Hordecrest small Yakatarr Foulmouth
Title(s) Spymaster
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Rogue
Age 64
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation The Horde, Ragefire Legion & The Shattered Hand
Occupation Rogue
Status Alive
Relative(s) Yukira

Physical TraitsEdit

Yakatarr is a old orc, around 60 years in age but despite his years and grizzled appearance he is far from done with either life or adventure.

He´s short like a peon but no one would mistake him for one due to his build and rugged looks.

His tired eyes are a give away about the demonic corrution his kin had to suffer. With age his hair has turned from black to dark gray... he has grown a long bushy beard and what remains of his once thick,long hair is tied up in a single braid hanging down onto his back.

Yak is not heavily scarred unlike most veterans, those few light scars he carries are from torture not battle.

He likes to wear simple clothes when not working, but when is on the job he either disguises or dusts off his old master assassin´s armor and swords.

Race and ClassEdit

Orc Rogue


Ragefire Legion



Yakatarr in Stormwind after the First War.



Ambassador of Orgrimmar. (He was replaced once Hellscream took the title of a Warchief)

Master spy and Assassin of The Shattered Hand and teacher of those arts.


Veteran. (Yakatarr has served his military duty) Yakatarr has chosen to take up arms and serve the Horde in battle once more.

Advisor to Overlord Dwarfbane and a supervisor over his spies and scouts.


As a spy or a scout, Yakatarr would work for his leaders. Such work now belongs to the past but he is willing to take on the job of a detective for those in need and seek out the truth through seer cunning and observation without doing harm.


Yakatarr has always been more interested in trying to settle matters with words than weapons.


Mate: Varga (dead)

Sons: Vargatarr (presumed dead), Yorrg and Yurrg (twin brothers, both turned Fel Orcs in Outland)

Adopted Daughter: Yukira (dead)



Yakatarr was the only child of his parents who were both hard working orcs and had little time for each other or their offspring, as soon as Yakatarr was able to take care of himself he did.

He was social towards the other children of his clan, he would play with them almost every day but he could not call them friends.

As Yakatarr grew he found that he was shorter than most of the other boys but he was quite bulky and a fast runner, granting him advantage in many of the games.

Yakatarr, like most other kids was a daydreamer, his clan was big, strong and blessed by the ancestors. He dreamed of becoming a raider or a warrior and stand against the Ogres and their Gronn masters, then he would be a hero like Chieftain Bladefist.

One day when Yakatarr was waiting by the settlement gates, he would stand there and watch the raiders, the hunters and the shaman return home as often as he could, this time it was different, instead of seeing a steady stream of orcs and wolves wolves returning in a blaze of glory he saw a terrible sight, so many were dead, tied upon their faithful wolves, his father, Yakar among them.

Yakatarr´s mother, Tarrnah, was overcome with grief.

It was then when Yakatarr met Mor´kho, a boy he had never spoken to but he new who he was. Mor´kho was not playful, he had been chosen to walk the path of the shaman at a really young age, it was all he could focus on, everyone were certain he would grow into the mightiest shaman the clan had seen in 100 years, he too had lost his father that day.

The Bodies were quickly prepared and burned on a pyre, it had taken a long time getting them home, there was no time to waste.

Yakatarr knew his father and the those other orcs had died honorably for they had fallen in battle against the Ogres. They were with the Ancestors now, Yakatarr did not mourn his father but worried for his mother. Yakatarr found himself wandering the camp, watching the dying funeral fires and thinking to himself.

Then he heard a strange sound, it was faint but Yakatarr managed to follow it. To his surprice, Yakatarr, found Mor´kho weeping behind a large tree. Yakatarr was unsure of what to do, he was about to turn away and sneak back when suddenly Mor´Kho jumped up and wrestled the smaller orc down with a ease.

Yakatarr was tempted to fight back but he knew he would get in trouble with everybody if he would harm Mor´Kho. The future shaman held Yakatarr down, his deep brown eyes were still full of tears as he glared at Yakatarr, he swore he would kill him if he ever told anyone that he had seen him cry.

Yakatar promised to stay silent, he knew the one shaman that had fallen in the battle was Mor´Kho´s father. To ease the tension, Yakatarr explained that he had lost his father too, but in the end Yakatarr cried as well, now both boys had to keep silent about each other, with time it created a friendship and a strong bond of trust.

Early Adulthood:

Yakatarr´s mother did not live long after has mate passed away, she had stopped eating due to grief. After her death Yakatarr began to work many different jobs around the settlement, mainly construction and caring for the wolves. The word ´Peon´ was rarely spoken in those days, after all, everybody and their work mattered.

While Yak worked, his friend Mor´Kho trained in the ways of the spirits, bot were busy but their pact of friendship stood... until they day both had passed their rites of adulthood.

Mor´Kho became the ingenious shaman he had been predicted to be while Yakatarr remained a worker and envied his friend greatly since he got to leave the settlement with the hunters, Yak still dreamed of becoming something more than a Peon, was this really what the ancestors planned for him? - perhaps, But Yak was going to put his destiny to the test.

Yakatarr began to focus less and less on his work and Foreman Krashk was not a paciest Orc, he did not know encouragement from punishment and whipped anyone he thought to be slacking, Yakatarr knew he would come for him and when he did, the young Orc fought back, Yakatarr was able to beat down the foreman and his lackeys before being knocked out himself by local grunts.


When Yakatarr came around he had been chained down, a stunningly beautiful female was attending to his wounds, she was cleaning a deep wound on his left forearm. He stared at her in awe, unable to speak, she quickly glanced back into his eyes once she noticed he was awake then returned to her work in silence, her gentle touch felt so good on his skin, should his plan work, then this would be the female he would choose as a mate.

The wonderful silence was broken when foreman Krashk stormed in, he was bady bruised, hatred flowed form his eyes Yakatarr was amused by the fact the brute had not managed to inflict a single blow during the fight, this was too perfect.

Varga! he belched, How dare you to go against me and attend to that foolish pup?! you know what he did! - It´s my duty to attend to any sick or wounded Clan member, I swore I would do so and I will honor that oath just like my mother she replied in a beautiful harsh voice, Krushk grunted and glared at her before speaking, Well, he is awake, you are done here, go home. she gave a light nod and said, yes, father before leaving.

Yakatarr´s heart began to race, was this wonderful and gentle girl really the foreman´s daughter? this was bad. Krushk snarled loudly and yanked the smaller orc up by the neck.

Yakatarr could in no way fight back, he saw that Krushs had brought a simple hammer with him, Yakatarr´s death would not be a quick one.

Then the huts doors swung open, in strolled a Orc wearing wolf pelts, it was Mor´Kho. The Shaman commanded the foreman to let go and leave, he was not to take the law into his own hands, not now.

Yakatarr explained his plan to Mor´Kho, that he would prove himself as warrior material. The Shaman said the chances of success were slim, Yak did not lack aggression or cunning but he was way smaller than any grunt he had seen, he would most likely be executed for his actions. Yakatarr said nothing, he rather die than to be stuck inside of the town as a laborer for the rest of his days, so strong was his desire for adventure and battle.

Mor´Kho grinned and broke the silence, saying he would do all in his power to help.

Then Varge pokes her pretty head through the door, she had seen her father storm away and she was glad to see Yakatarr was still alive and accompanied by the revered shaman Mor´Kho.

The three young orcs talked until sunset...


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Family BackgroundEdit

Yakatarr comes from a long line of tough workers and crazed warriors.

Personal NotesEdit

Yakatarr always held interest in Clan politics, since the clan system is no more he has turned to documenting Orc lore, hoping to preserve it for younger generations who wish to learn what clan they descend from.

He still keeps his battle armor and swords locked away, he has not worn those things since the battle on mount Hyjal.

He´s unsure if he wants to see his old home world.

He was good friends with Faroth'arn Oakwarden. His death took a toll on Yakatarr who had found a kindred spirit in the ancient Blood Elf.

He can´t help but to be worried about his daughter who is even for all her skill and quick wit, still young and naive.

He has a mild crush on Nerosha.

RP Influences Edit

Varok Saurfang and Eitrigg.

Papa Smurf if you mix him with Batman.

Current StatusEdit

Yakatarr has taken up work with the Shattered Hand once more in order to oppose their ruthless Alliance counterpart, the SI:7.

But more than anything he wishes to strike against the Twilight's Hammer, he's been using his influence within the Ragefire Legion to hunt down his daughter's killer.

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