Xeraz Voghan

Physical DescriptionEdit

Xeraz is a bit taller than a common human, he is around 6,2 ft tall. His skin is light colored due his High Elven nature. His hair and beard are short and gray. His face mostly looks very cold and his eyes glow purple from the Arcane Energy that flows inside him. He always wears his cowl to hide his elven ears. His voice is silent and slow.

Race and ClassEdit

Half-Elven ArchWizard, Necromancer


None at the moment


Arcane Mentor


Since Xeraz went to Dalaran he never saw the only member of his family he knew, his mother.


Xeraz was borned and grown up by his High Elf mother named Aenin in Stormwind. At the age of 30 (relative young age for a half elf) Xeraz was send to Dalaran to study magic and become a Wizard. When Xeraz firstly arrived in Dalaran he was not very good at controling his spells which resulted in mass destruction. Becouse of this Xeraz was bullied by his elder collages wich disliked him and often attacked him with their spells. These attackes left several scars on Xeraz's body which he hides carefully under his clothes. Xeraz had enough of all this and decided to attack them back if they did it first, one day Xeraz atttacked one of those guys publicly and almost killed him, this resulted in a permanent ban from Dalaran, but.. Xeraz had already reached a decent level of his training and so he could teach him self, after the accident in Dalaran Xeraz went back to Stormwind, there he studied all the books he could find about magic and other stuff. One day Xeraz found a book about various forms of magic, he found an art called Necromancy, he had never heard about such magic before and after he read all about it, he found it interesting. After some years of training Xeraz rised his first minion. Recently Xeraz joined the Exiled Militia to fulfill his own deeds. In the Militia Xeraz met a Draenei named Zatura, Xeraz and Zatura became very good friends, day Zat. mysteriously disappeared, which highly affected Xeraz. Recently Xeraz's cover was blown, that forced him to abbandon the Militia and leave the city (Stormwind) for a period of time, now whenever he is there he is very carefull and keeps a low profile.

Family Background Edit

His mother was a high elf mage in Stormwind. Xeraz doesn't remember a lot of her becouse he never saw her again since he travelled to Dalaran. Further Xeraz never met his father, although rumors say he was nothing more than a common thug. Xeraz had no brother or sisters.

Criminal Record Edit

When he studdied in Dalaran Xeraz almost killed someone. Later he killed 3 farmers in Hillsbrad for unknown reasons, that's why he is unwelcome in Hillsbrad and Southshore. Killed a Stormwind citizen some time ago.

Quotes Edit

Death to all who oppose me!

Influences Edit

When i readed the Dragonlance novels i loved the way Restling acted, his traits his character and other things, so i made Xeraz a bit like him.

Current Status Edit

Alive - Free

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