Alliancecrest small Wladhimyr Anvilheart
Title(s) Private
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation The Alliance, Stormpike Clan & Ironforge
Occupation Adventurer
Status Alive
Relative(s) Few Distant Relatives Scattered over Azeroth.


Wladhimyr Anvilheart (his allies call him Wlad or simply by his last name)

Physical TraitsEdit

Wlad is bulky and strong like every dwarf should be, his skin is tanned, his eyes are blue and the long shiny beard is his pride and joy and he has long hair down to his back... all of his body hair is Orange.

Race and ClassEdit

Male Dwarf Warrior (former Paladin)


Wladhimyr is generally calm, friendly, levelheaded and dependable but faithful to his ideas and religion, so much in fact that he can rightfully be called a Zealot. He is true to his allies and a sworn enemy to his enemies.

As hinted on earlier he is a bit of a hot-head but not so much he would lash out with violence, he knows the smart-mouth lot that gets on his nerves ain't worth it.

Like many Dwarves, he chooses to wear his plate armor where ever he goes.

He used to sport a mighty hammer as his primary weapon but he seems to have put it to the side for the time being.

He does not hate any other culture or race within the alliance but he hates the Horde with a passion.

Like all true Dwarves he loves the taste of Ale but unlike so many of his kind he knows his limits.

He's quite asexual.

Companions Edit

Elton: Elton was a white horse, given to Wlad once he had earned certain reputation as a paladin. A faithful steed and Wladhimyr's all-time favored, Wlad even embarked on a dangerous quest deep into the most scourged parts of the world in order to buy a top-of-the-line battle armor for the horse.

Upon leaving for Northrend, Wlad left Elton in the care of relatives. When the war was over and Wlad did not return along side the other soldiers they were certain he had been killed, so they sold Elton to a glue-factory. Wlad still mourns him.

Stormclap:Wladhimyr's mighty Ram, a Alpha of the Anvilheart Rams (Wlad sold most of them to the Ramsteins after selling the ranch to the Amberstills) that served Wlad in Northrend. They got separated just before the end of the war and Stormclap took to the Stormpeaks where he now lives a good life along with the wild rams. Wlad plans to return and search for him in the future.



Wlad as a Mountaineer

Wlad is a true adventurer and a enemy to all things he considers Evil.

He was a Mountaineer for a while but his devotion to the light made him leave the brigade and pursue a higher goals as a paladin.

After the loss of his paladin-hood he turned to general Adventuring.


Father - Grandmaster Ram-breeder Rasmus Anvilheart (dead)

Mother - Yuriel Anvilheart (dead)

Grandfather - Elder Holaf Anvilheart (dead)


Early Life:

Wladhimyr was born above ground in Dun Morogh on the Anvilheart ranch (now known as Amberstill ranch). A only child to his parents, Rasmus & Yurel Anvilheart who were both hardworking and good peopole (like every dwarf should be) They were respected Rambreeders and farmers.

Along with them lived Rasmus's father, Ol'Holaf, a sturdy elder who took pride in his grandson and assured him good education, even in arts and poetry.

Tides of Darkness (Second War)

Then came the day the Orcs crossed the borders of Kaz Modan, no Dwarf would have exspected such a vast invasion of strange creatures that seemed unstopable after their glorious victory over the humans to the south and Castle Stormwind.

The Anvilheart family prepared their best rams to take the Dwarven warriors into battle but nothing seemed able to stop the invaders, soon the only hope for the Dwarf folk be retreating to Ironforge.

Wlad was in the cellar gathering food for the evacuation when he heard shouting and before he could reach the stairs the doors to the cellar were slammed back and barricated, he banged on the door but his mother told him to stay back and be quiet.

From a small window he could see a large group of the alien creatures rush down the hill that had been shetering the ranch so far. He saw his father let loose the few ramaining rams, a few of them charged the Orcs in order to protect the rest of the herd that ran off to safety.

Wladhimyr's parents fought like mad but Yurel fell quickly, her only motives were to distract the Orcs from the house, Rasmus stood his ground though, he was strong after years of dealing with the large rams and used to fend off against the occational ice troll or a yeti in the past.

Brave Rasmus met his end when facing the leader the attack.

Horrible silence fell about the Ranch, a few orcs cheered but the leader, a orc clad in heavy plate motioned for silence as he looked around, clearly he felt certain there were more Dwarves around. Wlad held his breath, the lump in his throat was choking him, the orcs now turned to the dark house and ran into it, leaving the Leader alone, if only the old one had managed to hide as well.

Wlad was certain this was the end, he could hear how the orcs above him were trashing his childhood home and he could only hopelessly watch as the leader removed the beard from his father's corpse as a thropy, but what was that? a silhousette could be seen coming from the other house, it was his Grandfather! aiming a blunderbuss at the kneeling orc with his right hand and holding a impressive hammer in the other, Wladhimyr knew the gun would alert the other orcs but it would certainly grant sweet revenge once fired.

But there was no gunshot, a failt thud was heard and Ol'Holaf fell to his knees spitting blood onto the snow, a Orc dressed in white, noteably shorther than the others but far better armed came rushing from behind, kicking the dagger he had thrown into the dwarve's back through it's chest.

The orc in the heavy armor stood up and the two orcs exchanged words in some horrid langue, he kneeled down and prepared to removed Holaf's beard as well but the other Orc stopped him, they spoke a little more then laughed, the other orcs came out holding torches, few of them went to scout the other house and the stables, meanwhile the leader seemed to be pondering, he stared up to Ironforge with a devilish grin before gathering up the others. For some reason they left without burning down the ranch.

It was dawn when Wlad finally managed to brake out of the cellar, he was weary and afraid, his eyes watered up at seeing the corpeses of his parents up close, he moved to the largest red spot in the snow, in the middle of it lay his granfather, Wlad almost had a heart-attack when he heard a faint moan coming from the elder.

Wladhimyr rushed to his grandfather and pulled him up into his arms, his face had frostbites on it and the wound through his chest was still oozing a little blood with every faint heartbeat, with his final strength the old Dwarf reached up to grab the collar of his only granson's shirt and snarl "Boy! You lived? that means you were hiding! you are a disgrace to the family name! you must atone for this! promish me you avenge us a thousand times times over!"

And then he died, Wlad swore to keep that promish and slaughter every damn orc he would encounter from now on.

He gathered what he could carry, starting with his Grandfather's hammer who he had always thought to be a mere decoration since it always hung on the wall, then some food and the deed to the ranch, he wished to bury the bodies of his loved ones but he had to move quick if he was to make it to Ironforge in time before the gates were locket, few of the rams that had been let loose earlier had returned so he was able to ride and get to the great city in time. now all he could do was wait.

A Righteous Path

Third War

World Of Warcraft

The Burning Crusade

Wrath Of The Lich King

Family Background Edit

The Origin of the Anvilheart family goes a long way back in time to the times when High King Anvilmar ruled over the Dwarf clans. King Anvilmar passed away leaving no heir and war broke out among the three faction of dwarf lords. The small Anvilheart clan decided to aid Madoran Bronzebeard in the battle for the throne and in the end the Bronzebeard clan managed to gain leverage and cast out the other clans. the Bronzebeards rule the Ironforge dwarfs to this day.


The Anvilheart family crest, a large anvil with a hoofprint.

The Anvilheart family has a long story and a glorious legacy witch was broken by Waldhimyr Anvilheart when he sold the family ranch. The Anvilhearts had always been farmers and grandmaster Ram breeders! even Dwarf Kings used to Ride Rams from the Anvilheart ranch!

This ranch belongs to the Amberstill family now, kind peopole but the rams they breed are sheeps compared to the migthy Anvilheart rams.

Wladhimyr´s Great-Grandfather Olrig Anvilheart lost his eye, two fingers and one ear while taming a large ram he planned to give to a Mountaineer who had saved his life. He also lost a leg while defending his heard from a band of frost trolls. This proofs once again that the dwarfs are one of the most interesting races! even the common dwarf farmer gets as many battle scars as the boldest warrior.

Wlad was born on that ranch and has always lived above ground, there for he is a hill dwarf witch is nothing against his nature for the Anvilhearts originally came from the Wildhammer clan but they grew cold at them for aiding the Bronzebeards to power. (Wlad is aware of this legacy but cares little for it, he is proud to be a son of Ironforge) Wladhimyr´s name is to honor his brave Wildhammer Ancestors, his only proof of this ancient link is a old family heirloom, His hammer, it is a Stormhammer. (He has never learned to use its true power)

We can speculate that the Wildhammer-Anvilhearts bred Grypthons before moving into Kaz Modan and taking up breeding Rams.

Trivia Edit

Wlad´s favored food is Liver and onions.

Wlad is a virgin. (remember that dwarves are not lustful people and Wlad makes his work come before his social life)

Wlad has a interest to become a writer, he was first going to write a Paladin Tome but after a chat with Stoen he is giving a though of making a novel or even a children´s book... light knows it could never be a romantic one.

Wlad is a nice guy but he does not have reputation for it due to the fact that most people are quite talented in getting on his bad side.

Current Status Edit

Wlad enlisted in The Argent Crusade so he could work on the front lines undisturbed but his hatred towards The Horde races and his lack of respect for the Highlord (Tirion Fordring) was driving him to evil acts. He left the Crusade in order to secure his oaths as a paladin and connection to the Light and alone he wandered into the frozen wastes of Icecrown, set to crush all evil in his path.

Wladhimyr survived this personal crusade but it changed him. For reasons only known to him, he is unable to wield the light, hence he is no-more a paladin.

He recently ran into a Dwarf priest that had studied with him, the Priest could sense the change within his old friend and encouraged him to return to the Hall of Mysteries in Ironforge to clear his mind instead of carrying down the dark road of rage and hatred he seems to have stumbled upon but the priest's words appeared of deaf ears hence Wlad is in for a intervention.

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