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Neutralcrest small Xathiar
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Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Class Warlock
Age 891
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation Sin'dorei, Burning Legion
Occupation Researcher
Status Alive


Xathiar Nightwhisper is the second child of an high elven family. Unhappy of his social position, he started to study the Highborne and their magic as soon as he was able to learn the ways of a spell-caster. While he did not shared enough importance among his people for being a magister, he started to being respected due to his knowledge over their ancient society. Many magisters started to hire him and promote his studies, sending him where Highborne magic was still trackable with the hope to find ancient artifacts or knowledge. What they didn't knew was that he was practising the demonic magic aswell during his long trips. During his adventures he found the Tome of the Night. That tome explained lot of interesting secrets related to the Highborne and aswell some legends Xathiar tought to be false... Until the elf himself did not wanted to try to verify a legend. He started to search a crimson crystal. Blinded by the legend of this crystal, he suceed in finding it and replaced his eyes with the red crystal. Able to see the shadows of the shadows, shocked by the secrets and the powers the Highborne had, he renamed himself in Nightwhisper from Sunwhisper. He went even more far from his homeland practising demonologism at an higher level. The Scourge then arrived and destroyed Quel'thalas. He did not returned to his lands but instead went into humans's lands as soon as the notice of Kalimdor's continent reached his ears. He continued to perform researches, sometimes having rapports with satyrs and nagas themselves. His life continued in this way for long time. When the Dark Portal was opened, curious to see what Illidan could have offered, he was in willing to join the army of the Illidari. But, while travelling trough he Dark Portal an Horde coalition approached him. Unable to be identified Xathiar went to Silvermoon. His demonic skills were welcomed during times of crisis. Respected by Silvermoon, he keeps researching artifacts of the Highborne society, in Northrend or Kalimdor.

Race & ClassEdit

Race: Blood Elf Class: Warlock, Arcanister


Aslia (wife): deceased, killed in Northrend while aiding Xathiar in his researches. From that day he started to practise demonologism. Frath'in (father): deceased, killed by the Scourge. Lou'ran (brother): undead, scourge's minion. Uralia (mother): undead, scourge's minion.



A typical trait of the elf are his eyes that has been replaced with two dark crimson crystals allowing the warlock to see traces of magic or hidden creatures. His movement, aswell as his body, assemble the typical elven grace. On the other hand, his fingernails are so long that may even be mistaken for long claws. Two deep shadows under his eyes can be seen, possibly for the many rituals he keeps performing without closing an eye.


Like many corrupted Highborne, he strongly believes in the demons and their power. His mind has been altered and corrupted long ago so that the warlock does not distinguish the difference between a good action and an evil one. Due to his manipulatory personality, Xathiar rathers remain in the shadows while his minion or his plans grow and does hardly reveal himself.


He has all the minions a warlock could desire, from felhunters, succubi and imps, to voidwalkers, felguards and infernals. His favourite minion during his researches is obiviously the felhunter able to track magic. Voidwalker is rarely used for the fact he hasn't any deep connection with fel magic.

Current StatusEdit

Trying to find a stable location, possibly a guild able to pay and promote his researches.


Satyrs, Xavius, Warlock as general.

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