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Name: Magnus Wiktorin
Title: Chief Apothecary
Allignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Male
Race: Forsaken
Character Class: Apothecary, Chemist.
Occupation Chief Apothecary of The Will of Sylvanas
Location Tirisfal Glades & Undercity
Relatives: Mariane Wiktorin (Wife)
Status: Dead


Magnus Wiktorin is the Chief Apothecary of the new concept group called "The Will of Sylvanas"


In life, Magnus Wiktorin were a brilliant pharmacist of the nation of Loradaeron. He took pride in his work and the studying was never over. Magnus become popular in his area of expertise for his creative methods to create new antidotes and serums at a fast rate.

When Lordaeron fell, Magnus became a soldier of the scourge and roam across the countryside of Tirisfal Glades and Western plaguelands. He regained his free will on his own in Western plaguelands. Only to be hunted down by Scarlet hunting parties from Hearthglen. After months of hiding in the woods from the Scarlets, a Forsaken guardpatrol found him and delivered him to safty inside the Forsaken borders.

The Forsaken explained what has happend to him, to all of them and that their salvation are with the Banshee Queen; Sylvanas Windrunner.
Magnus was able to accept his new fate rather quickly, the months in the forest had made him to grow a large hatred towards the Scarlet Crusaders and soon to realize, all the living.
Ever since, Magnus has been a true Apothecary to the Society in the Apothecarium. There he continued his talent from his former life, but replaced the antidotes and serum with plagues and diseases.

Current StatusEdit

Was killed during the Gilneas campaign.


  • Have very good socialskills towards other Horde races.
  • Is very strict and disciplined when it comes to his work and the apothecaries under him.
  • Believe Grand Apothecary Putress creation; The Blight is the next evolution of Forsaken plagues.
  • Hates the living
  • Have developed a hatred towards the Horde since they jumped in and halted the Royal Apothecary Society's work.
  • His alliegance is to the Royal Apothecary Society and the Dark Lady, not the Horde.

Knowledge and CunningEdit

  • One of few who has deep knowledge how the Blight is created.
  • Expert in atanomy of Abomination and their construction.
  • Focused in air-born viruses.
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