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Arcanist Williem Goldforth

Physical Traits Edit

An aged man in life, Williem's face is shriveled and depreciated, his undeath taking its toll on himself. His skin is flaky and parts of it seem to be ready to fall off. His jaw is missing a few teeth.

In life, his hair was a long well kept black, but now it is matted, dirty and somehow becoming a colour that is not quite black, and has a very distinct bald patch at the top, which he is sensitive about.

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken Male.

Guild Edit

Elemental Storm

Occupation Edit

Freelance Arcanist and Adventurer.


Parents: Deceased due to old age.

Siblings: Two. One brother, John (Elder, Deceased.) One sister, Annabelle (63, lost to Gilneas, presumed dead.)

Spouse: None. Williem never married. Never one for married life, Williem preferred to have "girls in the right places."

Children: No actual children, but was guardian to Daynah.

Background Edit

Williem's life began fifty three years ago in Alterac, as the youngest of three. As a young child, Williem showed great interest and skill in the arcane arts, and was even granted invitation to study in Dalaran, an invitation that Williem declined.

Seeking a method of self-study, Williem left home at seventeen in an effort to further his abilities. During his travels, he saw action in the first two wars, serving as a soldier in the first, lending what abilities he had to help the cause. The second war he served as an administrator, maintaining the supplies in the camps he served in.

During this time, he honed his arcane skills, and while he was no Guardian of Tirisfal, his power was commendable for a self-taught Arcanist.

After the second war, Williem set up home in Lordaeron, after he befriended a merchant called Joseph O'Hara, his wife Laura, and his daughter, Daynah. Having no home of his own, he was always a welcome resident in this family's household. However, he was prone to leaving one day and not coming back for weeks, or months, with only letters to them reassuring them he was alive.

While having no children of his own, Williem cared for Daynah like a doting Uncle, and still does, but lately he hears poor news about Daynah.

During the third war, which he served as a civilian defender of Lordaeron, Williem saw the Scourge invade his home city, and everything ruined. The only salvation for Williem was that he was able to lead the O'Hara family away to safety.

During this this time, Williem seeked to find a cure for the plague that caused so much damage and destruction, and eventually found himself in the Scarlet Crusade, where he served as an assistant to Arcanist Doan. However, during his struggle to try to find a cure, Williem contracted the plague himself.

Unbeknownst to himself, he was killed as he slept by his brethren, to avoid the plague spreading. However, foolishly, his body was not burned, an as such, he awoke again, where he was reunited with some of awoken brethren.

After setting up home in the Apothecary in Undercity, Williem continued to be a fading voice of sanity in the Scarlet Martyr. However, after much struggle, Williem came to a realisation that there was nothing he could do, and eventually distanced himself from the asylum of the Martyrs, and found a place in Lady Windrunner's Royal Apothecary Society as a Junior Apothecary, serveing as an assistant to Apothecary Keever, whom he regarded as a "bloody idiot."

After languishing in mediocrity for many years, the Royal Apothecary Society was turned upside down by the Massacre at the Wrath Gate. This incident caused the gruff Kor'kron Guard to replace the traditional guards of the Undercity, and the entire Society became a heavily watched area, Williem again distanced himself, this time from the Society, and took to adventuring, where he has formed a private society called the "Elemental Storm", a society of Horde individuals who use their many skills with the elements, from the natural to the arcane, in an effort to master them, and have adventures at the same time.

Family Background Edit

Little is available on his parents, who were just plain citizens of Alterac. His elder brother, John was killed during a battle in Khaz Modan. His elder sister, Annabelle was lost behind the gates to Gilneas after the closure. If she is alive, then she will be sixty-three years old.

Criminal Record Edit

Tried and punished a few times during his earlier travels for petty theft of food.

Personal Notes Edit

As a person, Williem is odd to converse with, oversexed in life, and irritable in death, Williem is often quite rude, blunt and mysogonistic to strangers. To his associates, he is a calm and welcoming man, if not a little eccentric.

Current Status Edit

Alive and adventuring.

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