Hordecrest small Zothzala
Title(s) Protector, Bloodscalp Exile
Gender Male
Race Troll
Class Warrior
Age 41
Alignment Lawful Evil
Occupation Atal'loa
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Unknown

Appearance and physical traitsEdit

Zothzala is of average height and weight for a jungle troll. He usually has an aggressive look on his face, especially when around Undeads or Elves. His tusks are large and pointy, just like his ears. He got two deep scars on his left cheek, a result for being not careful enough when fighting animals in the wild jungle of Stranglethorn. His eyes are blood red, nothing one likes to have staring at you. The nose is just like any other troll, large and pointy. While most of his face remains clean, with exeption of his left cheek, he have painted most of his face in white and blue painting to look more fearsome and intimidating. His hair got a hybrid colour of blue and green and got the style of a mighty crest.

Although not as muscular as an orc or tauren, his strength is still great and his endurance greater. His legs are just as muscular as his arms, if not stronger. They are clearly built for great acrobatics and speed, just like most trolls. Speed and mobility does become a slight issue while if full armour, but it does not stop him entirely. He is able to run at full speed for quite some time, even with all his armour and with a shield and axe in hand.


Like his fellow Bloodscalp trolls Zothzala was savage, brutal and hated the rival tribe, the Skullsplitter Tribe. During his first battle against the Skullsplitter tribe, he charged right for his enemies. It was not a very large scaled battle, it was more or less fifteen people against seven. His enemies, being outnumbered, tried to flee and only two of them managed. The rest was slaughtered by the Bloodscalp trolls and Zothzala.

It was after this battle he learned he had to eat the enemy corpses so that their spirits would not visit misfortune on him. At first he refused to eat the corpses of the fallen trolls as it would be cannibalism but then one of the Witch Doctors who was there convinced him that it would not only prevent their spirits to cast misfortune on him but also that it was good for him.

Zothzala began to devour the corpse of a fallen troll, begining with his legs. Strangely, the taste of flesh came to his liking - he actually found blood and flesh tasty! As it now not only was tasty, but good for him(according to the Witch Doctor) he ate as much as his stomach could fit. It was after this event he would be known as a Blood Drinker.

The conflict against the Skullsplitter waged for years and eventually Zothzala would grow and become a fearsome warrior. The strongest of the Bloodscalps formed a strike team, an elite squad which they called the 'Bloodtusks'. Zothzala was a part of this group. The Bloodtusks were feared both by their enemies and allies as most of them were half-crazed, bloodthirsty killingmachines. It was a rather small group, with only twelve members.

Yet, after all these years of war against the Skullsplitter Tribe, everything would change over one night. It was a beautiful night in Stranglethorn. The skies were dark, filled with stars and the moon would shine upon the ocean. Then, the witch doctor in his group, the Bloodtusk would wake him up.

"Wake up, mon! WAKE UP!" said the Witch Doctor while slapping his face. Zothzala slowly opened his eyes and looked at the Witch Doctor who seemed scared of something. "Dey be sacrificin' da odda Bloodtusk membahs! Joo gotta get outta 'ere!" said the Witch Doctor worried. "Wha'? Da odda membahs? Why?" asked Zothzala confused. "It be dis new alliance t'ing wiff da Hakkari n' stuff, mon! Dere is no time to loose!" said the Witch Doctor who seemed to become more and more worried.

"Wait, mon. I wanna see dis..." Zothzala pushed the Witch Doctor away and sneaked up to where his fellow Bloodscalps would be sacrificed. He did not belive his eyes. The Witch Doctor were right! They sacrificed the Bloodtusk members one by one - and drained their power! Quickly he ran back to the Witch Doctor and told him to escape with him but he refused and said he had to wake the other members before it was too late.

And with that, Zothzala fled from the Bloodscalp during the wonderful night in Stranglethron. He never knew what became of the rest of the Goretusk members or the Witch Doctor but he asumed the worst. After this night which he calls the "Night of the Broken Bloodtusk" he lives in the jungle, hunted and hated by everyone in the Jungle.

He lived in the shadows of jungles for several years and became more brutal and savage over time as well as he became more and more lonely.

It was not untill recently, many years after Night of the Broken Bloodtusk, he would disguise himself and enter the base camp which is known as Grom'gol, seeking help. He found help in Master Stalker Vin'ji of the Atal'loa. He belived that the Loa had guided him to them and offered him a place among their ranks. Yet, he still needs to earn their trust which might prove hard, but with nowhere to go, he is willing to gain their trust - no matter what.


Shortly after picking up arms within the Atal'loa, the leader, Bamboo'Chaa took Zothzala to the holy water spring. There he filled a skin of the holy water and gave it to Zothzala. He was to use it to wash out the blood in his hair and his tribal markings in his face. Now his original hair colour is shown, yet, he kept his hairstyle as well as he got back his face markings - with a different colour. The main reasons why he uses face markings is to look as fearsome and as intimidating as possible.

After earning his place among the Atal'loa, Zothzala have been trying to make as many friends as possible(with the exeption of Elves and Undeads). One of his Masters, Hazusá, sent him to Kalimdor, to seek out the Beastmaw Clan. His master claimed it was a test, yet, Zothzala never exactly figured what the test was. He ended up with the theory of that the test was that he should respect the Orcs. While being with the Beastmaw Clan, Zothzala aided them in attacking some Silverwing outposts in Ashenvale and found good friendship in the orc Tracker, Gorvar.

Zothzala currently tries to forget most about his past and does his best to try and make friends with other Trolls, especially Darkspear trolls.

Zothzala was eventually called back to the jungle of Stranglethorn Vale as the Jin, Bamboo'Chaa had plans for the Atal'loa.

Weapons and ArmourEdit

After being cleansed of cannibalism and left behind him all traces of being a Blood Drinker, he decided to get rid of his old, blood infused armour. He went off into the jungle, seeking the strongest of wood which is almost unbreakable, like iron. After days in the jungle, he finally found it. A large, old, yet, beautiful tree stood in front of him. He grabbed his axe and began to chop it down. It took him two whole days to bring it down as it not only was thick and large, but the wood was very strong in itself. Eventually, after days of work, his new, heavy armour was finished. Inbued with the strongest of wood and bones of fallen foes. This caused him to change his fighting style. Instead of using a large sword, he now uses a sharp axe and a great shield with a large spike in the middle of it.

Current StatusEdit


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