Alliancecrest small Zeccadory Nentand
Wiki Picture Zeccadory
Title(s) Sergeant-Major of the Guard
Gender Female
Race Gn...uma...dw...elf.
Class Warlock
Age 24
Alignment Chaotic Good, easily.
Affiliation The Stormwind Guard
Occupation Guard, Anti-Cultist, Teacher
Status Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish and Short.
Relative(s) Fezda Microzapper (Grandmother, Mother's Side)

Boris Gravgot (Unknown Grandfather, Father's Side)

Anarchy Nentand (Long-Abandoned Mummy)

Zeccadory Nentand, Guard, Warlock, Devil-on-Wolf's-shoulder. The Guard's de-facto expert on dark magic and Stormwind's only official-unofficial sanctioned Warlock. Famous for her complete lack of sense, morality or a clear sense of sanity, Zeccadory has taken her place in Stormwind as perhaps one of the most loveable bad people one could meet.

Invariably evil yet inexplicably on the good guys' side, Zeccadory has become notorious for her less-than-moral outlook on lie, the universe and everything.

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