Azumi Stormsoul - First name given to her by her former master, last name is self given

Zumi - Nickname

Physical TraitsEdit

Her body seems exceptionally agile and strong, and she is big breasted. The little skin than is visible in her normally covering outfits is dark purple. Instead of eyes there is a blood red fire burning from the sockets. Still, she seems to notice everything around her. Her fingers end in long sharp claws.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Female Demon Hunter/Rogue


The Dark Embrace


She has taken on the trade of jewelcrafter, though she has created more statues than jewels.


None as far as anyone know, even herself.


Only a few people knows her childhood, but it is certain she was only seen publicly half a year ago. She was seen in the Blasted Lands, battling demons outside the portal for nearly a month, and stealing food from the Nethergarde Keep. Then suddenly she was walking around Stormwind, mostly in the company of Lady Lashela Alania.

Family BackgroundEdit


Criminal RecordEdit

Only accusations and rumors, but she is thought to be behind a number of assassinations, and several dirty jobs for the SI:7. She has never been caught and trialed. She is also rumored to be one of the leading persons of The Dark Embrace.

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