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Welcome to the Steamwheedle Cartel EU Wiki page, created by gamers for gamers. This wiki has been going almost as long as the server has been and was mainly created for the use by Roleplayers, being a RP server itself. Information about characters, Guilds and much more items relating to RP and the server can be found right here on the wiki.

But to continue the grow of the Wiki we need you, yes you, new members to sign up and start creating pages for your characters and guilds. Not only that but we would love to read any stories you have written, any RP guides which could be useful for new RPers or anything else you think people would like to hear about.

While the Wiki is mainly aimed for the RP community we have no problem with the non-RPers to come and read what we do but also add to the wiki in the designated areas for non-RPers.

Wiki Rules

Please have a read through of the Wiki Rules before anything, we wouldn't want you to do anything wrong.

Sign Your Life Away

Once you are happy to sign up please do so. It makes us, the admins, feel much safer to know that the changes are being made by genuine people and not by some nasty troll.

Signing up to the Wiki also allows you to create small blog posts, let other people know more about you and send mail to each other. Also, a small feature which may be implemented are achievements, just for fun.

Special Headers on Pages

On some pages there are special headers or tags. Please take note of these tags and try and follow what they are asking users to do. It may be that the page needs expanding or the information seems irrelevant to the Wiki.


When you page is complete please add the appropriate category. If you are unsure as to what categories you should be adding have a look at some other related pages for ideas. If you think a new category should be started then add the category called "Category Candidate" and an admin will check it over and make a decision on if it should be used or not.

Please try and refrain from added categories such as "Guild Names", "Class Pending" or "OOCClass". This is to reduce the amount of un-needed categories, if for example, you have not picked a class then leave it blank until you have decided upon one.

If you also find a page which needs deletion, help or expanding then add the following categories to whichever applies: "Marked for Deletion" "Help" (And give a reason in the page) "Requires Expanding".

Useful Templates & Guides

To help newer users get to grips with the Wiki here are a few helpful guides and templates to starting your path to be a great Wiki user. On the main page there are pre-created templates for your characters and guilds, just remember to update the Guilds and Characters pages.

How to Create a Page

Template:Charbox - The Box for Characters Information

Wiki New User Guide

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