Duke Warpmind

Physical TraitsEdit

Warpmind has never been seen with his own face. He has only ever been sighted under the guise of Lombard, who he possessed for five years after the Scourge of Lordaeron.

Race and ClassEdit

Death Knight. He is not human, but merely wears a human form because it suits his needs of diplomacy and dirty dealings.




Warpmind doesn't have a 'job' in the usual sense. However, he serves his master the Lich King in secret.


Whatever family Warpmind may have once had, would have been destroyed decades ago in the destruction of Draenor. Like all Deat Knights, he was once an orc.


The HordeEdit

Muthrag Warpmind, a powerful shaman-turned-warlock of the Shadowmoon Clan, and a junior member of the Shadow Council, first gave his sizable telepathic and mind control powers to the Legion's cause during the Second War, when Gul'dan imbued the bodies of human knights with the spirits of powerful Orcish warlocks. Interestingly, Warpmind kept his telepathic abilities in his cross-over from orc to Death Knight. For years, he controlled and manipulated the humans of Lordaeron and Stormwind, infiltrating Alliance encampments and returning vital information to the Orcish Horde.

When Gul'dan left the Horde with much of it's standing forces, headed for the Tomb of Sargeras, Warpmind went with him, his mind filled with the promises of power beyond his wildest dreams, within the confines of the Fallen Titan's tomb. He initially planned to outsmart the insane Gul'dan, and seize the eye for himself. But when the trapped demons were unleashed upon them, Warpmind's human form was torn to pieces, and his disembodied spirit fled across the sea, back to Doomhammer's forces. However, Doomhammer was not impressed with his treachery, and had his finest warlocks imprison Warpmind in a demonically empowered soul box.

Within the Frozen ThroneEdit

There he stayed, until Ner'zhul was slain by Kil'Jaedan, and banished to Northrend, to begin the third invasion of the Legion. Warpmind's prison was found, and he was released, only to be trapped with Ner'zhul and the spirits of the other Death Knights, inside the Frozen Throne.

Warpmind used his time within the throne, to practise his extensive mind powers on the mortal inhabitants of Northrend, forcing many Ice Trolls, Tuskarr and Wolvar to betray their brothers, and kill or inform on them to the Scourge. This continued until he felt the presence of a holy being in the wastes of the Dragonblight. This came to be Lombard Ferranon, Paladin of the Silver Hand, and veteran of the Second and Third Wars.

Warpmind commanded a sizable force of over 100 Scourge troops to subdue Lombard. And although Lombard slew a good 60-70 of his assailants, he was eventually overwhelmed, and brought to Icecrown Citadel. There, Warpmind possessed Lombard's body, and was fitted out with the runeblade Doombringer, and a set of ceremonial Death Knight armor.

The ScourgeEdit

Many dark years followed, as Warpmind terrorised the survivors of the Third War with his powers, both with sword and mind. He focused mainly on the zealouts of the Scarlet Crusade, which Lombard had left shortly before his expedition to Northrend.

However, three years after Lombard's initial possession, the paladin's spirit awoke within his body, and a great battle of minds ensued within the confines of Ferranon's body. This raged for two years, as Warpmind continued to wreak havoc across the Eastern Kingdoms.

During this time, Warpmind made contact with the Dark Embrace, and for a short while, was an honorary member. However, he found the views of the cult short-sighted, and abandoned them. He also travelled to the winter wasteland of Winterspring, where he attempted to obtain the Orb of Mazthoril from the Blue Dragonflight which inhabited the area. However, the Orb was a trap, and it blasted Warpmind with an unknown power, horribly deforming Lombard's body with the unbridled mana it contained.


Shortly after this, Lombard finally wrested control back from the Death Knight, only to find his body practically destroyed by the power of the Orb of Mazthoril. He therefore fled into exile, to keep Warpmind from travelling to the known world and causing more chaos, and also refused to let him die, as it would release Warpmind's spirit, and return him to the Lich King.

So Lombard hid in the ruins of the town once known as Caer Darrow, above the Scholomance, a place of terrible necromancy and dark rites. For three years, Lombard kept Warpmind from escaping the confines of his body. But one day, a group of Theramorian Marines, accompanied by a few dwarven Mountaineers, found him, whilst on an expedition into the Plaguelands. THey interrogated him, but found very little of use, as Lombard's mind had been shattered in his fight with Warpmind for control, and left him to his fate.

However, guilt started to eat away at the Marines for leaving him there, and a small force made their way back to Caer Darrow to retrieve him and bring him back to civilisation. However, another force had their sights on the poor soul. On an idle trek through the Plaguelands, the leader of the Dark Embrace, Annarima, felt a powerful presence coming from the old keep of Caer Darrow. This was Warpmind, calling out for aid, as he could not regain control of Lombard, and wanted to be set free. Annarima gathered some of her most trusted cultists, and headed to Caer Darrow.

They arrived, and subdued Lombard with no effort, as he knew he was far too weak to fight such powerful dark magicks. They then began to exorcise Warpmind from Lombard, in an attempt for Annarima to absorb his powers for her demon and master, the Oracle. During this ritual, the Theramorian Marines arrived at the keep, and faced the Dark Embrace in fierce fighting outside.

During the battle, Warpmind was freed, and attacked the Oracle. It was a hard-fought battle, Warpmind's powers even turning her own cultists on her. But through a massive display of her powers, the Oracle defeated Warpmind, and trapped him in the Void, until his powers were needed.

There he remained, until the day when Jeronimus Williams, a man he had manipulated through an enchanted medallion, and a mage who he had influenced to help Jeronimus, opened a portal to the Void, allowing Warpmind to step out, and he slew Kelran using his telepathy. He spared Jeronimus, but he wiped his memory, so the freelance blacksmith could not recall what had occurred since he found the medallion...


To be continued...

Personal NotesEdit

Warpmind has extensive powers of the mind, being able to control, manipulate and persuade people, by twisting their thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams and opinions to his liking. In victory, he is usually overly joyous, often bursting into dance, or continually taunting his enemies, who he may well keep imprisoned or subdued in his captivity.

However, he also enjoys inflicting pain on others, and is thus very sadistic. He also has a fascination with politics and the running of a nation, the intrigue and corruption more interesting than the public service.

Warpmind is very much insane, and has an easily noticable god-complex. His massive ego, limitless ambition and his guile and cunning lead his plans for world domination, and could likely succeed if left to his own devices.


Loves Authority : [1]

Depraved Bisexual : [2]

Cannibal : [3]

Telepathic Torturer : [4]

Current StatusEdit

Warpmind has finally been released from the Void, after months of limbo, and has disappeared. To where he is, no one knows. He could be thousands of miles away, on other world, or he could be sitting in an inn in Stormwind, waiting for his chance...


The Master (Doctor WhoEdit

"Both the Doctor and the Master have been shown to be skilled hypnotists, although the Master's capacity to dominate – even by stare and voice alone – has been shown to be far more pronounced.... After the Master regenerates and reveals himself, he taunts the Doctor to try to stop his elaborate schemes again... the Master's weaknesses have usually been exposed as his pride/vanity and his insanity – in particular his obsessiveness."


Grima Wormtongue (Lord of the Rings)Edit

"Gríma, son of Gálmód, was at first a faithful servant, but he secretly fell in league with Saruman, and from then worked to weaken Théoden and his kingdom through lies and persuasion... Gríma serves as an archetypal flatterer, liar, and manipulator."


Sovereign (Mass Effect)Edit

"Sovereign is a gigantic starship of almost unimaginable power and sophistication... a fully sentient and extremely powerful AI... Sovereign is also able to control organic life through the process of indoctrination. A subtle field or signal surrounds the Reaper, gradually affecting the organic's mind until they are little more than a husk of their former self, bent on doing Sovereign's will."


Hanne Lichthammer (Clive Barker's Jericho)Edit

"As a telepathic capable of reading and destroying minds, Lichthammer was recruited by the German army during World War Two as an interrrogator and torturer. Lichthammer never disguised her sadomasochistic... impulses: she enjoyed... inflicting pain on others. As a psychic, she was not content with sullying the flesh, Hanne also enjoyed destroying minds. Many stories were told about the atrocities that Lichthammer forced on those whose will she broke: mothers devouring their children alive, men who dissected themselves... and all without laying a finger on them."

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