Name Edit

Yvar "Bronzefist" Mistmantle Clayworth

Physical Traits Edit

A young man at the age of 19. He has red hair and is usually seen wearign expensive clothes. A shady smirk is always drawn over his lips. Yvar is wearing a ring on his index finger with the crest of House Mistmantle.

Race and Class Edit

Human Rogue

Guild Edit

The Defias.

Occupation Edit

Stealing, smuggeling, and killing. All in the name of The Defias Brotherhood.

Family Edit

Baron Ceadric - Alive Clayworth (Uncle)

Olette - Alive Clayworth (half sister)

Doctor Caswan - Alive Baxter Clayworth

Stalvan Mistmantle - Lives in the Mistmantle Manor, Duskwood (Uncle)

Theodora Mistmantle - Deceased (mother)

Celvar Clayworth - Unknown (Father)

Background Edit

Yvar was born in Silverpine Forest. He did however live in Stratholme till he was fourteen. He managed to sneak out the sewers along with a few other people. After this Yvar moved back to the family manor in Silverpine Forest. When Prince Arthas came home from Northtrend he was one of the few who threw rocks instead of rose petals at him, for this he was arrested and brought to prison. He was helped to escape after a few days by a fanatic who broke into the prison and killed the guards there, believing the end was approaching and everyone had to flee. And Yvar fled, all the way to Menethil Harbor where he lived for a couple of years before moving to Duskwood. While living in Duskwood his mother convinced him to join The Defias Brotherhood to take revenge for the mistreatment she meant she and the Stonemasons Guild had suffered, so he did. After two years of service he was promoted to Lieutenant and sent to Stormwind to serve under Danjinn Ren as his second in command. This changed when Ren was murdered by the Malvalon Gang, Yvar was promoted to the leader of the Defias Brotherhood in Stormwind.

Family Background Edit

The Clayworth family was one of the richest houses in Lordaeron and remains rather rich to this day. It is lead by Baron Ceadric Clayworth.

House Mistmantle was never actually large, nor rich. Just some minor nobles.

Criminal Record Edit

Yvar is responsible for several murders, thefts, smuggeling affairs, and so on.

Personal Notes Edit

Yvar is well known for usually smoking cigars, He is also known to be a womanizer.

Current Status Edit

At the moment Yvar is still in charge of The Defias Brotherhood, in Stormwind, he has kept his gang in the shadow for a while but it is obvious he's up to something.

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