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The Full Information guide to Westguard Keep. Version: 1.82
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Sergeant Major Stonegyro.

Guild NameEdit

The guild has different IC and OOC names.

OOC NameEdit

  • Full name -Westguard Keep.
  • Abbreviation - W.G.K.

IC NameEdit

  • Full Name - Westguard 2nd Company.
  • Abbreviation - W.G.S.
Westguard 2

Westguard 4th's propaganda poster.



Non-Commissioned OfficersEdit

Ranks and their UniformEdit

Uniform rules: Uniform is not to be changed at any time to suit yourself whilst on duty, anyone caught outside of Uniform whilst on duty will immediately be removed of all clothing for the remainder of the day, should this punishment not be followed by the offending individual than they are instantly removed from the Company. Whilst off duty the men and women of the force can wear any clothing that want, although certain styles are banned. Including- Ones with a black theme. One with skulls on them. Ones that expose more than 30% flesh. Clothing that covers the face like masks, is also prohibited.


Clothing: Breastplate of Valor, Boots of Heroism, Legplates of Heroism, Spaulder of Heroism, Gauntlets of Heroism, Belt of Heroism, Guild Tabard, Cloak of the Moon, Bigandine Helm, Blue workmans Shirt.
Weapons: Grand Marshal's Punisher, Grand Marshal's Tome of Power.

Captain and LieutenantEdit

Clothing: Breastplate of Valor, Boots of Valor, Legplate of Valor, Spaulders of Valor, Gaunlets of Valor, Belt of Valor, Guild tabard, Cloak of the Moon, Blue Stylish Shirt.
Weapons: Grand Marshal's Long Sword, Grand Marshal's Aegis.

Sergeant MajorEdit

Clothing: Imperial Plate Boots, Imperial Plate Chest, Imperial Plate Leggings, Imperial Plate Boots, Azure Silk Hood, Imperial Plate Shoulders, Guild Tabard, Stylish Blue Shirt, Abjurer's Cloak.
Weapons: Heavy Copper Longsword duel wielded.

Sergeant and CorporalEdit

  • Infantry:

Clothing: Imperial Plate Boots, Imperial Plate Chest, Imperial Plate Leggings, Imperial Plate Boots, Imperial Plate Helm (Optional), Abjurer's Cloak, Imperial Plate Shoulders, Guild Tabard.
Weapons: Combatant Claymore or Fine Longsword and Commander's Crest

  • Crossbowman

Clothing: Unknown as of yet.
Weaponry: Weapons of own choice within reason.

  • Cannoneer

Clothing: Black Swashbuckler's Shirt, Knitted Pants, Knitted Belt, Squire's Boots, Abjurer's Cloak, Sage's Mantle, Guild Tabard.
Weaponry: Heavy Copper Longsword and Torch

  • MDA:

Clothing: Robes of Arcana, Mistscape Sash, Twilight Mantle, Royal Boots, Guild Tabard, Stylish Blue Shirt, Abjurer's Cloak.
Weapons: Grand Marshal's Stave


Westguard's recruitment advertisement.

Private FCEdit

  • Infantry:

Clothing: Imperial Plate Boots, Imperial Plate Chest, Imperial Plate Leggings, Imperial Plate Helm (Optional), Abjurer's Cloak, Guild Tabard.
Weapons: Commander's Crest and Longsword. Or Edged Bastard Sword.

  • Crossbowman:

Clothing: Unknown as of yet.
Weapons: Glinting Steel Dagger (Two of) and Crossbow of Choice.

  • Cannoneer:

Clothing: Black Swashbuckler's Shirt, Knitted Pants, Knitted Belt, Squire's Boots, Abjurer's Cloak, Guild Tabard.
Weapons: Heavy Copper Longsword and Gun of Choice.

  • MDA:

Clothing: Blue Linen Robe, Abjurer's Cloak, Guild Tabard.
Weapons: Glinting Steel Dagger or Chipped Quarterstaff.


  • Infantry:

Clothing: Imperial Plate Boots, Imperial Plate Chest, Imperial Plate Leggings, Imperial Plate Helm (Optional), Guild Tabard.
Weapons: Commander's Crest and Longsword. Or Edged Bastard Sword.

  • Crossbowman:

Clothing: Unknown as of yet.
Weapons: Glinting Steel Dagger (Two of) and Crossbow of Choice.

  • Cannoneer:

Clothing: Black Swashbuckler's Shirt, Knitted Pants, Knitted Belt, Squire's Boots, and Guild Tabard. ((Will be changed at some point))
Weapons: Heavy Copper Longsword and Gun of Choice.

  • MDA:

Clothing: Blue Linen Robe and Guild Tabard.
Weapons: Glinting Steel Dagger or Chipped Quarterstaff.


Clothing: Squire's Boots, Squire's Pants, Squire's Shirt
Weapons: Walking Stick or Gladius.


The Westguard 2nd Company is compromised of some of the bravest in Northrend, in the 3rd and 4th Platoon. Men and women who have worked hard to fight the bitter cold weather in just their shirt and trouser recruit uniform to become some of the most hearty combatants in the war. The 2nd Company expect the best of people in their Platoon when they seek to join, and most aren’t capable of meeting their standards.


Joining the Westguard 2nd Company requires going through a simple application process then weeks of hard training as a recruit in the 4th Platoon, keeping the elite of the Westguard division in the 3rd Platoon. Even some of the more competent warriors of the alliance have been denied. All people joining have to meet with one of the officers whom will fill out a form that will be looked over by one of more of the officers at a later point.

Westguard 3

Westguard's recruitment forms.

FAQ about joiningEdit

  • Do I require Wrath of the Lich King to join?

Yes, all members are required to have Wrath of the Lich King upgrade to their account so that they can get to Northrend- Westguard Keep where most, of our events and roleplay will happen.

  • Is there a minimum level to the guild?

Yes, we're going to be implementing a minimum level of Fifty-six (56) on all members soon, Due to the high level mobs in the area we believe Fifty-six to be the safest minimum level.

  • Does the guild have any uniform that I will have to wear?

Yes, each rank has a uniform that has been done for it, and each of the different sections inside the guild will have different uniforms, basic lower level uniforms will be supplied to you, but more expensive ones may have to be bought for yourself if our stockpile runs out.

  • Can I join on my Death Knight?

Of course, all people can join the force as long as they are willing to fight for the greater good and the cause of Westguard Keep and the Alliance Vangarde.

  • Will there be an interview?

Yes, of course there will be an interview. You will be recruited by an officer or NCO. The interview will be a short thing and you can see on the picture opposite the kind of questions you will be asked, good answers are always appreciated. People with answer such as "I was a Human born in Shattrath and was fighting for Illidan as my previous war experience" will be simply ignored. From there you will spend a week or possibly more as a recruit as we test you more on your emotes, reliability, ability to follow orders and so forth.

  • Are there any Racial Restrictions?

The Westguard Fort does not accept Kaldorei or Draenei into their ranks under any situation with the exception of Ambassador Sháwyn of the Kaldorei to keep them on good terms after the foul Racism of Captain Hearthright.


Each member of the Westguard 2nd Company works to better themselves constantly and for the fight to keep the fort going. People are forced to work long days and short nights, the two platoons work in a variety of ways as explained below, but each section goes by a different methodology that keeps them secure and capable. Each division has one Sergeant in command, a Corporal as assistant in recruitment for the Division and a Medic whilst having many privates as the bulk of the Sections.


The Infantrymen and Women of Westguard 3rd and 4th Platoons are stalwart defenders in the face of enemies that outnumber and outgun them. The Drakes, Giants and other countless threats, but the men stand strong and fearless, the Infantry members are well armoured and fill up the bulk of the Westguard 2nd Company, this section of the Westguard 3rd and 4th Platoons frequently experiences heavy casualties in the line of duty.

Squad LeaderEdit

The Infantry leader is a man of courage and conviction who has stood in the face of danger and came out intact. It is his task to keep the people in his division alive, healthy, and most of all, fit. Failure to do so could cost lives, they are people who have had to show their dedication to the alliance and their worth on many an occasion.

Squad MedicEdit

The Infantry Medic is an armour plated woman of compassion and moral keeping the Companies front line at the peek of physical fitness, although usually equipped to be as capable as most of the infantrymen in the squad, she will usually be the one who will spend less time fighting and more time trying to save an injured man’s life.

The InfantrymenEdit

The backbone of the war effort. Armed and ready to take on anything. Courage unmatched by even the bravest of city guards. These men fall in behind their Squad leader and follow every command of their superior instantly and without objection, the Infantry are known for being loud and proud in their manner of warfare, frequently letting forth battle cries as they enter the fray.


Corporal Bloodaxe in uniform.


The Fire experts of the Westguard 2nd Company using either magic or explosive items have perfected the art of firepower and causing mass destruction of groups of enemies or even one massive target. They form an essential part of the 2nd Company.

Squad LeaderEdit

The Squad Leader of the Pyrotechnics is a woman who doesn't know little to nothing about explosive devices. He orders where to aim the cannons with a masterful eye and keeps the Bombardment steady, without him some consider the war effort to lack progress.

Squad MedicEdit

The Medic in the Cannoneer squad is a gruesome, when injuries do happen in the Pyrotechnics squad, they tend to be devastating and needing a true expert to work on them.


Almost every man or woman in the Pyrotechics is a person with great knowledge! They work tirelessly to keep the weapons going against the largest of foes, trying to bring them down before they even bring their attacks close to the Infantry.

Covert OperationsEdit

The Covert Operations Division are the men and women with the best eyesight and aim of the Westguard 4th platoon, although they take up the smallest percentage of the actual total manpower in the fort, they also serve as scouts, assassins and other lesser known deeds.

Squad LeaderEdit

The Covert Ops leader is a man with an experts aim. He keeps the squad in constant practise with their crossbows in the firing range. His work mainly consists of killing the smaller targets and is more accurate and silent than the devastation of the Pyrotechics division.

Squad MedicEdit

The medic in the Covert Ops team is a member with the normal scouts and assassins with enough skill to patch up any injuries that may happen, although due to their nature of staying far from the conflict they're not injured much.

The SpecialistsEdit

The Specialty Squad are stealthy scouts and accurate killers, capable of putting a bolt into a giant’s eye at great range. The main of their work is purely accurate kills. They are known for not being too capable in melee combat.

Diplomatic StatusEdit

The Westguard 4th has very little time to make alliances but have had time to interact with a few other factions.



Lord Tinker Ferny

The Gnomish UnionEdit

-"The Gnomish Union was founded whilst the Gnomes still resided in Gnomeregan for the gnomish people to have their say and support where ever and how ever they needed it. Now after the fall of Gnomeregan the Union acts as a stable group of gnomes who are still looking out for the gnomish race on behalf of the High Tinker while he focuses on Alliance Matters. They work to help Gnomes all over the world however they can to help take back Gnomeregan." The Gnomish Union supplies the Westguard 4th with their most up to date technologies, and offer a safe place for the gnomes to be in Westguard Keep, although currant diplomacy is being worked out as to the construction of the 'Technologically Awesome Navigational Killing Machine Around Normality, Warsuit.' or the "TANKMAN" for short.


The Westguard 4th Platoon has made various rivals and hatreds inside the alliance for their no nonsense attitude towards idiots and people of a corrupt nature.

Guild LoreEdit

Westguard Keep is situated atop the Howling Fjord cliffs on its western side. It has a joint human/dwarven population although some gnomes are known to exist here, similar to Valgarde.

In the center of Westguard Keep is a statue of Muradin Bronzebeard, the Keep has a military force of two hundred men and women, existing in four Platoons, Captain Adams holding Leadership of the Westguard 1st and 2nd, and Captain Hearthright as leader of the 3rd and 4th platoons.


When Westguard Keep was being constructed on the Western side of Howling Fjord, it was built to overlook the ocean for possible other threats that may arrive and to counter them. The 4th platoon was commissioned to help with the war effort. The Westguard 4th Platoon was recruiting more and training them to do the work required to win the war. Currently their focus is on the Pirates heading in from the ocean whilst they train the men more in combat with Giants, being a hard task to manage for most normal sized humans, their other work involves bombardment of the Drakes, trying to keep the population of them down despite their rate of breeding. Most of them conscripts that required quick training to be ready for the troubles of warfare.


After the Captain was decommissioned a lot of surport wavered for Major Brightwar, She retired. L.T Hailstone tried to hold the 4th together but untimately many of the soldiers found themselves looking for new regiments and quickly flew off. The 4th is still around but lacking a leader ((NPC's now until someone else wants it)) And held firmly in he grip of Captain Adams as a recruting Platoon.


Is still to come.

Laws and Rules of Westguard.Edit

Ride to war

Riding to Glory!

  • No killing Turkeys.
  • Respect the Chain of Command.
  • No entering the Officers hall unless invited.
  • No fighting amongst the Alliance.
  • No Sexual Actions whilst in Westguard.
  • All explosive items are to be inspected by the Cannoneers.
  • All people of the alliance in Westguard are to report to the visitor’s room before they are given free access. ((it's the room north eastern room on top of the stairs in the keep))
  • No weapons drawn unless during combat training in Westguard Keep.
  • Westguard Military Members (All four platoons) have the right to arrest you for any suspicious actions under the Cultist Prevention Act at any time.
  • All mounts are to be stabled and not left out at random.
  • Access to any areas in the fort apart from Visitors Room and Parade Ground is forbidden. Do not feel surprised if you're arrested for being elsewhere in the keep under the Cultist Prevention Act.
  • All body transformation items are forbidden. If found carrying them they will be broken and the owner searched and arrested under the Cultist Prevention Act.
  • Undead horses and gryphons are forbidden, only Horses, Rams and Mechnostriders allowed to be used inside Westguard Keep. ((Very rarely an exception is made))
  • Normal Alliance Laws.

Westguard 4th MethodsEdit

The Westguard 4th Platoon expect every member of their service to know all of the Attack Patterns and Parade Formations better than they know themselves. There are three Attack Patterns and three Parade Formations.

Parade FormationsEdit

The Parade Formations will be requested of all members frequently and at random with no reminders about what the positions are after the first time they are told as a recruit, although referance to positions can be found here.

Formation AEdit

The most confusing Formation for some recruits, and often known as the "Squad Parade" due to it's style. It has the Squad leader at the front, with the nine men of their squad behind in a three by three section. This is often used when multiple squads are being inspected individually.

Formation BEdit

The most simple and most called upon Formation, the "Inspection Formation" is where every member of the Westguard 4th ranked below Sergeant Major lined up facing towards the Captain or Lieutenant. The highest ranking members going on the right, then progressivly lower rank down along the line. People found out of uniform are usually punished, but especially so during Inspection Formation.

Formation CEdit

The basic Traveling formation, known as "Marching Order" is two rows of men behind the highest two ranking members of the Marching Order, the squad is then given strict orders on where to move to. Each member is expected to move at the same pace as everyone else.

General MemberlistEdit

Aesendra Brightwar (RETIRED)

Pypher Church (DECOMISSIONED for reasons unknown)

Thorack Bloodaxe

Maxendra Hailstone

Ruthgar Broadsword

Isamu Rageheart

Aamina L. Ducard (RESIGNED)

Suyara Sprite (RESIGNED)

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