Hordecrest small Yngvar Thor Swanson
Title(s) Officer
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Death Knight
Age Beyond 45 yrs old
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Crimson Sun Brigade
Occupation Tinkerer, Armsman
Status Undead x2
Relative(s) Unknown


Yngvar has an unnaturally pale and almost translucent face that stands out from the rest of his broken body. He is commonly referred to as 'the Ghost' because of this, but he doesn't mind. He rarely shows facial expressions, but can be very loyal to those he trusts and even crack a few jokes. He's generally friendly to most Horde races, which is rare for a Death Knight.


"If I can't fix it, no one can."

Previously known as Yngvar Thor Swanson, a retired adventurer and warrior of some reknown who had opened up an Inn in the City of Lordaeron. Yngvar was somewhat of a household Engineer in the city, if there was a harvest machine having problems, he'd fix it. If the local Guard needed help with the cannons, he'd fix them. His most prominent invention was his distillery machine, which made a fine ale called Copperbrew. It came to be known all around the Northern and Eastern Kingdoms. Yngvar was slain by Scourge forces as he tried to escape the Plague infested lands now known as Western Plaguelands, where he had a small farmhouse. He arose to the call of Sylvanas, and was Forsaken. He quickly sought up the remains of his inn and tried to make the best of it by relocating his belongings to Undercity.

Once again the Copperbrew flowed throughout the halls of Lordaeron, and all Forsaken, not just those who could feel the taste of drink, were always welcome as Yngvar turned his little corner of Undercity into a small oasis, where people could come and reflect on memories past. And so it was for a year, until Yngvar had decided to accompany a small party of Forsaken adventurers to the ruined town to Corin's Crossing for an attempted salvage mission. When they arrived, the village was empty. Yngvar found his way to the local inn's old basement, where he found several bottles of fine wine. But he was soon interrupted by deafening screeches, sounds of battle and the heavy noise of hooves. He snuck to the outer door and looked out, but it was as if he had been seen through the wall. A broad, razorsharp Runeblade pierced the door and Yngvar's chest. He went limp, and the last thing he saw was the door opening. In the doorway stood a tall figure dressed in black robes and dark armour. In his hand was the sword that had stabbed him...

He was raised as a Deathknight soon after, and served the Lich King for many unruly years until finally being 'freed' from his shackles. It is interesting to notice however, that during these years he was disciplined a multitude of times for disobeying his superior's orders. Trying to get rid of Yngvar, his Commander sent him on a suicide mission into Scarlet Crusade lands, where he came back from in one piece. Again, he had interrupted their plans. When Yngvar met his two brothers-in-arms Groshnahk and Koránith, he was in fact sentenced to death and was to deliver this to the Lich King himself. But as he reached Arthas, the invasion of Tyr's Hand was well underway and he was again, to his Commander's grief, allowed to live and was given another assignment. It was after this brutal battle that Yngvar was finally freed, along with his brothers and sisters. Since this, he has returned to Undercity. He found that he couldn't locate the place where he had his oasis. The last of his belongings were gone.

But Yngvar is tough. He refuses to let the Lich King and Undeath win over him. Together with his Knight Brothers, he's helped create a Mercenary Guild that opposes everything the Lich King stands for. Along with the Crimson Sun Brigade, he tries his best to restore what dignity he and his brothers once had, and help those he would have if he was alive.

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