off what seemed like legions of the feral Worgen. Walter was brought up to hate these Worgen. Not only did they represent everything he abhorred - dirtiness, savegery, unbent rage - but he was pretty certain they lea

d to his mother's disappearence. When word reached him that Gilneas City was to be evacuated, he rushed him and his father so that they may make a swift retreat to Duskhaven, hopefully slaying many of the damned beasts on the way. As Arthur collected what he could from the McCoy and Son Munitions safe, a large, rapid worgen smashed through the shop window, fangs beared. Walter tackled the beast, swiping it with his rapier across the chest. Two more worgen entered the fray, pouncing on Arthur whilst he had his back turned, biting and scratching the helpless Lord. Walter impaled one of the unsuspecting Worgen through the back with his rapier, before the other dragged Arthur away in it's clutches. Distraught, Walter made to persue his father, when he came across a bite-wound on his shoulder.

In a panic, he fled to Duskhaven. He did not make the village, however. Soon, the Curse overcame him and he was transformed into one of the beasts himself. For several weeks he roamed the outskirts of Duskhaven, tearing apart sheep and running rampant. It was not long before he was captured by the local Watchmen, and brought back to the village itself. He was soon 'cured' via a serum, and immedeatily was overcame with a great sense of shame - he had become that which he most despised. What would his father think of him, nothing more than a rabid beast, frothing at the mouth? Then his thoughts flickered to his dear mother, and his days as a young boy, roaming the countryside. He soon realised that perhaps this curse was also a blessing, a chance to reconnect with himself. From then on he thought himself a child of two worlds - of the gentry, and of the druids. This constantly bothered him, right to this very day.

The Exodus and AftermathEdit

Walter, now without both his parents, was the sole hier of the McCoy fortune and McCoy Munitions, and also had his right to claim his father's place as a Lord. But, before Walter could make such plans for himself, the Gilnean Exodus was ordered, and he was among some of the first gentry sent aboard the Night Elven ships for Teldrassil. Being one of the many Gilneans to have never seen another soul past the&nbsp {C {C Greymane Wall, this was a time of wonderment and confusion for Walter. After a brief stay with the Night Elves, Walter trecked to Stormwind City, renting out a cottage in Elwynn Forest. It was not his beloved Gilneas, but it was a human city.

{C Walter now finds himself coming to grips with the strange new world he has been thrust into, attempting to restart his business as a merchant in Stormwind. Due to the attention paid by both his parents,

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Walter in Uldum.

Walter loved Gilneas - City and Country - with a devout passion, and every day he misses his old home, a void now encompassing his heart.

Family BackgroundEdit

Johnathon-James McCoy -

Johnathon was made a Lord at a young age, after the sudden death of his mother. He excelled in mapwork and swordplay at Boarding School, becoming a skilled swordsman and quick-witted gentleman. Eventually, using his wealth accumulated from various businesses and inheritance, he purchased a Gilnean

Galley and set forth to explore the world. He and his crew visited much of the Eastern Kingdoms, and soon became known as a great Gilnean explorer, earning much reknown. Genn praised him, and eventually Johnathon was named "Lord-Captain." Eventually, however, due to old age and the increasing difficulty in leaving Gilneas, Johnathon settled in Gilneas City with his now-adult son. Johnathon was a source of inspiration for Walter in his younger years, and a role-model. His stories of his adventures mesmerised and amazed the child, who had never set foot outwith Gilneas before. Johnathon was very disappointed about the descision to wall Gilneas off, and so brought it upon himself to try and teach Walter of the outside world. Eventually, he succombed to old age, and died in Gilneas City.

Arthur McCoy -

Arthur was a man of refinement and austerity, being a Lord and merchant for the most of his life. Arthur grew up both at sea with his father, Johnathon, and at home alone in Gilneas, in the care of his father's butlers and maids. Thus he was forced to stand alone much of his childhood, causing him to take Genn Greymane as a role-model. He often attended banquets and meetings of the Council of Lords, concerning himself in polotics. Despite being cold towards Walter initially, Arthur was and always had been a caring and kind father, standing vigil from the sidelines. He often regreted the way he brought up Walter, thinking he deprived him of a decent childhood. Pam was also the love of his life, yet due to his position, he never made it publically known. He ultimately, however, left Walter a happy man, finally confiding in his son over a glass of brandy - something they both thoroughly enjoyed.

Pam Windbrook -

Pamella Windbrook was raised in the 'Old Ways' by her parents, and so spent most of her life a druid, healing the sick and living in the countryside. She rarely visited Gilneas City, preffering to stay in Duskhaven. On the chance happening that she went to Gilneas City, she spent the night with Arthur, and eventually Walter was born. Walter was the light of Pam's life - she was a loving and caring mother, attempting to bring Walter up in the Old Ways as her parents had taught her, standing proud at his achievements. Although disappointed that her son was taken away from her and changed into one of the 'noble-folk' - to whom Pam had a resentment - she still stood by her son and offered him advice until her disappearence.

George Windbrook -

Pamella's brother, he came to be Walter's only uncle. Younger than Pam, he did not follow the 'Old Ways' and instead decided to join the City Royal Guard - he often visited Pam and her son when he could, showing Walter the ways of the sword. He was part of the token force sent by Lord Godfrey to combat the orcs in the Second War, and witnessed the disasterous slaughter first-hand. This changed George severely, and on his return home, he began to lead a life of seclusion. He quit the Royal Guard at the rank of Leftennant, garbing in black leather suits with large cloaks and velvet-brimmed hats. He left Gilneas with but his pistol and blade, boding Pam and Walter farewell. He entrusted Walter with his black hat, parting with few words: "We shall meet again, under a ribboned, rocky sky." He has never been heard of since, but Pam was certain he still lived.

Criminal RecordEdit

Other than the odd teenage tomfoolery, Walter has never been in any particular crimes before.

Then he met Jay and shit hit the fan. Yolo.


Toria is the small Winterspring cub Walter became attatched to recently. She is kind, quiet and con

Winter Cub

Walter's companion, Toria.

tent, but most of all to Walter, she is a loyal friend. They are now the fondest of companions, and she is content to follow her master into even the bitterest of weathers.

Unfortunately, due to 'unforseen' circumstances that were obviously in no way related to the attemped assasaination of a particular gryphon*-child, Toria is now dead. Walter lit a funeral pyre in her honour for precisely five minutes before becoming thirsty, and tucking into an oatmeal scone.

  • Don't you worry, don't you worry chiiiiild...

Current StatusEdit

Currently Walter is Captaining the Greymane's Bounty and leading the Sole Circle, attempting to travel the world that is still largely unknown to him.

He disappears from time to time, whether to explore some-what in the countryside or runaway to be with the wolves forever, before returning for tea.

Tenacious D - Tribute

Tenacious D - Tribute

Walter's view of the world.

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