Zelek Greyfell

Name Edit

Zelek Greyfell

Physical Traits Edit

A heavily built, tall, hardy looking, juggernaut of a human. He wears hardened, heavy armor, and carries a elaborately decorated glaive with him at all times. His hair is wild, spiking backwards, kept under control by his head protector, he always seems angered, annoyed, or furious, and never smiles.

Race and Class Edit

Male Human Warrior

Guild Edit

The Battalion

Zelek greyfell

"Rargh! All bark and no bite! Zelek will destroy you!"

Occupation Edit

Master Sergeant, Guard, Cavalier.

Family Edit

Unknown, adoptive son of kyoshide.

Background Edit

A dedicated student in the art of polearm mastery, particularly the Glaive, he spent his life learning to use the Glaive to perfection, he rose to prominence under a self-important Noble, whom he later betrayed and murdered. Recruited by the Stormwind army, he rose to further greatness in campaigns against the Horde.

Current Status Edit


Recruited recently into the reserve Battalion, under Kalliades Aurios, he began his tour of duty as a Drill sergeant (or master sergeant), learning of his commander's dark dealings in the past, he swore to cut him down for treachery. After Kalliades was driven out of his position, he was adopted by the aging Kyoshide, the newly appointed Commander of the Battalion. After Kyoshide's death, and kalliades' usurp-tion of the Battalion, Zelek challenged Kalliades to a duel to the death and was outnumbered and killed.

Personal notes Edit

A serious, easily angered man, Zelek is prone to outbursts of intense rage and violence, he hates to be surpassed, and vows never to lose. A strict man, who refuses to allow any luxuries into his life, be it drink, romance, or friendships, he spends everyday devoting himself to the art of combat, hoping to enforce it upon his subordinates.

Strengths Edit

  • Master of the pole arm, unrivaled in close combat among anyone he has encountered thus far.
  • High endurance, both mentally and physically.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Low intelligence, values his own strength so highly that he will charge without thinking.
  • Disliked by subordinates, lacks allies to help him when he is outnumbered.
  • No magical skill.
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